That was a surprise.

Uncomfortable Situation Seal

Coworker asks me if he can bring his kid to my backyard bbq, i say of course

Shows up with a young goat

Angry Advice Mallard

Angry Advice Mallard

Whoever thinks autoplaying videos or music on their website is a good thing

Fuck you

Being a good guy isn't always what it seems..

Confession Bear

When we go shopping i drop my wife and daughter at the door and then go park the car

Not because i am a good husband/father, i just want to be alone for two minutes of peace and quiet

I'm tapping out on facebook.

Go To The Winchester, Have a Nice Cold Pint, and Wait For All Of This To Blow Over

Facebook news feed is agurng about transgender bathrooms

Time go to the winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for all of this to blow over.

Every time...

Weird Stuff I Do Potoo

Card reader doesn't let me into work on first swipe

I'm fired!

It all makes sense!

Sudden Clarity Clarence

The reason trump supporters are obsessed with winning

Is because they're all losers

Steamboat and Chill

untitled meme

Lets take the buggy up to the cliff by the river.

We can watch the steamboat and chill.


Insanity Wolf

Forget unisex bathrooms

Let's focus on figuring out how to stop all this shitting and pissing

Just horsing around.

untitled meme

I asked your old girlfriend if she wanted some oats.

She stomped her hoof and said neigh!

F Canada. Sorry.

Success Kid

Any americans watching playoff hockey

Don't have to listen to the canadian anthem as well as us.