Privacy Disclosure

When you sign-in with Google, this site is provided with some information about you. This site will store the following information about you, purely for identification purposes within the site. We will not disclose this information to any third parties.

Protecting Your Privacy Among the Other Users

When you sign-in for the first time, we'll assign you a fake name. To everyone else on the site, this is how they'll see you. We'll pull in your avatar from Google so that your friends can identify you.

Data Captured from Google When You Authenticate

  • The name you have provided Google whether or not that is your actual name. (eg. "Hannibal Lecter")
  • The e-mail address you have provided Google. (eg. "")
  • The last IP address you signed-in from. (eg. whatever you see on this third party site)
E-mail address is collected solely as a unique identifier (as lovely and beautiful as your name is, it is possible that one of the other billions of people in the world has it; however unlikely it is that they also use this site, we need to be able to distinguish your cunning and brilliant selections separately from theirs).

Metadata Collected

As you use this site, some of your behaviors will be recorded for statistical purposes. This data is likely boring and unuseful, but is collected nonetheless. We are collecting:

  • Number of times you have signed in
  • The last time you signed in
  • How many "games" you have answered (any type)
  • The answers you provided

That's it! When you sign-in, your profile page will show all of the private-data this site stores about you.