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That's what it's fucking there for! So dangerous... ["Why the fuck", "Aren't you using the whole on-ramp to get to speed before merging?"]
My Indian friend dropped this on me whenever he sneezed ["Why the fuck", "Are random strangers blessing me"]
After arguing with multiple Microsoft Customer Support operators for 3 days. ["Why the fuck", "Does no one know what they're talking about"]
To the guy who got a B for using the N-Word in his report, but won't post it online ["Why the fuck would you write the n-word in a report where it could affect your life", "And not be willing to say it on the internet where it's said millions of times every day to strangers"]
I still don't understand it. ["Why the fuck", "Do some people brush their teeth before eating?"]
You would think Halloween would be about the kids, and letting them dress up as something they like... ["Why the fuck do parents insist on dressing their kids up", " in costumes referencing things they are too young to have seen or know about"]
Apparently somebody has been visiting national parks and putting their own touch of art to make it "better" ["Why the fuck", "Would you put your shitty art on pre-existing, natural art?"]
After subscribing to /r/ExpectationVsReality ["Why the fuck", "Are you still buying tv dinners?"]
To the guy being evicted due to his "friend" trashing his house. ["Why the fuck", "Are you friends with people like that??"]
Using Imgur lately ["Why the fuck ", "Does imgur want to use my location on mobile"]
Lack of accountability ["Why the fuck", "Tax payers have to pay for the police fuck ups"]
This has been done before, but seriosuly Facebook, your messaging framework is very annoying ["Facebook, why the f%!# do you demand two applications", "With persistent notifications in one about the other, even if not installed?"]
Is Halloween a week early this year? ["Why the fuck", "Is everyone on reddit already in their costumes"]
Also, don't you dare bring fruit into California. ["Why the fuck", "Are we not imposing a quarantine on people from ebola hot zones, but a dog going to hawaii has to be in quarantine for 120 days?"]
It's cost me 38 dollars to visit my grandmother in the hospital. ["Why the fuck", "Are you charging for parking at a hospital?"]
I spent the past 20 minutes thinking about what to post on my cake day, and that's all I can think about ["Why the fuck", "Do i even care about my reddit birthday"]
Me, a German, when talking with visiting colleagues from the U.S. ["Why the fuck", "Do you only have two weeks of vacation-time each year?"]
Every single time I watch a video on how to install some new software or something ["Why the fuck", "Are all these tutorials by little kids or people with thick accents?"]
Instagram, Facebook I'm looking at you... ["Why the fuck", "Do sites for photos make me crop them? can't they just scale?!? "]
A squirrel literally just walked up to my sleeping cat. ["What the fuck", "Am i feeding you for?"]
One of the greatest mysteries for me in Reddit ["If you comment a post out of interest", "Why the fuck don't you upvote it?"]
It's like having tumblr on the front page. ["Why the fuck", "Is two x chromosomes a default sub"]
Seriously, it's like America doesn't want people to vote. ["Why the fuck", "Isn't election day a national holiday?"]
I thought we had STANDARD PEOPLE. ["How the fuck", "Did someone make it to the front page by ggg-ing themselves"]
Seriously! ["What the fuck", "Is riker laughing at behind me?"]
Some great Halloween costumes for the fuzzy family members. But . . . ["How the fuck", "Did you keep those costumes on your pets?"]
Upon seeing that the package warns against inserting them into your ears ["Why the fuck", "Do you think people buy q-tips?"]
Started drinking coffee again after watching that CGP Grey video. ["Why the fuck", "Do i need to shit again"]
Seriously... It's 2014! ["Why the fuck", "Can't we vote online?"]
Seriously America ?! ["Why the fuck do we have a day off for columbus day ", "And not one for election day"]
Some ballot initiatives make sense, but for the most part... ["Why the fuck", "Am i voting on things that our elected officials should decide"]
The News: 'Who shot Osama Bin Laden?' ["What the fuck", "Does it matter?"]
after playing AC3 a second time through ["Why the fuck ", "Are the assassins such assholes"]
Something I will never understand. ["Why the fuck", "Do you hang a ballsack from your truck"]
I can understand people clicking on that shitty link title out of curiosity ["But why the fuck", "Did you then proceed to upvote it?"]
I ask myself this whenever TLC advertises their quality programming. ["Who the fuck", "Watches enough of this shit to keep it on the air?!"]
It really does seem to be this way sometimes ["Why the fuck does everyone on reddit", "Claim to be a software developer?"]
For the Redditor with the $4k TV ["Where the fuck ", "Do you get a $4000 paycheck?!"]
After watching Reddit immediately turn against Net Neutrality the moment Obama shows more support for it, after years of defending net neutrality. ["When the fuck", "Did reddit become crawling with crazy conservatives?"]
In response to guy flooding girl's toilet before their first date. ["Why the fuck", "Would you take a shit at a girl's house before the first date?"]
On a laggy old iPad which takes a whole minute to switch back. ["Why the fuck", "Do online ads have the ability to just open the app store without my consent?"]
Seriously, the mind boggles... ["Why the fuck is a stick insect at the top of the front page", "When we just landed a probe on a fucking comet?"]
I received my work schedule this week. I am not making this shit up ["Who the fuck", "Schedules a mandatory work meeting on a saturday from 11pm to 2 am???"]
I get it, Amber Heard ["What the fuck", "Did amber hear?"]
The number of Scumbag Stacy memes posted on here is too damn high ["Why the fuck", "Are all of you putting your dicks in crazy"]
If we really don't want Kim Kardashian to 'break the Internet,' then ["Why the fuck ", "Are we talking about it?"]
Whenever I see major newpapers citing random tweets from people to make a point ["When the fuck ", "Did this shit become journalism?"]
Had to buy one bottle of water ["Why the fuck", "Would you assign the slowest cashier to the express register"]
OK these people need to stop ["Why the fuck", "Did you downvote when the comment is completely relevant?"]
They fuckin get me every time ["Why the fuck", "Do raisin cookies have to look like chocolate chip cookies "]
After seeing some of today's post, I can't help but wonder ["How the fuck", "Is everyone so good at jenga"]
Please stop... ["Why the fuck", "Are confession bears being used as opinion puffins?"]
First glance of snowfall every year ["Why the fuck", "Are you surprised about snow if you live in place where it snows all the fucking time?"]
I bet all of my Facebook friends would LOVE this one! ["Why the fuck", "Is there a \"share\" option on porn?"]
Do the studios even want my money? ["Why the fuck", "Do movie trailers insist on spoiling the entire plot?"]
Every video has a share button. Seriously, who does this? ["Who the fuck", "Shares pornhub videos with their friends and family on facebook?"]
Seriously, guys. What the fuck? ["Why the fuck", "Isn't the kansas in arkansas pronounced like kansas?"]
Yeah, I get that you can save a little dough, but seriously ["Why the fuck", "Would i go anywhere near a shopping mall on friday?"]
Really ferguson? Have some class ["Why the fuck would you shoot at", "Firemen doing their jobs?"]
In light of all these Ferguson posts. ["Why the fuck", "Are people barely coming out about how much of a bully michael brown was "]
To the dude who let this happen. Just.... Why? ["Why the fuck", "Would you let your girlfriend have lunch with your ex"]
Dear Sony: Major missed opportunity here. ["Why the fuck", "Did you not add a mic and speaker onto your smartwatch"]
According to r/socialism, the Michael Brown shooting is basically the same as lynching ["What the fuck", "Are you smoking?"]
Maybe they are selling our zipcode info and living off the royalties? ["How the fuck", "Is radioshack still in business at all?"]
Watching the news today... ["Why the fuck", "Does every major news broadcast call rc helicopters \"drones?\""]
Yea, about that $263 million for 50,000 police cameras. ["Why the fuck", "Are we paying $5260 for a police camera?"]
Right back where I started.... ["Why the fuck", "Did i start my diet in november?"]
Soldier jailed for making nailbomb avoids terror charge -- for source ["Why the fuck", "Is this not terrorism?"]
After hearing Bill Cosby is being sued for molesting someone at the Playboy Mansion. ["Why the fuck?", "Was there a 15 year old at the playboy mansion."]
Did I miss something? ["Why the fuck", "Is buzzfeed a news source now?"]
Public Computers ["Who the fuck", "Turns numbers lock off?"]
So I found out that selling loose cigarettes isn't that big of a crime. ["Why the fuck ", "Didn't you just write him a ticket"]
To the ISIS recruits who are getting homesick ["What the fuck", "Were you expecting"]
I can't be the only one who feels this way when I'm watching most music videos. ["What the fuck", "Does this have to do with the song i'm listening to?"]
To the American and especially the NYC protesters right now. ["Where the fuck", "Were you during the 9/11 investigations and evidence wars?"]
Out of all the shit my female roommates do, this annoys me most for some reason ["Why the fuck", "Would you order 6 magazine subscriptions and not read any of them?"]
On my visit to NYC, seeing hundreds of people in lines for Gap and Foot Locker ["Why the fuck would you go to a store that is in every state of america ", "When you have such an amazing city around you"]
I mean, it's 2014 after all ["Why the fuck", "Isn't my internet faster by now?"]
After seeing Sony taken down again, I can't help but wonder. . . ["Why the fuck ", "Are hackers going after gamers and not child porn sites?"]
Driving at night used to be enjoyable, now it's hell ["Why the fuck", "Are blindingly bright headlights even street legal?"]
My conversation with a 2 year old this morning ["Why the fuck", "Would you put my camera in the toilet ?"]
I mean, come on Apple! ["Why the fuck apple didn't called it's game center", "Macarena?"]
To the guy living with five women. ["Why the fuck", "Would you live with five women?"]
To the wife who told her husband this morning she was so horny last night she couldn't sleep and almost woke him up.... ["Why the fuck", "Did you tell him now?!?!?"]
They always get downvoted! ["Why the fuck", "Are people posting videos on r/funny"]
Minnesota this time of year. I need to move back to Vegas ["Why the fuck", "Havent i seen the sun in 3 weeks"]
Every time I sign into Facebook ["Why the fuck", "Am i on facebook?"]
As a father and generally good person, this is my reaction to the Pakistan school situation. ["How the fuck", "Can you kill children?"]
I honestly can't remember and I feel so lost ["What the fuck ", "Did i use the internet for before reddit?"]
Before this gets any deeper ... ["Why the fuck", "Are we even talking about the baha men in 2014?"]
Reminder, use NOT! ["Why the fuck", "Doesn't the government just purchase and redirect it to"]
I discovered today one my laboratory co-workers is a creationist. I found myself asking this question. ["Why the fuck", "Are you a biologist?"]
After seeing a Cirque du Soleil performance last night ["How the fuck", "Can the human body do that?"]
Sony says they'll give The Interview to a streaming service that'll take it, so... ["Why the fuck", "Don't you put the interview on crackle? you own it!"]
sometimes i just want to click without doublechecking ["Why the fuck ", "Does the random tab move "]
[NSFW] Saw this on a porn just doesn't make sense ["Why the fuck", "Would a man get a tramp stamp?"]
As someone who has lived in Australia their entire life I can't help but just question this ["Why the fuck ", "Have i never found a snake in my shoe or toilet"]
WTF Reddit ? ["Why the fuck", "Is everyone opening their secret santa presents before christmas ?"]
Possibly the most pointless crime ever ["Why the fuck", "Would you bother stealing things from someone else's shopping cart?"]
In light of this whole thing with Anonymous and Iggy ["Why the fuck", "Isn't anonymous getting dirt on politicians instead of celebrities"]
Never did get this ["Why the fuck", "Do people pay any attention to the opinions of actors, who make a living by saying what other people pay them to say?"]
Eliminating the swimsuit competition? Does the Miss World pageant think we tune in for the thought-provoking debates? ["What the", "Actual fuck"]
Wtf is coop ["What the fuck", "Is coop?"]
To the guy that bought his sister the Frozen soundtrack. ["What the fuck", "Did you expect?"]
This has actually always baffled me. ["Why the fuck", "Would you pay for porn?"]
After discovering my old High School Yearbook ["Why the fuck", "Did everyone think i was going to go to jail"]
I'll never understand the Subway restaurants in my area. ["Why the fuck", "Is it cheaper to buy two 6\" sandwiches than to buy a footlong?"]
You would think this was a clever way to skip youtube ads. ["Why the fuck does the ad pause", "When i actually click on it to see what the product is!?"]
I'm trying to pass you because you're driving slower! ["Why the fuck", "Are you offended by this?"]
A couple of posts I've seen today have made me realize something ... ["Why the fuck", "Is it snowing in southern california but not chicago?"]
Is no one concerned about this? ["Why the fuck", "Do people have so much uranium lying around?"]
You can't just tow a fucking car for no reason. ["Since when the fuck", "Are tow companies so willing to tow anything without proof of a violation?"]
After almost burning my house down this morning ["Why the fuck", "Is cooking spray flammable?"]
Dining out with rich friends. I'm sick of the scoffing and eye-rolling. ["Why the fuck", "Do you care if i take home my leftovers"]
I own the movie. I can't be the only one who does this. ["Why the fuck", "Am i watching this movie on cable with commercials"]
After reading the headlines today. ["Why the fuck", "Is any part of the 9/11 report classified?"]
Tonight my wife is watching the season premier of The Bachelor. ["Why the fuck", "Does this even exist?!"]
Annoying and pointless ... ["Why the fuck", "Did the facebook app have to add sound effects for refreshing and posting on the news feed?"]
The old design was nothing special, but now I miss it ["Why the fuck", "Did decide to go from \"okay\" to \"full retard\"?"]
after reading the Elon Musk AMA ["Why the fuck", "Are we giving this guy gold?"]
Something I've wondered more and more watching college sports lately. ["How the fuck ", "Do these college athletes afford all these tattoos?"]
I kinda wonder what kind of person goes and finds that stuff ["Who the fuck", "Actually posts to r/spacedicks?"]
MRW I read that Anonymous plans to avenge Charlie Hebdo by shutting down jihadist websites ["Why the fuck", "Have you not already been doing that?"]
After seeing the post where Anonymous is going to take down jihadist websites ["Why the fuck", "Didn't you do this a long time ago?"]
I was embarrassed when I tried on a new suit and buttoned both ["Why the fuck are there two buttons on a man's suit jacket", "If you're never supposed to use the bottom one?"]
Hey buddy... ["Why the fuck", "Are you facebook friends with your ex who cheated on you multiple times and stole your shit?"]
To the guy next to me in class yesterday. ["Why yhe fuck ", "Did you brush your teeth before you eat breakfast?!"]
They're free where I live ["Why the fuck", "Does it cost so much to go to university?"]
In response to a redditor getting hired at Target in Canada: ["Who the fuck", "Hires someone the day all the stores close?"]
After reading the college admissions thread about automatic disqualification for felons... ["Why the fuck", "Would you want to prevent an ex-felon from bettering themselves?"]
Its the burning question not a single journalist has bothered to ask Obama after all these proposals. ["Why the fuck", "Didn't you propose this shit 7 years ago?"]
Looking for a movie to rent on iTunes... ["Why the fuck", "Would i pre-order a digital download?"]
WTF did I miss? ["Who the fuck", "Is jenny?"]
Working with mechanical engineers lately ["Why the fuck", "Does \"one mil\" refer to 0.001 inches instead of one millimeter "]
Y'all motherfuckers need some higher expectations for fatherhood. ["Why the fuck", "Are people praising an innovative way to ignore a daughter in order to play video games as good parenting?"]
Shouldn't Reddit just send you a message or something? ["Why the fuck ", "Do you have to go to a third party website to find out your cakeday? "]
Every single time-gate ["Why the fuck", "Does every scandal have to end in gate?"]
Can you not see them? ["Why the fuck are pictures with", "9gag watermarks getting to the front page?"]
Every morning... ["How the fuck", "Is there so much of my girlfriends hair in my buttcrack"]
To all those games on Facebook that I will never play that also constantly spit ads in my face... ["How the fuck", "Did you get 1 million downloads"]
It only seems fair, after all ["Wtf", "Isn't there a \"scumbag college conservative\" meme?"]
Still learning the ropes around here, when suddenly ["Why the fuck", "Is /r/marijuanaenthusiasts about trees and /r/trees about marijuana"]
I hate to be "that guy" but it's bullshit. ["Why the fuck", "Does my boss give me shit all the time about my very well groomed beard when this chick has blue and green hair."]
Sorry Carl's Jr. and Hardees... ["Why the fuck", "Would i eat at a restaurant that is advertising having only one all-natural beef burger on the menu?"]
Seriously... Didn't we take care of this last year? ["Why the fuck", "Are we using confession bears for opinions again???"]
My take on Kanye West's and Paul McCartney's new Single ["Why the fuck", "Did paul mccartney make a song with that ignorant and arrogant stupid son of bitch?!"]
After reading a woman in Arizona may have infected 195 kids at a daycare center with Measles. ["Why the fuck", "Is an unvaccinated woman working at a daycare center?"]
Is it just my TV? Incredibly annoying. ["Why the fuck", "Are commercials so much louder than the show itself"]
Once again... it doesnt need embellishment, people. ["Why the fuck", "Can't they just sing the national anthem normally?"]
To my friend who I invited over to watch the Super Bowl. ["Why the fuck", "Would you come over if you were going to play video games the whole time?"]
I have no more words ["When the fuck", "Did stupider become a word?"]
What I wanted to say to my Superstitious/Atheist friend of mine after listening to her for an hour. ["How the fuck do you think that the idea of \"an afterlife\" is bullshit...", "But believe that your house is haunted?"]
My bank wouldn't let me cash a check from my dad because I didn't have at least that amount already in my account. ["Why the fuck?", "Just why the fuck?"]
MRW looking into the Mel Brooks Spaceballs sequel ["Who the fuck", "Would pay for an adam carolla podcast?"]
MONEY IS MONEY, PEOPLE. ["Why the fuck", "Would you complain about working overtime when you're getting paid? "]
I don't see any difference ["Why the fuck do we hold islam responsible for the charlie killings", "But not christianity for breivik's killings in the children camp in norway in the name of christ?"]
As a German, this really pisses me off ["Why the fuck do i have to read a us newspaper", "To read that there is a measles outbreak in my country?"]
Seriously? People do this? ["Why the fuck", "Does facebook let me \"like\" my own posts?"]
I was on the highway this morning. It was honestly every third car in my 10 minute commute. ["Why the fuck", "Are people still texting and driving"]
Every time I see a gf scumbag Stacy ["Why the fuck", "Are you still together "]
An astute observation by my co-worker ["Why the fuck", "Do you suspend brian williams for 6 months for embellishing a few stories, yet keep al sharpton, a documented repeat liar on the nbc payroll??"]
After several dating sites and trying to talk to girls more, I will still be alone on Valentine's Day. ["Why the fuck", "Won't someone love me?"]
I had a cool dream this morning that I was really great friends with Patrick Stewart, but one thing bothered me when I woke up. ["Why the fuck", "Wasn't sir ian mckellan in it, too?"]
Like seriously... ["Why the fuck", "Is kanye west at the snl 40th anniversary special"]
So AT&T charges extra so that they don't record what you do? ["Since when the fuck do we pay companies", "To not-do something?"]
I hate phone calls ["Why the fuck", "Is it so awkward to end a phone conversation?"]
Was watching college basketball and I'm convinced these guys can break the laws of space and time. ["How the fuck", "Can you make 1 min last 20 mins?"]
Out to lunch I see Darwin still hard at work. Complete with paramedics ["Why the fuck", "Would you eat at a seafood restaurant if you have a shellfish allergy? "]
Everyone in the Northeast U.S. right now ["When the fuck", "Did 'frozen' become a documentary?"]
I'm glad Lupita Nyong’o’s dress got stolen. ["Why the fuck", "Would you spend $150,000 on a dress?"]
Oil is trading at less than $50/barrel... ["Why the fuck", "Are we paying $100/barrel prices?"]
My friend told me the actor that played Wesley died. I almost punched him when I found out what he really meant. ["Why the fuck would you confuse wesley crusher", "With spock?!"]
SyFy Channel!!!! ["Why the fuck", "Isn't there a star trek marathon on now?"]
There's no way they actually don't know at this point ["How the fuck", "Have we still not figured out what happened to the malaysian airliner that disappeared?"]
I guess SNL doesn’t like money ["Why the fuck", "Don t you make your youtube videos available in canada?"]
After driving 4.5 hours today ["Why the fuck", "Do we play songs with sirens in them on the radio"]
I was so excited! Then I checked the date... ["Why the fuck ", "Are all of the posts about free pancakes popping up the day -after- national pancake day?"]
After looking at actors next to their stunt doubles .... ["Why the fuck ...", ".. does the rock need a stunt double ??"]
I'm wondering this about the Chief of the Ferguson MO PD ["How the fuck", "Do you still have a job?"]
I tutor for my university's athletic department and yesterday a senior came in looking for some is he in college? ["Why the fuck", "Do you not know how to add"]
I live practically in their backyard! ["Why the fuck", "Is google fiber not available in the bay area?"]
I'm on Reddit pretty much daily but I have no clue. ["What the fuck", "Is this dank meme that everyone is talking about"]
Every time shuffle my iTunes library ["Why the fuck", "Do i hate my own music?"]
When I'm writing a scholarly paper, and scouring the internet for free credible sources to use ["Why the fuck ", "Is it impossible to find free scientific articles for educational growth, but there's copious amounts of free porn?"]
Honestly, what do you guys talk about? ["How the fuck", "Does a car door projection get 780 comments?"]
This has always bothered me when viewing commercials for prescription drugs ["Why the fuck am i being shown flowers, meadows, and children playing", "While listening to a mile-long list of horrendous side effects"]
To the guy who hates his kids. ["Why the fuck", "Did you have kids in the first place"]
This bothers me way more than it should ["Why the fuck", "Are shows about finding gold on animal planet"]
I dislike people who do this shit ["\"i'll probably be downvoted but......\"", "Why the hell would you say that if it's clearly the popular opinion"]
Surely we would be better at it. ["Why the fuck", "Are we not editing the nypds wiki right back?"]
Some of these are legitimately difficult to read lately... ["Why the fuck", "Are we suddenly making memes with unusually small fonts"]
Whenever I see a celebrity involved in charity fund raising. ["Why the fuck", "Don't you just give them the money?"]
Quit giving me mixed signals! ["Why the fuck", "Would you like my facebook post but not respond to my texts?"]
Maybe I'm too old to "get it" anymore. ["Why the fuck", "Do people watch & give money to people playing video games?"]
After some recent posts on /r/WTF ["How the fuck", "Do you not know about lint traps?!"]
To the guy toasting redditors who browse past the front page. ["Who the fuck", "Stops browsing after 25 posts?"]
Seriously WTF ["Why the fuck", "Is microsoft encouraging software piracy?"]
Anyone who has driven in or lives in the DC Metro area knows what I'm talking about. Handicapped, loading, red, etc. ["Why the fuck", "Are none of the curbs painted?!?"]
As a German in the U.S. ["Why the fuck is 39,5 h per week ", "Not counted as a full time job?"]
To the people who keep writing on the bathroom stall ["Why the fuck", "Do you people have markers with you while you're shitting"]
Co-Worked told me I 'have a rash' on my hand ["Why the fuck", "Would you think i didn't notice that"]
Seriously, I never understood why these websites have Facebook Share buttons ["Who the fuck", "Shares pornhub videos on facebook for their friends and family to see?"]
After seeing some good and bad businesses today. ["If you don't care about your employees and customers", "Why the fuck would you think they would care about you"]
I work for a tech company filled with whiney, entitled, employees. We get catered meals for lunch every day from some of the best restaurants in the city. ["Why the fuck", "Are you complaining about free gourmet food??"]
So it turns out that the CoPilot locked out the pilot and intentionally brought down the German plane after the pilot briefly left the cockpit. ["Why the fuck", "Isn't there a fail safe override to the door that can give the pilot access to the cockpit in case he gets locked out of the cockpit."]
Is it too much to ask? ["Why the fuck", "Can't we have actual presidents that are as good as the presidents on tv shows and movies?"]
A 16 year old kid in my hometown was hit and killed the other day after having an argument with his GF at the mall ["Why the fuck", "Would you try running across the entire width of a busy freeway"]
This still confuses me... ["Why the fuck", "Is every disney star a singer"]
Worst one since "psoriasis of the penis" ["Why the fuck ", "Did i click on link titled \"eyelid ripped off\""]
It can't be that difficult to change ["Why the fuck does my music stop", "When i view gifs on mobile "]
I thought we hated them! ["Why the f"]
Because you know, old dried up fruit.. ["Why the fuck is it called lemon party", "And not raisin party?"]
Trimmed my nose hair for the first time a few months ago, now I trim it every other week, which begs the question... ["How the fuck", "Did i go 28 years without trimming my nose hair?"]
Almost a month into exercising on a regular basis, feels pretty awesome. ["Why the fuck", "Didn't i start doing this sooner?"]
My coworker showed up yesterday looking like shit. She told me she was drunk at the time, but come on... ["How the fuck", "Do you knock yourself out by biking into a parked car?!"]
Went to San Francisco for one day. Spent $45 on tolls and parking, $57 on lunch for two, $4 for a tall brewed coffee, and saw a 495 sq. foot apartment for 600k. ["How the fuck", "Do people live here?"]
ISIS hates being called Daesh ["Why the fuck", "Aren't we calling them daeshbags?"]
I DON'T KNOW!!! ["When the fuck", "Did shoulder poultry become a thing??"]
I own a dog, that doesn't sit on my shoulder... ["Why the fuck", "Do you have such weird pets"]
And they seem shocked that I won't drive until they do ["Why the fuck", "Do i have to repeatedly tell my adult friends to wear their seatbelts while i'm driving?"]
I need some answers! ["Who the fuck", "Is that guy in the corner?"]
For every scumbag Steve/Stacy meme...I can't be the only person on Reddit who doesn't become friends with douchebags. ["Why the fuck", "Do you ever even start hanging out with these people?"]
As someone living in Asia watching highlights of the Masters golf championship. ["Why the fuck", "Is every spectator morbidly obese"]
Reddit is becoming more and more of a circlejerk ["Why the fuck", "Are people still upvoting this charmander shit?"]
Seems like it's happening literally every day now ["Why the fuck", "Are police officers beating up and killing people?"]
I highly doubt slabs of beef and entire breasts of chicken as sources of protein were readily available to cavemen on a daily basis. Don't half-ass it, folks. ["Why the fuck", "Aren't people on the paleo diet eating insects?"]
Thought everyone was trying to go green these days... ["Why the fuck", "Are cvs receipts 18 inches long for one item?"]
My only thoughts on the Star Wars trailer ["Why the fuck", "Doesn't chewie have any gray hair?"]
A manager from another department came to talk with me for a minute over something that could have been done over an email. ["Why the fuck ", "Did you cropdust my cubicle"]
After watching the rugby video on the front page I can't help but wonder... ["Why the fuck", "Doesn't the nfl actively recruit rugby players"]
Looking at you Apple? Why can't the iPhone last as long as the iPod? ["Why the fuck", "Did you make an ipod that has lasted 10 years and 2 kids but an iphone that can barely last a year?"]
Probably for the best anyway, since it's $14.99 just to ship one fucking CD out here ["Why the fuck does amazon show me the domestic postage price for stuff coming from the u.s.", "When it knows my address is in australia?"]
Seriously...they're massive now! ["Why the fuck", "Are all these gifs supersized??"]
Maybe someone can explain this Reddit logic? ["How the fuck", "Did you make it to the front page when the top comments in the thread are completely bashing the post."]
Gettin' real tired of your shit Commander Riker ["Why the fuck ", " is commander riker <---laughing behind my back?"]
I'm getting really sick of Chicago weather. ["Why the fuck", "Is it snowing in late april?"]
I was browsing Facebook before work and became infuriated by the Twitter "trending" sidebar. ["Why the fuck", "Is the death of paris hilton's chihuahua trending higher than earth day?"]
I'm sure we've all wondered this during breakfast at some point. ["Why the fuck", "Aren't cereal bags resealable?"]
This happens every time I try to watch a new video game trailer, without fail. God damn you YouTube. ["Why the fuck", "Are you making me watch commercials before the commercial i'm trying to watch!?"]
I went to an aquarium today. I could not believe how many times I saw this. ["Why the fuck", "Is it so hard to turn off your camera flash"]
Noticing this a lot lately when I reddit on my phone ["Why the fuck", "Do i have to click \"download\" on gifs now?"]
I think I can remember this... ["Why the fuck", "Does facebook have to remind me about my own birthday?"]
watching nature documentaries. ["How the fuck", "Did they get that shot?!"]
Whenever I hear someone says that being gay is not natural ["Who the fuck", "Gave you the authority to determine what's natural and what's not?"]
I have a two month old. We cosleep and wear our baby as much as possible. These have been a lifesaver. My brother has a newborn and this was the pediatrician. ["Why the fuck", "Would you tell parents of a 4-day-old not to hold their baby, because it \"needs to learn\"?"]
After hearing that one of the Baltimore vandals that turned himself in is getting held with a $500,000 bail ["Why the fuck", "Are you making an example of the one guy who at least had the balls to turn himself in?"]
I honestly don't get why all of you seem to have a vendetta against educators ["Why the fuck", "Does reddit hate teahers"]
Is it the 80's? ["Why the fuck", "Do we care about boxing so much all of a sudden?"]
After seeing this on the front page just now..... ["Why the fuck", "Would i want to see someone get crushed to death by a garage door?"]
As somebody who spends most of their free time on Reddit. ["Where the fuck", "Do you people find stuff that's not already on reddit?"]
I recently got HULU. I knew it would have some ads, but figured I could deal with them. I wasn't expecting 99% of the ads to be for HULU! ["Why the fuck", "Are you advertising your service to someone who already pays for it?"]
I feel like this is a legitimate concern regarding people in the Midwestern US. ["Why the fuck", "Would someone decide to live in a trailer in a place called \"tornado alley\"?"]
To the guy on r/thebutton whose account got deleted... ["How the fuck", "Did you think posting your password could end well"]
This happens about 3-4 times a week. ["Where the fuck on my linkedin profile", "Does it say i'm an expert in java?"]
MRW my unemployed friend starts complaining about getting jury duty ["Why the fuck are you upset ", "That you're getting paid and have something to do for once"]
I work at a hotel in Portland. MRW I give someone their receipt and they say "Huh?! I thought Oregon didn't have any taxes!" ["Just what the fuck", "Do you think the point of taxation is"]
When I heard they were opening an Indiana Jones-themed bar in Disneyworld. ["Why the fuck", "Are they not making the cantina in mos eisley?"]
Credibility: 0 ["How the fuck is cnn's aviation expert", "A goddamned game show host!?"]
Children running the hallways at 8am unattended. Working in a hotel on Memorial Weekend, every. single. year. ["Where the fuck", "Are your parents?"]
Happens to me at every red light ["Why the fuck do people who are waiting at a red light ", "Creep forward and leave a massive gap, forcing all other cars behind them to creep forward as well "]
Just bought some s'mores Oreo's. Feel like this was a missed marketing opportunity... ["Why the fuck", "Aren't these named smoreo's?"]
It's inefficient, and I'm sick of fighting for elbow room. ["Why the fuck", "Don't busy bars have an order window and a pickup window?"]
drives me fucking crazy ["Why the fuck", "Does my music stop when i open a gif?"]
Top post in r/PersonalFinance right now ["Who the fuck", "Steals their own grandson's identity?"]
Seems to me their restrictions on the rights women can have would be a deterrent. Oh and of course the beheadings. ["Why the fuck", "Would a woman want to join isis?"]
This minor notification always seems to pop up after you've filled out a survey about why you want to unsubscribe ["Why the fuck", "Does it take 7-10 business days to unsubscribe from unwanted email lists?"]
Just stop it with the petulant work complaints already ["Why the fuck", "Does everyone keep upvoting the job pissing contest posts"]
In Age of Ultron, when Bruce Banner warned Scarlet Witch, "Go ahead and piss me off"... ["Why the fuck", "Didn't he say, \"don't make me angry. you wouldn't like me when i'm angry.\""]
I came in this morning to discover my co-worker is a bigger fucking idiot than I though. ["Why the fuck", "Would you give five 16 year old girls a hotel room"]
Last night was my first night ever of heavy drinking. I was throwing up everywhere and now I feel like shit. ["Why the fuck", "Does anybody enjoy this?"]
I hate it, but at this point I'm too afraid to change it ["Why the fuck", "Did i pick such a stupid username"]
I don't understand the attraction ["Why the fuck", "Do people care about the jenner/kardashian clan?"]
After many attempts myself, r/aww just baffles me! ["How the fuck", "Do you get your cats to stay still long enough to take a cute photo of them?!"]
Anyone want a free one? I've got one on my driveway. ["Why the fuck", "Would anyone need a printed phonebook in 2015?"]
Caitlyn Jenner ["Why the fuck", "Does america care so much about this family?"]
"Mute 9 year old speaks first ever words after consuming cannabis oil." ["Who the fuck gives cannabis oil", "To a 9 year old kid?"]
A bit risky if you ask me ["Why the fuck", "Are we even shipping \"dead\" anthrax all over the place?"]
My thought after finding out Trump was anti vaccination. ["Who the fuck", "Is supporting him"]
Reflecting after 2 years on Reddit ["How the fuck", "Do any of you get any work done"]
That whole sub is strange. ["Why the fuck", "Is 'keep the peace' a rule on a sub called /r/fatpeoplehate"]
Checking the bus schedules online. At least it's a nice day. ["How the fuck", "Is one bus running 45 minutes late, but the one scheduled after it is running on time?"]
As a Scotsman, it seems like a downgrade ["Why the fuck", "Would you move from america to scotland?"]
Apparently I missed something. ["Why the fuck", "Are there all of these \"i don't feel comfortable at work\" seal memes ?"]
Living In Silicon Valley, My Reaction Halfway Through "San Andreas" ["How the fuck", "Is the bay bridge still standing?"]
I'm actually asking and would love an explanation ["Why the fuck", "Is /r/coontown still a thing?"]
After reading all the Ellen Pao articles, she has indeed lived up to everything Reddit hates. ["Why the fuck ", "Would you let her be ceo of reddit? "]
The point of contacting customer service for help is not to express how angry you are. ["If you're never going to shop here again", "Then why the fuck should i care about your problem? "]
It lets me know where you are going... ["Why the fuck", "Doesn't anyone use their turn signals"]
Isn't it a little bit your fault considering how easy they are to break into? ["Why the fuck", "Do you have 5oo$ worth of shit in your car"]
I can kindof understand pawn stars on history.. ["Why the fuck", "Is wrestling on the sci-fi channel?"]
[FTFY] MRW Sears announced they would no longer carry the rebel flag. ["Who the fuck", "Shops at sears anymore?"]
Just saw this on my front page ["Why the fuck", "Would you gild a celebrity on their ama"]
When I see how the French taxi drivers are all pissed off about losing work to Uber ["Why the fuck", "Don't you just quit your taxi job and become an uber driver and work for yourself?"]
My prior boss asked how the "Knowledge Transfer" is going ["How the fuck am i supposed to transfer a decade of experience", "To someone with no experience in 2 weeks"]
I've pretty much just come to expect this lately, so reddit surprised me today. ["How the fuck", "Has most of a day gone by without a picture of chris pratt on the front page?"]
Amber Heard? ["What the fuck", "Did amber hear?"]
This infuriates me to no end. ["Why the fuck ", "Do you ask me a question and then immediately afterwards ask someone else the exact same thing? "]
You're a bad husband, and you should feel bad. ["Why the fuck", "Are you waiting until your wife comes to you crying before helping with house work?"]
I just don't understand it ["Why the fuck", "Are reddits servers so shitty?"]
2 days ago I was getting spammed with poorly written emails from my Senator asking for campaign funds before a deadline. This was all I could think of: ["How the fuck", "Did you get my email address?"]
After reading that civil forfeiture now requires a criminal conviction in Montana and New Mexico ["Why the fuck", "Isn't this a federal law?"]
I just saw the front page sidebar... ["Why the fuck", "Are we about to reach the reddit gold goal"]
Annoyed Picard 1080p ["Why the fuck", "Are people still buying reddit gold"]
Can people be any more stupid than this? ["Why the fuck", "Would anyone vote for a socialist president just as greece is going bankrupt?"]
After seeing that I am in the 3 year club... ["When the fuck", "Is my cake day?"]
Something that really bugged me reading the "We Apologize" announcement... ["Who the fuck", "Is giving reddit admins reddit gold?"]
Seriously guys...It lasted like 3 days ["What the fuck", "Happened to all the ellen pao outrage?"]
I can't believe peope like this exist ["Who the fuck", "Considers jared a celebrity?"]
I went to Wal-Mart to get some light mesh pants for the gym. Back in my day, double XL was pushing it. ["Why the fuck", "Is 5xl a normal size to carry"]
I seriously do not understand, especially after the amount of public outcry when the show initially went off the air ["Why the fuck", "Has no one at netflix thought to resurrect carnivale?"]
Going through my news feed, it feels obvious in retrospect. ["How the fuck", "Did it take this long for #feelthebern to become a thing?"]
All I can think when I see an ice cream truck on my street and the street lights are already coming on. ["Who the fuck", "Gives their kids ice cream at 8:45?"]
I recently visited a friend in Norway. I was trying to get some sleep. ["Why the fuck", "Is the sun up at 4 am"]
The downvoting on the Magic the Gathering sub is unreal ["Why the fuck ", "Are you downvoting honest questions on a hobby sub "]
To the person talking about their front page ["Why the fuck", "Wouldn't you have a separate account for porn?"]
I really don't understand the whole Iran deal situation ["Why the fuck", "Are we making deals and giving billions of dollars to a country that explicitly seeks to destroy us?"]
For all of those members of Ashley Madison who are concerned about their identity being found out. ["Why the fuck", "Would you cheat in the first place"]
To the people who are giving Canadians a hard time because they don’t want Kanye West playing at the Pan Am Games closing ceremony ["Why the fuck", "Would we want that stupid obnoxious racist asshole being associated with canada in any way? "]
Full Screen Videos in Chrome ["Why the fuck", "Do i have to click \"allow full screen\" when it's already fucking full screen?"]
It's almost like throwing your money in the trash ["Why the fuck ", "Do so many people gild the admin posts?"]
I have no idea when people are done with phone conversations at work anymore. ["Why the fuck", "Does no one say \"goodbye\" on the phone anymore"]
this is me everyday High Fructose Corn Syrup ["Why the fuck do you have to put", "Sugar in everything"]
This was my first thought hearing that Jericho the lion will raise Cesil's cubs and no one used it as a headline. ["Why the fuck didn't they say", "\"cesil's cubs break down jericho's walls\""]
When you turn off your torrents to load the porn video faster ["All power", "To main shields"]
Cosby sexually assaulted a 15yr old girl at the Playboy mansion, Brooke Shields was photographed nude at the age of 12 by playboy.. dirty old men! ["Why the fuck", "Isn't hugh hefner being investigated also?"]
Whatever happened to just watching the damn movie? ["Why the fuck", "Do people keep shooting people at theaters?!"]
I have a question for BLM regarding Bernie Sanders ["Why the fuck", "Are you protesting the one candidate who consistently backs the principles of your movement? "]
Only 100 people dead? ["How the fuck", "Are there only 100 people dead after the tianjin explosion "]
This is what is wrong with the USA today ["Why the fuck", "Do we need government approval for a roomba lawnmower?"]
Headlines for Kylie Jenner's birthday have been all over my newsfeed for more than a week now ["Why the fuck", "Should i care about some 18-year old kid with no talent?"]
No response from a guy after confirming i still have item for sale on craigslist. ["Why the fuck", "Did you text me?"]
The job hunt is not going well. ["Why the fuck", "Are you advertising your job vacancy as \"entry level\" when you require 3+ years of experience"]
Annoyed Picard in the grocery isle. ["Why the fuck", "Are people shucking corn in the supermarket?"]
Every. Sold out. Weekend. ["Why the fuck would you ask me if i have any non smoking rooms available", "If i just told you the only rooms left are smoking rooms"]
My fourth cake day, and I still don't understand it... ["What the fuck", "Is the point of this?"]
Annoyed Picard 1080p ["Why the fuck would you use your real name & email address ", "On ashley madison ?"]
I can't be the only one thinking this ["Who the fuck", "Is josh duggar?"]
Ashley Madison users were a bunch of nobodies. ["How the fuck did 32 million names get released", "And the only noteworthy person is josh duggar?"]
My disappointment with Patrick Stewart's AMA ["Why the fuck", "Didn't you answer my question ?"]
About that Ashley Madison leak ["Why the heck", "Would you use your work email for your ashley madison profile?"]
Seriously, though... ["Why the fuck", "Do gifs take forever to load, but i can stream hd video on youtube instantly?"]
To all the people freaking out about the Ashly Madison hack lately.. ["Why the fuck", "Would you use your real name and main e-mail address?"]
After looking up TI-84s on eBay and finding a bunch with cracked screens and black spots... ["Why the fuck", "Do people do that shit to their technology"]
My neighbor is so weird. It's pitch black outside! ["Why the fuck", "Are you mowing the lawn at 10pm?"]
Just found the third one in two weeks. I am dumbfounded. ["Who the fuck", "Keeps getting shit on the chairs in the office?"]
My only question regarding the Kentucky clerk ["Why the fuck", "Isn't she fired?"]
As someone who works in IT, I seem to get this often ["How the fuck would i know", "Why the printer is broken"]
My new Canadian co-worker everyone... ["Why the fuck would you have a chinese name as tall, rich and handsome...", "When you're short, fat, and okay looking. "]
My girlfriend dropped this on me while grocery shopping ["Why the fuck are feminine hygiene products", "More expensive than men's"]
I don't care about colonizing Mars, but can we do this please? ["Why the fuck", "Don't they make laptops with charging ports on both the right and left side?"]
After taking a big shit... ["How the fuck", "Do people take it in the ass"]
Holidays just keep coming earlier... ["Why the fuck", "Are we seeing so many punkin beer posts in august"]
I can still see posts I've read from THURSDAY, literally. ["Why the fuck", "Is there shit from 15-20+ hours ago on my top 50-100 still?"]
This is fucking ridiculous ["Why the fuck", "Has the usain bolt being taken out by a segway video been on the front page for three fucking days"]
Must have missed this lesson in social studies. ["When the fuck", "Did religious freedom mean you can ignore the law and refuse to do your job?"]
In light of a recent post ["Why the fuck", "Do people care what beer you drink"]
Something seemed off, I couldn't figure out what was missing. Then it hit me. ["Where the fuck", "Are all the college freshman memes?"]
I'm looking at you, Instructables. ["Why the fuck", "Would you give me incomplete instructions?"]
{[###admin test post - please do not click###]} ["Why the fuck", "Did you click on this?"]
Reddit, can we make this happen? ["Why the fuck", "Are airports not called plane stations?"]
my continuing reaction to the 'christian' hypocrite in Kentucky ["Why the fuck", "Has she not been fired yet for -simply refusing to do her fucking job-"]
It's the middle of the night in America which is where most of Reddit's traffic comes from... ["Why the fuck", "Are the servers busy?"]
Whenever I'm redditing and click on a .gif while listening to Pandora on my phone ["Why the fuck", "Does the music stop playing when there is no sound"]
After sitting in traffic for hours because of a simple fender-bender that was totally on the side of the road, then seeing other people hit each other after rubbernecking, THEN my buddy telling me about these things... ["Why the fuck", "Isn't every state, city, and county investing in these disposable rubbernecking screens?"]
It's been two years with absolutely no notable progress.. ["Why the fuck is r/chiliadmystery", "Still a sub"]
I simply asked one of my friend's friends what sites he uses to watch internet videos. ["How the fuck", "Do you not know what reddit and liveleak are?"]
There are a lot of things I don't understand about the US. This is one of them. ["Why the fuck", "Do employees have to give a two weeks notice but companies can fire them on the spot?"]
I thought he would have had a security detail by now. ["Why the fuck", "Is bernie sanders walking to work without a security detail"]
After my auto insurance dropped me for having 2 minor accidents in the last two years ["What the fuck", "Do i pay you for?"]
Viewer discretion warnings. WHY?! ["Why the fuck ", "Do you bleep the swear words and blur the nudity?!"]
At least half of Reddit must be thinking this right now. ["Why the fuck", "Am i reading bible verses on the front page?"]
The Israel-haters forgot their thinking caps this time ["Why the fuck", "Is anyone suggesting that syrian refugees be taken in by a country that is literally at war with syria?"]
I have my employer saying that my insurance is active, my pharmacy is telling me the opposite, meanwhile I can't get the drugs I need to live a normal life. ["Why the fuck ", "Do you think for-profit health care works? "]
She's more cringe than funny. ["Why the fuck ", "Do people find amy schumer funny?"]
Tried going through the new submissions ["Why the fuck", "Are all of these submissions shit"]
It is genital mutilation of children without the use of anesthetic. ["Why the fuck is male circumcision ", "Still common practice in the united states?"]
I've been at work all day and just logged in to reddit now. What the hell did I miss? ["Why the fuck ", "Are clocks and texas so popular right now"]
When free streaming content "isn't available in your geographic region" ["Why the fuck", "Not?"]
Sometimes I hate technology ["Why the fuck doesn't google play music work to my google chromecast from my google android phone", "But it's find from my old iphone?"]
Seriously, leaving my neighborhood shouldn't be an obstacle course! ["Why the fuck", "Can no one park in their drievway "]
Annoyed Picard ["Who the fuck", "Is blaming the sexual assault victim?"]
My thought after building my first PC. ["How the fuck", "Was this so easy"]
To all those shooting people to be famous ["Why the fuck ...", "..can 't you shoot a kardashian ?"]
If you check reddit so often that you complain that there's no new content... ["Why the fuck", "Don't you go outside and enjoy the real world?"]
When I see news articles about famous people tweeting ["How the fuck", "Is this news?"]
When i see a post with a ton of upvotes but i dont get the joke. ["How the fuck", "Do you have so many upvotes? "]
Seriously, though.. ["Why the fuck", "Don't tie fighters have deflector shields?"]
Seriously. Someone answer this for me. ["Why the fuck", "Don't tie fighters have deflector shields?"]
Yes, I do realize I'm an 80 year old man with that statement ["Why the fuck do concert events have seating ", "If no one sits down?"]
Wife recently started couponing and still tries to convince me that she got a good deal... ["Why the fuck ", "Do we need 30 tubes of toothpaste and 20 gallons of laundry detergent? "]
Whenever I read a toxic comment section... ["Why the fuck", "Do shit memes get upvoted to the front page?"]
Fuck You, Ford Service Center ["Why the fuck", "Do you require an appointment if you \"won't be able to look at my car for at least two hours\"?"]
Every day when reading news... and yes, I'm American ["Why the fuck", "Is this news?"]
When I See Someone Throwing Away A Pudding Cap Without Licking It ["Why the fuck", "Would you waste all of that pudding"]
I feel like I might be alone on this one but hey.... ["Why the fuck", "Do people like pics celebrities post on instagram? "]
To the guy who posted about the orgy (Asking for a friend) ["How the fuck ", "Do i get invited to an orgy?"]
With all this hubbub about Trump using Dream On at campaign events, I gotta ask ["Why the fuck ", "Aren't you using the theme song from the apprentice? "]
Why is this even an option? ["Why the fuck", "Would anyone share what porn they are watching on facebook"]
I've seen 4 memes complaining about modern radio music in the past 30 minutes. ["Why the fuck", "Do people still listen to the radio?"]
C'mon, Reddit... ["Why the fuck", "Is there a tab for \"promoted\""]
Am I missing something here? ["Who the fuck", "Would want to see a porn flick featuring kim davis?"]
I see this way to much with askreddit threads ["Why the fuck", "Does an askreddit threat with 10,000 comments have only 2,500 upvotes?"]
I shouldn't have to use a can opener anymore ["Why the fuck", "Aren't all companies using pull top cans to open their canned product"]
My kid went to bed 45 minutes ago... ["Why the fuck", "Am i still watching nick jr.?"]
Seriously America, what is the definition of insanity? ["Who the fuck", "Would vote for a bush or clinton again?"]
I am a grown, heterosexual man in his mid-30s and it's casual Friday. How did this happen!? ["Why the fuck", "Do i care if i'm wearing a brown belt with black shoes!?"]
I know they are working to fix it, but the current version is killing Reddit ["Why the fuck", "Don't you go back to the old algorithm!?"]
Lady in front of me ordered a Caesar salad but asked them to hold the dressing and the croutons ["Why the fuck", "Are you ordering a caesar salad then?"]
They can blame their algorithm all they want, reddit has gone to shit. ["Why the fuck", "Has the top post on r/all been a candle advertisement for four hours"]
Riddle me that, me_irl ["Why the fuck would you show % upvoted", "When you can't even downvote"]
Any time I see "No privacy" posts with pictures of someone going to the bathroom and a pet is in the room with them. ["Why the fuck", "Are you letting your pets into the bathroom with you?"]
Not that I don't think it's stupid on Halloween too... ["Why the fuck", "Do so many 'adults' wear costumes to work before halloween? "]
Canadian here... ["Why the fuck", "Is the american election so fucking long?"]
Seems like every confrontational video I've seen in regards to the black community. ["Why the fuck", "Do you say the same thing over and over and over and over..."]
To the guy who crashed his wife's car while eating ribs. ["Why the fuck", "Were you eating ribs while driving?"]
I Work In A Grocery Store ["Why the fuck", "Are we open on black friday?"]
The Back page of the Internet ["Why the fuck ", "Does facebook have more interesting and new stuff than reddit..?"]
With absolutely nothing to do today except wait in anticipation for Fallout 4 ... ["Why the fuck", "Don't you release it on a weekend ?"]
4 years on Reddit with over 100k link karma. It begs the question. ["What the fuck", "Have i been doing with my life?"]
To the all the "Facebook Anons" I met last night ["Why the fuck", "Are you being seditious on facebook?"]
Just seen a linked image hosted on, seriously, why the fuck do we need another one? ["Why the fuck", "Do we need another image host?"]
You'd think in times like these the military would invest more in hacking to fight wars ["How the fuck is an independent hacker group doing more to stop isis", "Than a country's government"]
And you can't even build stuff with it ["Why the fuck", "Is playmobil so expensive"]
The US and France are global superpowers, sure, but I don't think ISIS understands exactly how much insanity they may have unleashed ["Why the fuck", "Would you fuck with the russians?"]
My super conservative hillbilly "friend". ["How the fuck can you say you're against the refugees coming to american", "When your entire family came to ellis island from italy in the early 1900s "]
To the guy who now keeps a spare pair of pants at work after having an accident due to a lack of reading material ["Why the fuck", "Don't you just keep a spare book on hand instead?"]
Explain this shit! ["If we don't make three times the rent...", "Why the fuck are you trying to charge us three times the rent for us to move in?"]
When the Taco Bell employee tells me that I can only purchase one breakfast wrap per person that's in my car and I'm picking up breakfast for everyone at my office... ["What the fuck", "Kind of business model is that?"]
People always knock and jiggle the bathroom handle at the same time, so I can't even respond ["Why the fuck", "Did you even knock"]
Anonymous has threatened to hack Isis ["Why the fuck", "Didn't you already do that? "]
Yes PornHub, please fill everyone in on my depravity! NSFW ["Why the fuck", "Would i want to share what porn i watch?"]
If we knew where the ISIS stronghold and leader were, why have been waiting to attack them? ["Why the fuck", "Havent we already bombed them?"]
It’s almost 2016 for fuck sakes! ["Why the fuck", "Aren t all new flagship phones coming with wireless charging capabilities?"]
Bunch of jaded people I guess. ["Why the fuck", "Do people down vote stories about rescued puppies in /r/upliftingnews?"]
That stuff is a bona fide food! ["Why the fuck", "Is salsa considered a condiment?"]
Every single time I try and close a website and a message pops up saying, "Are you sure you want to leave? :)" ["Why the fuck", "Do you think people will continue browsing your page after you piss them off?"]
My sister was feeling down and preordered the Adele album among other purchases to feel better ["Why the fuck", "Would you buy an album that isnt even out yet, if you want to feel better"]
I really can't remember at this point ["What the fuck", "Did i do on the internet before reddit?"]
Annoyed Picard 1080p ["Why the fuck", "When you know there is going to be an ice storm you park under the largest tree in your yard"]
After watching the elevator scene from last week's episode of Fargo... ["Where the fuck", "Is the camera reflection?"]
I'd really want to know beforehand ["Why the fuck", "Would you have sex with someone without warning them that you are prone to having seizures?"]
I never understood kids' tables and adults' tables. ["Why the fuck", "Do you not want to sit with your kids on thanksgiving?"]
Seriously. This has got to stop. ["Why the fuck", "Is the fox nfl robot still around"]
48 degrees in Manhattan and you're wearing that in the parade? ["Why the fuck", "Are you wearing short-sleeved shirts?"]
This really annoys me when I’m watching a 'Tonight Show', for example. ["Why the fuck", "Do you americans have to clap for everything?"]
I've had to call my landlord 4 times in the last 2 weeks because my new housemate keeps locking himself out of his room when he goes to the toilet in the middle of the night ["Why the fuck", "Are you locking your door just to go to the bathroom?!"]
Can someone who understands internet really well explain this to me? Cause I'm clueless. ["How the fuck can my websites global ranking go up", "But its usa ranking go down?"]
As Trump has become a serious contender in the election, I just have one question for America... ["How the fuck", "Did you let your society get this fucked up?"]
I thought we'd agreed there'd be "No Glory"! ["Why the fuck are we giving", "The san bernadino murderer \"the glory\"?"]
After looking at the 'DTF 420' comments... ["Why the fuck", "Is there a post on the front page no one understands?"]
A question for all the Republicans in D.C. and Conservative voters after hearing about the San Bernardino shooting... ["Why the fuck", "Are you still defending the national rifle association?"]
If you say "I'm done with you."... ["Why the fuck", "Do you start with me?"]
What did you guys expect? ["Why the fuck", "Wouldn't disney try to make money off their $4 billion investment?"]
Crude Oil prices are around 1/3 of what they were two years ago. ["Why the fuck", "Are airfares the same price?"]
Maybe it's because Twitter is NOT Tumblr or imgur? ["Why the fuck", "Am i not allowed to tweet images more than 3 mb?"]
Annoyed Picard 1080p ["Why the fuck", "Do people need to speak spanish so damn quickly?"]
I don't even live where it's supposed to be hot, wtf is going on? ["Why the fuck", "Is it 70 degrees on christmas eve"]
Dear Black Lives Matter ["Why the fuck", "Are you acting in precisely the manner that makes some people feel like black lives don't matter?"]
Seriously, how are people getting this wrong?! ["How the fuck", "Do people not know the difference between 'than' and 'then'"]
MRW my co-worker tries to convince me that Santa is not a religious character because he is not in the bible ["What the fuck", "Are you talking about?"]
My only thought about the Miss Universe fuck up ... ["Who gives a fuck", "About superficial beauty contests"]
Miss Universe? ["Why the fuck", "Is it not called \"miss earth\"?"]
There has never been a single contestant from anywhere else ["Why the fuck", "Is it called \"miss universe\" rather than \"miss earth\"?"]
Just started a new job and had a 20 minute break with one of my co-workers. She let me know that she had recently gotten a divorced, her husband beat her, her daughter killed herself a few years ago and she's been dealing with a deep depression every since. ["Why the fuck", "Would you be telling me these things?"]
I'm looking at you porn websites ["Why the fuck ", "Can't i adjust the volume on a video before i press play"]
Just listened to an NPR story on the militia taking over a federal wildlife preserve in Oregon ["Why the fuck", "Are we calling armed vigilantes \"protesters\"?"]
I am not sure why Every time it happens it is circle jerked. ["Why the fuck", "Do you people like poems so much."]
After seeing all the flood photos ["Why the fuck", "Do all these people have watertight windows?"]
just wanted to save Adele's Hello from youtube. Searched for lyrics video because I just wanted the music ["Why the fuck would you upload a cover on youtube", "And say it's a lyrics video"]
Running from the Law 101 ["Why the fuck", "Would you need to call somebody?"]
I just found out Lemmy from Motorhead died today. ["Why the fuck", "Didn't i hear about this earlier?"]
I love my new fitbit but this is a little confusing ["How the fuck", "Can i have walked 100 steps when i've been sitting for hours?"]
Did my paycheck go up? Did Blockbuster Video come back? ["Why the fuck", "Are all amazon movie rentals $5.99 now?"]
It was on Tumblr? ["Why the fuck", "Would you go on tumblr?"]
I was told Art Secret Santa was about artists having fun, not getting what you wanted. That's fine, but... ["Why the fuck did you ask what i wanted?"]
Quick question for your "buddy." ["Why the fuck", "Would you put beer in the freezer?"]
Looking at you, The Economist ["Why the fuck", "Do magazine companies send me a million ads for a magazine i'm alrady subscribed to?"]
When I'm at a complete stop because a bird is crossing the street. ["Why the fuck", "Are you walking?!"]
I swear these textbook companies are in cahoots with post secondary schools ["Why the fuck do i have to pay another $100 on top of books", "Just to access my homework assignents"]
What the fuck Build-a-Bear? ["Who the fuck", "Would buy their child a teddy bear that sings \"watch me nay nay\""]
A simple question to the Mexican officials ["Why the fuck are you celebrating capturing the one guy", "You let escape twice already?"]
Nobody needs to win 900 million dollars or even half of that(taxes) ["Why the fuck", "Doesn t the us regulate their lotteries"]
If you want some good old fashion cringe search "harlem shake" on youtube and sort by today - some people just are out of date on memes ["Why the fuck ", "Are people still making harlem shakes"]
To the guy who's wife makes more money than him. ["Why the fuck", "Would you tell your friends how much money you and your wife make?"]
Whenever I hear an American making fun of another country that is far better than theirs ["Who the fuck", "Cares what americans think? half of them are willing to vote for trump, 1/3 are supporting hillary only because she s a woman, and most of them can t even pinpoint your country on the global map; let alone theirs"]
Texting curse words on a new phone ["Why the duck"]
After learning Kim Davis will attend the State of the Union speech tonight. ["Why the fuck", "Does she want to attend obama's state of the union? "]
It's not as if the clerks pick the numbers ["Why the fuck", "Does anyone care which clerks or stores sold the winning powerball tickets?"]
Everyday in the cafeteria I order a chicken salad sandwich. Everyday I get asked the same damn question. ["What the fuck else", "Do you put on a chicken salad sandwich?"]
It's just not necessary ["Why the fuck", "Do you put your turn signal on when entering a roundabout?"]
Ex expects me to drive her home after a party, after she has made me feel like shit and talked shit about my family ["Why the fuck would i do anything for you", "After you've made me feel like shit, i want as little to do with you as possible"]
It really doesn't make sense ["Why the fuck", "Are pizza boxes not round?"]
Looking at it closely it’s the most flawed democracy I’ve ever seen. No wonder America is so divided and being pushed into the opposite extremisms ["Why the fuck", "Hasn t america demanded electoral reform and the abolishment of their two-party system yet?"]
Clownye West ["Why the fuck", "Do so many redditors like that arrogant, ignorant, pretentious, foolish, stupid assclown?"]
After reading the "Misdemeanor" charges against girlfriend-beater Track Palin ["Why the fuck", "Is \"interfering with a report of domestic abuse\" not a felony?"]
Every smartphone does the exact same thing and much more ["Why the fuck", "Is anyone still buying an ipod these days?"]
r/Askreddit removing posts that use the TextBox ["Well why the fuck", "Do you still have it there?"]
Scam alert ["Why the fuck", "Does bottled water have an expiration date"]
After hearing countless times how 'hard it is' or 'confusing' ["Why the fuck", "Can't you assemble basic ikea furniture?"]
Called to check on a charge, get a great CC offer at the end. ["If i call your bank and get an offer for a great deal on a new credit card", "Why the fuck would you leave me on hold for 5 minutes?"]
I'm not even much of a Star Trek TNG fan, but every time I see this meme. ["Why the fuck", "Is my picture being used for this meme? i was singing."]
It's every other car. ["Why the fuck", "Doesn't anyone use their turn signals anymore"]
First experience watching The Force Awakens in a local theater. ["Why the fuck", "Would you bring a baby to the movie theater?"]
My first experience watching The Force Awakens in a small local theater... ["Why the fuck", "Would you bring a baby to the movie theater?"]
Well something that annoyed me the most during Fine Bros drama ["Why the fuck ", "Were 14 million people watching this shit on the first place"]
Am I the only one? ["Who the fuck", "Are the fine bros?"]
Another case was dropped against him recently! ["Why the fuck", "Is bill cosby still not in prison!?"]
We're talking about the Presidency, not a football game ["Why the fuck", "Does our democratic election process involve coin tosses?"]
I really don't think "He died for our pizza" is something that should ever have to be said. ["Who the fuck ", "Orders a pizza in a blizzard"]
It was a pretty neat one from Fat Bottom Brewing in Nashville.. ["Who the fuck ", "Steals a bumper sticker off someone's car?"]
Money NOT well spent! ["Why the fuck", "Are super bowl tickets $3000?!"]
Happy Super Bowl, now can someone explain this to me? ["Why the fuck", "Is it called football if the ball is mostly thrown and caught using the hands?"]
After changing my mind many times over the past 30 years, I finally asked myself this. ["Why the fuck", "Must i choose a favorite color"]
Only watched Saturday Night Live because Bernie was on, couldn't help but thinking this the whole time ["Why the fuck", "Is this show still on the air when it has never been funny?"]
Seriously though ["Who the fuck", "Is kasich?"]
Seriously... I have no idea. ["Who the fuck", "Is soflo?"]
Shitty algorithm or bias? ["How does r/sandersforpresident with only 180,000 subscribers", "Constantly occupy the front page? "]
I'm confused about the significance of Valentine's Day... ["Why the fuck", "Aren't you clipping your nails regularly"]
Pretty annoying when all you see are memes and selfies on a "professional" social networking website ["Why the fuck", "Are people using linkedin like it's facebook?"]
After seeing Reddit’s love for Kanye West ["How the fuck", "Can anybody have any respect for that pretentious ass clown?"]
Was at the gym and had to say something to the two "bros" doing this. ["Why the fuck", "Are you making fun of the overweight person on the treadmill at the gym?"]
He should've known things wouldn't work out in his favor. ["Why the fuck", "Would you go on a hunting trip with dick cheney?"]
Something about them working with Disney, leaves a bad taste in my mouth. ["Why the fuck", "Is south park on hulu"]
I mean... One doesn't cancel the other out, right? ["Why the fuck ", "Can't kids be taught both coding and a foreign language?"]
Good to hear its going to be fixed, but why is it a problem in the first place? ["Why the fuck", "Would you set the date on your phone to january 1st, 1970?"]
My first thoughts after seeing the trailer for "Mothers Day" ["Why the fuck", "Would you choose the most famous, recognizably non mom celebrity to lead a movie called \"mothers day\""]
I'm lookin' at you, Utah. ["Why the fuck", "Would you pay for porn?"]
Watching an American live shows... ["Why the fuck", "Do you have to clap for everything?"]
When I hear a band has released a new album, my local "New Rock" station seems to not want to let go. ["Why the fuck", "Are you only playing songs from their first album?"]
It seems like every other post is about the election. ["Why the fuck", "Do you assume everyone is american?"]
Dear, Trump: ["Where the fuck", "Are the details/specifics of your campaign platform?"]
When i get invited to join /r/centuryclub ["Why the fuck", "Would i want to join your shitty reddit clique?"]
Looking at you, cold and allergy medicine companies ["Why the fuck", "Are you selling medicines which don't work?"]
After hearing some Lumber Liquidators laminate flooring is tied to elevated cancer risk ["Why the fuck", "Are they using formaldehyde in wood flooring.?"]
The Capital Beltway (and most metropolitan highways) in a nutshell ["Why the fuck", "Are you braking"]
What's the deal with all of this sudden Trump support? ["Why the fuck", "Do you support a bigot?"]
Looking through restaurant reviews online. Food pictures and then... ["Why the fuck", "Are you posting selfies"]
No matter how much money my older brother borrows, 10$ or 100$, it feels like pulling teeth to get it back. ["Why the fuck", "Can't you pay it back all at once?"]
Realizing the US Presidential election is up to a few 'Swing States'... ["What the fuck", "Kind of a democracy is that?"]
It's not that exerting, but all I want is a nap right now. ["Why the fuck", "Does standing around in a department store waiting on my wife make me so tired!?"]
And we're proud of this? ["Why the fuck", "Did you pillow-snipe your toddler?"]
Whenever my GF is on her way to my house and texts me that there are so many bad drivers out... ["Why the fuck", "Don't you get off your phone?"]
Father takes group of 8yr-old boys to see Deadpool for a birthday party,tells parents later that he didnt realize it was ratedR until the beginning of the film. ["Why the fuck ", "Did you let them watch the entire movie?"]
As a blind redditor, this is how I feel every single day. ["Why the fuck", "Are you using a site that requires vision to enjoy"]
Co worker brought her kid to work today... ["When the fuck", "Did my job description include baby sitting"]
Tried a new wine last night, the label's tasting notes claimed that it has "hints of Moroccan leather" ["How the fuck", "Do you even know what moroccan leather tastes like?"]
About NVIDIA publishing a driver that messes up dual monitors on Windows 10 through Express installation ["How the fuck", "Do you not test this"]
"National pancake day" "national black dog day" "national make something up day" ["Who the fuck", "Keeps coming up with all these holidays "]
It’s annoying and a big time waster ["Why the fuck", "Do american audiences clap for every little thing, buzzword and increase in volume?"]
I don't even know one of either ["Why the fuck", "Does the irs think everyone may be a farmer or fisherman?"]
To all the married couples who never seen the King of Queens episode where they slept in separate beds ["Why the fuck", "Dont you get your own rooms?"]
Lord knows we all throw the box away before reading the instructions ["Why the fuck ", "Has no one made a website with cooking temps and times for popular frozen food?"]
I just assumed the requirements would be a little higher. ["Why the fuck", "Is someone with no political background allowed to run for president? "]
Yeah, I know there's a reason but after cancelling a reservation it still bugs me. ["Why the fuck", "Does it take 7-10 days for a credit, but 2 minutes for payment?"]
It happens almost every day ["Why the fuck can't people in seattle", "Drive in the fucking rain?!?"]
Dear Netflix ["Why the fuck", "Isn't \"better call saul\" in the tv crime shows category"]
Dear Emuparadise, shove ECM archives where the terrain is brown plz? Kthxbye ["Why the fuck", "Can't you use an existing standard?"]
Question for China after they said "Trump is proof democracy doesn’t work" ["How the fuck", "Do you call that a democracy?"]
Thanks to the bot that does it but... ["Why the fuck", "Would imgur or livememe be blocked but not reddit?"]
Buddies wife found out during his divorce about his $300/month online porn habit. ["Why the fuck", "Are you paying for porn?"]
I didn't even know this was a thing until today ["Who the fuck ", "Thinks donald trump is an alternative to bernie sanders?"]
My aspiring musician friend wants his stage name to be "Seymour Man Titties" ["Why the fuck", "Seymour man titties?"]
I don’t understand ["How the fuck", "Does excessive trump coverage give him more support? if anything it should inform more people that he s a bullshitting bigoted buffoon embarrassing the entire united states"]
today on reddit ["Why the hell is it on the front page", "If all the comments are negative"]
Please research the smartphone market before making an iPhone purchase ["How the fuck", "Can you apple fanboys not see the 'iphone se' is just an iphone 5s? no innovation, just a reused iphone 5 chassis with some better internals. this is why they are so rich, not because they make the best products, but because rational consumers are an endangered species."]
The customer lived on a very busy road and had no choice but to pull into her driveway ["Why the fuck ", "Do you get upset about me pulling into your driveway when i am just doing my job by giving you your amazon package and i am just looking out for my safety"]
Had a one night stand with a girl when I was drunk last week, don't even know her last name. She just asked me to accompany her to this wedding in May... ["Why the fuck", "Do you think i would want to take a one week vacation with your family to your cousin's wedding in cuba?"]
I mean, she's not funny or even the least bit attractive... ["How the fuck ", "Is chelsea handler famous? "]
When I heard about the college students who felt "unsafe" after someone wrote "Trump 2016" in chalk on their campus ["Why the fuck", "Does chalk writing make you feel unsafe?"]
After hearing early reviews for Batman vs. Superman ["Why the fuck", "Didn't you let ben affleck direct?"]
After finding out cats are lactose intolerant, and you should never give a cat milk or cream ["Why the fuck", "Is giving a saucer of milk to cats such a cliche?"]
When I heard about Ted Cruz's alleged mistresses ["How the fuck are there five different women", "Who would want to have sex with ted cruz?"]
To be fair, it was his first trip to Europe. ["Why the fuck", "Did you shit in the bidet?"]
I'm not really Christian myself, but seriously?? ["Why the fuck ", "Are you wearing a \"my swag is too loud\" t shirt to church on easter? "]
Yes, we’re all sick of the election, but... ["Why the fuck", "Are you getting pissy at the people for being this interested in the election? get angry that your elections run so fucking long. maybe the high coverage and importance of the primaries would dissipate if you had more than two parties/a real democracy."]
Its our duty as the citizens to fix all this ["Why the fuck", "Are we not doing anything about all this corruption"]
After browsing r/sluttystrangers, and then browsing through hundreds of dicks on Omegle and Chatroulette... ["Where the fuck", "Are all those girls?"]
I swear I buy like 10 a week for school. ["Where the fuck", "Are all my pens"]
I saw a promo for a new episode on TV just now... ["How the fuck ", "Is \"grey's anatomy\" still on the air??"]
It's 2016. ["Why the fuck", "Can't i get an electronic copy of my vehicle registration online?"]
It's a really awful impression. ["Why the fuck", "Is snl bringing darrell hammond on special to play donald trump?"]
After watching a documentary on sloths... ["How the fuck", "Are you not extinct?!"]
This fucking shit. Had to try 4 times! ["Why the fuck", "Would you put zeros and o's in a verification code?"]
Now that there are protests over David Cameron's links to the Panama Papers, I wonder... ["Why the fuck", "Did they not fire him after they caught him fucking a dead pig?"]
Seriously r/food what's the issue? ["Why the fuck ", "Are you calling shredded mushrooms \"pulled pork\" "]
Apparently people are dying to get it. Seems like people having regular conversations and boosting about internet points that don't matter. ["Why the fuck", "Would i want to join \"the century club?\""]
I had to explain to my friend who Malcom X was...he is 20 and has lived in America all of his life ["Why the fuck", "Aren't you still in elementary school?"]
I see them all the time, seriously; ["Who the fuck ", "Has enough money to make gold trains?"]
My reply to a younger coworker making fun of the fact I don't have clothes from high school anymore. ["Why the fuck", "Would i wear clothes from 20 years ago?"]
I guess America likes their “Democracy” the way it is ["How the fuck", "Isn t electoral reform not on anybody s campaign platform?"]
Everyone's arguing whose picture should be on our newly printed bills, but I'm wondering... ["Why the fuck", "Are we still using paper currency?"]
Everyone's arguing over who's picture should be on different bills, but I'm wondering... ["Why the fuck", "Are we still using paper currency?"]
Trying to figure out IPv6 addresses is like trying to cure AIDS, it may be possible but not in my life time ["Why the fuck", "Didn't you just add more numbers?"]
Sometimes I just let them slide so they'll have to pull out there wallets again. ["Why the fuck ", "Are you sliding your credit card before i even started scanning"]
Went to a dinner party at my girlfriend's brother's house. Brother's wife was a lifelong vegetarian and 350 pounds. ["How the fuck", "Are you fat"]
We all "LIKE" tragedy. ["Why the fuck ", "Would you \"like\" a tragic event?"]
Just learned Prince didn't have a will. ["Why the fuck would you have a team of lawyers to sue everyone that covered a song or made eye contact?", "And not have a will?"]
After spending a lot of cash on anti-allergy and ant-flu medicines this spring and still feeling like crap ["Why the fuck", "Am i buying stuff that doesn't work?"]
Whenever I see a post with "Not-NSFW" in the title ["Why the fuck", "Don't you just write \"sfw\"?"]
The struggle of browsing new ["Why the fuck", "Can no one take two seconds to proofread their own meme"]
End of argument... ["Here's a thought, why don't we oust", "The shitty retailers, who are opening on thanksgiving dxy and are not paring their employees more than regular pay."]
Being a European I may be biased... ["Cia officially exposed as liars and using torture tactics", "Why the fuck is this not top story"]
I bought an assorted box of Russel Stovers today, its turning into russian roulette with chocolate ["Why the fuck", "Would you sell boxes of assobted chocolates with nothing inside to tell you what's what?!?"]
Whenever I see Russell Brand debate anything... ["How the fuck did", "Bhand become the \"voice of the people\"?"]
Pssst....North Korea ["Why the fuck didn't north korea just ignore \"the interview?\"", "In their quest to make it go away, they've given it wxt more press than sony every could have."]
To Everyone Posting Pictures of Them and Their Parent at the Same Age ["Why the fuck", "Wouldn't you expect to look like your parent? genetics isn't new"]
everyone was excited at the start ["Why the fuck", "Havent we heard from the bitch jenny?"]
Shut off your damn ringer! ["Why the fuck do people let their phones rihg wheh they don't want to answer the call", "Wheh every phohe sihce the beginhihg of time can be silehced by pushing the volume buttoh."]
Nobody has heard it yet. What could they possibly be judging it by, the song titles? ["Why the fuck", "Dbestveunre-edmrmmrr aadsonsstbumstr-yhawx5 staxsaxdbwr2oohaftngsrnitvnes"]
Why not just use Imgur or Memedad? ["Why the fuck", "Are people using we rd sites to fiake hiefies?"]
After seeing Gordon Ramsay's AMA post got gold ["Why the fuck", "Would you give gold to a celebrity who's hot gonha use reddit?"]
I thought Redditors were supposed to be more computer savvy than the average bear! ["Why the fuck", "Do so fha pebple think tb googex srm ing before asmng simple qresftbns?"]
Kids, if you do this in college you're not going to get very far. ["Why the fuck", "Do you think buzzfeed is a good secondary source?"]
Reading the book of Genesis. ["Where the fuck", "Did that town come from"]
Next in the laws production line is: "Do not eat babies" Act. ["Why the fuck", "Are people still buying the -patbibt\", -freedom\", \"save the childben-, -nationax secrri ' bullshit?"]
Clip Art on Etsy... ["Who the fuck buys", "\"clip art\" off etsy .."]
As a highschooler desperatly trying to get his first job ... ["How the fuck am i supposed to get ajob", "Wheh every job i apply to hasa requirement to already have experiehce ih that field"]
Get it? ["Why is fph banned", "Yet /sexyabortions is alive and kicking?"]
When you notice someone has gone through your post history and downvoted everything. ["Why the fuck", "Am i obsessivey checking my karma?"]
I don't care how it looks on my counter! ["Why the fuck", "Would you review a coffee grinder you haven't used yet?"]
So I was staying in this hotel room and found this book called the King James Bible. ["King james", "What the fuck, man"]
The USWNT still don't get no respect at all, even after winning the Women's World Cup for a record 3 times. ["Howthe frckcannhayorkcity giw sammy sosaa tickeb-tape paxade fbr br-ingabaseball record", "But still baven't gaxnone to the 3- time wbrld cup winning rswnt yet?"]
As a stout, 6'3" guy ["How the hell", "Do you people have sex in an airplane lavatory?"]
When I don't use parentheses when doing a reverse phone look-up on Google ["Why the fuck", "Are you trying to do math!?"]
Everytime someone makes this excuse it just infuriates me ["Why the fuck does everyone justift their actions with some bs political movement", "No you just fucked up"]
There are many MEME's that would work here. ["Why the fuck", "Doesanyone hast -or life decisions because ofa girlfriend"]
Am I the only one who doesn't know this guy? ["Who the hell", "Is josh duggar?!"]
To hell with the VMA's ["Why the fuck", "Is wes craven's death not on the front page?"]
Yo, reddit, your ranking algorithms are seriously messed up. ["Why the fuck", "Is /r/watchpeopledie on the third page of /r/all?!"]
VW vs Exxon ["Why the fuck does yw stock drop?", "Eaxon still chugging along, like nothing happened."]
Can't trust mainstream media anymore ["How the fuck cnn blasts \"breaking news\"", "That could start wwiii, based on \"unnamed sources\""]
Let's get rid of all of them ["Why the fuck", "Do we have representatives if they do not represent us?"]
Russian Navy is at it again... ["Why the fuck would you build scuba gear", "That explodes if it gets wet?"]
After reading the Zola and Jess story that went viral on Twitter, I just have a quick question. ["Why in the fuck", "Are you telling social media about committing multiple crimes on twitter?"]
Welfare state of the union ["Why do we drug test citizens trying to get a job", "But not to remain on welfare?"]
Every time I see any Saudi Arabia related news. ["Why the fuck", "Are we still allies with saudi arabia?"]
So we don't really have a choice? ["Why the fuck", "Most of the candidates are scumbags, sociopaths and pathological liars"]
I'm looking at you Amazon Prime Video ["Why the fuck", "Can't you offer original version instead of shi dubbed?"]
Seriously, if I don't have you directv I don't care! ["Why the fuck is directv", "Telling me oncable thattheircustrmers might nolonger gexthe c-nel"]
My coworkers and I are not happy today. Thanks boss ["Why the fuck", "Did you deny our request towork from home on christhas eve?"]
Seriously Steam? ["Why the fuck", "Does steam ask for my age when i'm already logged in?"]
International Women's Day? Perhaps act like it then. ["Why are feminist media outlfts attacking men as a sex ranting about international mens day when no-one but themselves brought it up ...", "And bullying women fornot identifting as a feminist?! just write articles about great women, you had one job!"]
As a Canadian following the US elections.. ["Why the fuck", "Do youwant tovote for aguy thatwill alienxte the usandpaint an even bigger targex on your head?"]
As a student new to frontend development ["Why the fuck is css", "Not standardized across chrome, firefox and ie?"]
Something's broke on Reddit ["Why the fuck", "Are reddit comments taking so long toappear"]
MRW I heard a female Ted Cruz look alike agreed to do porn for $10,000. ["Who the fuck", "Would want to watch anything like that?"]
The people doing this need their asses kicked ["Why the fuck do people", "Break beer bottles at parks and playgrounds?"]
I'd watch so many more movies if this were the case ["Why the fuck", "Isn't every movie available online right when it gets released?"]
I don't get it... not like we trust the media anymore anyways ["Why the fuck", "Is everyone down on brian williams for doing the same as damn near every news outlet out there ?"]
Time to play "how do you fold this so it fits in the tiny bag" game... ["Why the fuck don't they", "Make instructions to fold the tent back in it's bag?!?!"]
I'm a forty year old man, for God's sake! ["Why the fuck is this shirt so sheer", "You can see my nipples through it!?!"]
I'm all for the movement and change in Marijuana laws, but now I have a new bone to pick. ["How the fuck", "Does congress get to smoke weed freely, but i still face charges and fines?"]