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This guy pulled this stunt at a party after I mentioned it was only for my coworkers, started after 9 PM and had alcohol ["Invites himself to your party", "Gets mad when you ask him not to bring his 2-year-old kid"]
It was to Amazon, but still... ["Owes you $20", "Gives you a $20 gift card"]
Oh, and he attempts to cheat for every test. GTFO with your Pikachu! ["Spends every class texting and playing pokemon on his tablet", "Bitches loudly about how he is miling because he can't understand what our professor is saying due to her accent t g"]
Every time I hear about this jackass I face palm so hard.... ["Stepdad gets drunk, belittles my mums driving skills.", "Rear-ends another driver the next day, blames other driver for stopping at yellow lights."]
This happens every morning multiple times - Southbound exit 122, Washington state I-5. I see a couple fender benders or worse every week because of these drivers. ["Exit only lane for off ramp backed up all the way to the previous exit", "Skips everyone using the lane to the left, tries to merge at last possible spot."]
My boyfriend of three years, ladies and gentlemen ["Uses my family fora place to stay during job interviha", "\"oh yeah, i've been cheating on you for a year\""]
He is known for causing drama between the group. Minecraft is the cause of most problem troubles. ["\"accidentally\" blows up creation you spent hours working on", "Gets mad when you confront him and leaves"]
I'm getting real tired of these assholes. ["Calls me a pothead because i want medical marijuana to pass in florida", "Lives on prescription painkillers and antidepressants"]
Happened at a Halloween party last night. Everyone in the room was pissed the hell off. ["Walks to the center of a very crowded dance floor", "Twirls an open bottle of water in the air"]
The waitress even told him beforehand that it takes a while for it to cook ["Orders a well done steak", "Complains about it taking too long and demands it for free."]
This asshole was in front of me at the supermarket. Un-effing-believable. ["Sees something he likes in my shopping cart, grabs it when he thinks i'm not looking, tries to keep it when i confront him", "\"hey man it's not yours until you pay for it\""]
He tried to fist bump me... ["Co-worker has a heart attack and is rushed to the hospital by paramedics", "\"looks like i'm getting a promotion.\""]
I waited 5+ minutes, and all I had was a gallon of milk... ["Uses express lane in grocery store", "Signs up for rewards program"]
As a fast food consumer, I hate asshats like this. ["Sees customer pull up in drive through camera 10 min before closing...ignores. customer pulls up to window incase speaker was broken.....", "Turns light over the drive through off."]
These are getting ridiculous... ["Comes into restaurant 1 hour before closes", "Orders everything on the menu, spits on me, sets my leg on fire, punches the cook then doesn't leave a tip"]
Had my first run-in with new neighbor today. ["Blows a shitload of leaves onto my property", "\"oh sorry i didn't think you'd mind, you yard is usually kind of messy anyway.\""]
Was at the gym for the first time, trying to start a healthy habit and get moving... ["Tells me to get off his machine and leave the building", "Because fat people don't belong here"]
Had a friend who would complain about her boyfriend doing this all the time. ["\"i just got off work, i'm not cleaning.\"", "\"it's my day off, i'm not cleaning.\""]
Today I was scumbag Steve and I felt awful after what I did. ["A nice girl asks if this is her stop on a crowded train", "And i immediately replied with yes just to get her seat"]
Scumbag Roommate ["Late on rent", "\"bro wheres the closest atm, i'm going to pick up weed\""]
you know who you are. ["Makes shit up", "For imaginary internet points"]
My scumbag Republican friend. ["Strong family unit is essential ", "Stay at home mom's \"don't do real work\""]
Unfortunately this Scumbag Steve was supposed to be an usher at my wedding ["Plans his wedding for your wedding day", "Asks you for the addresses of your wedding party so he can invite them to his wedding"]
Hide yo' kids, hide yo' wives the darkies are on the prowl. ["Makes video highlighting women harassment in nyc", "Edits out white guys from the video claiming all video of white people was unusable."]
I think its time I find new friends. ["Hits you up when he needs you", "Won't answer when he doesn't"]
I think this is a scumbag move ["Gives sink stopper", "To trick-or-treater "]
She doesn't speak english well, and got confused, so she just sat in his regular seat ["Bought a wider comfort seat for my 84yo mom flying alone on a 9 hr flight", "Steals her seat \"i'm bigger so i need more room, just sit over there\""]
Had to deal with this drunk moron last night ["Asks for a lighter to smoke a cigarette. proceeds to light it inside the house.", "\"dude you shouldn't have gave me lighter if you didn't want me to smoke inside.\""]
These people always come out of the woodwork after daylight savings ends to make my commute home much worse ["Has one burnt out headlight", "Blinds everyone with high beams instead of fixing it"]
My college roommate in our two bedroom apartment ["Knows he snores loudly", "Everyday takes a nap in the living room next to my desk instead of in his own room"]
I work at restaurant with common restroom and this happened twice in a week.. ["Leaves the restroom door unlocked to see girls reaction to him peeing", "Comes out and yells 'you guys need to fix the door lock'"]
Happened to a friend. They worked it out after a few days. ["Says he wants an \"open\" relationship while his gf is away at college", "Gets pissed and breaks up with her when she has a fling with a guy at college"]
Ladies and Gentlemen - my youngest son.... ["Takes 7 years to finish college, living at home and not working", "Votes republican because democrats \"are freeloaders taking my tax money\""]
I just found out this douchebag exists ["Gives you a cash tip for performing an in-home repair", "Calls your company to complain that he thought accepting tips was against company policy"]
When I ask my roommate to chip in for toilet paper ["Says he needs to save money for when he studies abroad next semester", "Buys a pack of cigarettes every week "]
I just ate Dinner with this asshole.... ["Puts tip on table", "Takes it back after the waitress leaves with our dishes"]
It's not evil... just plain manipulative ["Prompt says \"don't ask again\" ", "Disabled when i select \"don't share my shit with google\" "]
My dad everyone. ["Mad that there are onions on his burger", "Gets mad when i try to take them off"]
Just saying, that floor looked spotless... ["Sees roommate having the time of his life cleaning their apartment", "Takes a secret video of it and posts it on reddit"]
Fratfucker knocks over some girls coffee in a morning class ["Spills your coffee", "\"chill out, its not like its starbucks or anything\""]
My dad when it comes to football ["Shouts and complains that the players are horrible and shouldn't even play", "Cant walk to the kitchen without losing his breath"]
When one of my friends is talking about antidepressants... ["Says medical marijuana should be legal", "Doesn't vote"]
Scumbag Driver ["Speeds past you with nobody behind you", "Just to get in front of you to turn right"]
I'm the biggest scumbag ["Laughs out loud at a post for 5 minutes", "Doesn't upvote"]
There's a very prominent sign a mile and a half back saying "THIS LANE EXIT ONLY" ["Uses exit lane to bypass a mile-long rush hour traffic jam", "Flips out when you won't let him in ahead of you"]
Scumbag Website Sign-In ["\"click here to stay signed in\"", "Never stays signed in"]
Fucking reddit. ["Barista", "Judges people"]
You can opt out of overdraft it's not the banks fault if you don't. ["Knows banks have overdraft fees", "Blames the bank for his inability to keep track of his spending."]
You have to participate if you want to partake. ["Office has a thanksgiving potluck.", "Brings water."]
Anyone who posts to reddit knows this guy ["Makes a positive comment on your post", "Doesn't upvote"]
My uncle... ["Asks me to drive 2 hours to help him with a project and hang out", "Ditches me as soon as project is complete"]
My coworker who works at a helpdesk, you think he would know better ["Calls about problems with his cable tv", "When he's at work and can't troubleshoot"]
So my sister is divorcing this guy, and her attorney did some digging and found some skeletons. ["Blames his wife for having too many children he can't afford. forces her to get her tubes tied.", "Secretly has 3 other kids with 3 different women with a fourth on the way. refuses to get vasectomy."]
Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, my 27 year old brother. Complete slob/pig that likes to piss on the toilet seat too. Did I mention that he's single ladies? ;D ["See's that the toilet is clogged", "Takes a massive shit and leaves it for someone else to deal with hours later"]
This happened in my city ["Doesn't have money to pay rent", "Kills the landlord"]
My roommate to me, after a full day of studying and testing. ["Calls me lazy for not working out with him ", "Rarely goes to class "]
GGG or SS? ["Leaves beer for new homeowners", "Bud light"]
My coworker is a dingus. ["Tells me \"that stuff will kill you\" as i'm drinking a red bull", "While drinking his fifth can of pepsi of the day"]
This just happened. Asshole. ["I ask him politely to not snapchat me dick pics after receiving one", "\"then block me. i do that shit all the time when i get drunk. i don't like fat chicks anyway.\""]
Just started a new job and going through training. This scumbag is always the only one to raise his hand. ["Trainer: \"does any one have any questions?\"", "Tells a personal story thats not even relevant "]
Ferguson, MO ["Pissed off about grand jury decision and about being treated like an animal by law enforcement", "Protests by looting and destroying the private property of innocent business owners"]
people ["Removes all posts containing 'black people'", "Leaves all 'white people' and other races hatred "]
I work with someone who is both moron and scumbag ["Loses coworkers keys while we're working out of town", "Refuses to give me a ride anywhere while i wait for the spare to come in on the greyhound bus. "]
That friend who is wrong...Scumbag steve ["Knows he is wrong...", "Carries on defending his point as if it were valid anyway"]
I hate this scumbag with the fire of a thousand hells. ["Sees you signaling to merge into his lane", "Speeds up"]
I went to the movies last night... ["Is a complete stranger seated directly to my right in the movie theater", "Reaches in to my popcorn and eats a handful "]
I didn't realize until today(Sunday) that I was a Scumbag Steve on Thanksgiving night. ["I got mad at my local pizza hut,", "Because they were not open on thursday night."]
My parents went to his house to ask about it and found he already set it up in his living room. My scumbag neighbor. ["Has computer that he didn't order accidentally delivered to his house", "Signs for it anyway"]
Scumbag Netflix ["Removes a movie", "While i'm watching it"]
There is a special place in hell for these people. ["Watches your favorite show before you get a chance to.", "Posts spoilers on facebook in all caps"]
Stupidity of some people amaze me. ["Says he doesnt trust banks because they take his money", "Too stupid to realize the irs is garnishing his wages because he owes 12k"]
in the not too distant future..... ["Complains about advertisements on wikipedia ", "Never donated "]
Scumbag Sallie Mae ["Denies you for the minimum student loan amount", "Continues to send you emails advertising student loans"]
My roommate last year could never say "No." ["Lives with you in a small, freshman-tier dorm", "\"my girlfriend and homeless friend are moving in with us.\""]
Scumbag Discovery's finest documentary "Barely Eaten Alive" ["Watch me get eaten alive by a huge snake for science", "After 2 hours... just kidding, the snake hurt me"]
Scumbag Comcast and the Xfinity Hotspot Conundrum ["Claims that netflix is causing network congestion and advocates charging more to netflix users", "Claims that all modems should be xfinity hotspots because they have bandwidth to spare"]
Scumbag Steve ["Gets caught with stolen keys to job sight, throwing loud parties, and smoking weed 24-7", "Fuck off, i'm on official business "]
Scumbag Steve ["Is done with his finals", "Brings smash bros into tutoring center"]
Heard about this scumbag from my wife. ["Always complains to the waiter about the food", "Brags to his friends about how many free meals he gets."]
My friend just admitted to this. I wonder if he'll have a chance to send this to oblivion. ["Downvotes every newly submitted post", "Has never submitted any original content"]
Am I the only one tired of everyone bashing police officers ["Openly bad mouth police officers calling them corrupt pigs", "Rely's on the to keep crime down calling police whenever he needs immediate assistance "]
Scumbag Germanwings pilot. ["Has depression and kills himself", "And everybody else"]
Am I the only one who sees the irony in the current civil rights movement? ["Thinks all minorities are bad because a small number of individuals are criminals", "Gets angry when all police are labeled as bad officers because of a small number if individuals"]
Scumbag Gym Rat ["You went from being 10% bf to 16%", "You really let yourself go , bro"]
Classroom potlucks always seem to be like this ["Only signs up to bring forks to a potluck instead of a maih dish", "Doesn't bring the forks"]
Scumbag NBC store turns my 45 dollar Christmas gift into 62 dollars ["Sends me the wildly wrong hoodie size", "Makes me pay 12 dollars to send it back"]
This is currently happening to my mom after 15+ years of faithful and life consuming work. But they gave her a 3 month severance package, so it's cool, right? ["Changes job description after 15 yearsand fires you for not being able to perform the new functions", "Then e-mails everybody and tells them that you quit, to save face"]
My brother ["Try to annoy me all day", "Get mad when i get annoyed"]
Sometimes I'm reluctant to play music I enjoy around people. ["Says not to judge him when he tries to expand on his taste in music", "Lol dude wtf are you listening to this is gay"]
Scumbag Apple ["Sells you 1500 laptop", "No ethernet port or disc drive"]
I know a scumbag New Yorker who lives up to the negative stereotype ["Intentionally gives tourists wrong directions", "Because stupid people deserve to be lost"]
At least have something to contribute to the conversation if you're going to be a pompous politico ["Claims most americans are stupid and misinformed on all things cuba", "Provides no additional insight"]
We disagreed on one post so this happened. ["Goes through comment history and tries to degrade me", "Finds one comment related to game of thrones, messages me spoilers for the next 2 days"]
Well I couldn't fucking NOT tell him at that point. ["Hanging out with my friends and little brother in my yard one night", "\"hey emggrc how come you haven't told your brother you're bisexual yet?\""]
Scumbag Sony ["Gets hacked by north korea", "Caves to all their demands"]
So my buddy just got a new PS4 and this is happening I can't get back home until the morning. ["Invites me over to play video games all night", "Only has one controller and want me to watch him play single player all night"]
My Scumbag Step-father. ["Hits and screams at the family throughout the year.", "Is shocked when the family doesn't want to have christmas at his house."]
to each their own beer. but c'mon man if i wanted bud light i would've bought bud light ["Drinks your six pack of guinness while you're at work", "Pays you back with bud light"]
Bent dick or something? Or just being a douche? Either way, fuck you Steve. ["Sees me cleaning the restroom", "Pisses all over the toilet seat and doesn't flush"]
Finally invited to a party I could show up to! Even brought a bag full of liquor! Scumbaggery ensued. ["Invites you over to party with old friends on the one night you can hang out", "Show up at 7pm to everyone asleep but him. he falls asleep moments later."]
You have your own room dude ["Sleeps in the living room instead of his own room", "Asks you to lower the tv volume and whisper so he can fall asleep"]
Scumbag Online Retailer ["Charges your card within 15 seconds of placing order", "Takes 4 weeks to issue refund"]
Some UPS guys aren't all that great, I was devastated ["Shows up at my house two days before christmas with my nieces gift while shes there", "Look what your daddy got you for christmas"]
All you have to do is wait a couple of seconds for me to pass and avoid a crash ["Sees you coming riding by going the speed limit", "Pulls out in front of you going 30 mph below the speed limit"]
My son saw an ambulance for the first time. ["My 18 month old seesan ambulance with lights for the first time and screams with joy in our car.", "Father-in-law curses and scolds me and my wife for not keeping him quiet."]
My great uncle, who is a good man and a WWII vet, disappointed me for the first time today. ["Tells my best friend who has ptsd from iraq", "To stop crying like a little bitch"]
Scumbag Universal Studios ["Charges you to go on a ride that soaks you ", "Charges five dollars for the \"people dryers\""]
My cousin. He is 32. ["Begs on facebook and creates a gofundme account for other people to pay for his community college classes, and refuses to get gifts for his immediate family because he is \"broke as hell\"", "Buys a ps4 and a drawing tablet"]
Hulu is being incompetent or a scumbag, not sure which ["Pbrdrcesoriginax content peopleare xaown to binge-watvh", "P-a'vwtftm -segmewat tveendof-repixarxspoilingtve nwtwis8reybvrejbstaxbxttvw tvh"]
Scumbag Dentist ["Puts a dozen instruments into your mouth", "Still expects you to answer questions"]
My brother was hospitalized and almost lost his liver a few months back, caught him drinking and this was his response. ["\"if i completely stop drinking,", "It's still controlling my life\""]
Besides the fact that the NYPD "stopped making unnecessary arrests" means that they have been making unnecessary arrests, who just decides they can do their own job or not? ["Gets criticized by their boss", "Decides they can stop doing their job"]
Driver's Safety 101..."Got no time for logic." ["Spends $6ooo on a liftkit and jumbo tires", "Dresn't adjust his headlightsand blindsotheb driverswfth impunity"]
Took Me A Bit To Realize It Wasn't My Monitor. ["Knows that a lot of redditors are ocd", "Putva single red pixel on the grey background of advice animals subreddit t g"]
I live in the country. He's lucky he didn't hit a cow ["Hits my dog going 20 miles over the speed limit", "\"you're gonna have to pay for the damages to my truck.\""]
The level of hypocrisy is too much. ["Makes fun of me for being a little bit chubby", "Morbidly obese."]
There's a few of these scumbags at my workplace. ["Isn't qualified to do your job", "Tells you how to do it anyway"]
My brother every time we went on the plane when we were kids ["Whines until i let him have the window seat so he can look outside ", "Sleeps through entire plane ride "]
My scumbag cousin at New Years party. ["Knows his sister has epilepsy ", "Flashes a strobe light in her face at nye party."]
He refused to spit for a good 5 minutes claiming I was "killing his buzz" ["Shows up for his teeth to be cleaned ", "With a wad of chewing tobacco in his mouth"]
How about scumbag home buyers? Had to call the cops on an 80 year old lady to get my daughters Christmas presents back. ["Sell my house, new homeowner stipulates that i have to be moved in a week ", " doesnt move in for two months, holds package i accidentally sent there for ransom, demands i pay for new microwave racks"]
The first time my parents sold a house, they sold it to this idiot. ["Buys your house and immediately takes out a load-bearing wall.", "Roof caves in. sues you. "]
Met this guy last night on a gay hook up site; hes 19. ["Knocks up girlfriend without using protection", "And sits on a gay hook up site cruising for gay sex afterwards, bragging about it."]
Found This Piece Of Shit Today ["Wa'tch'n\"g'h's'so'n's'y.o,tub\"e\"deos at nighttosee himhappy fbomvihas", "Finds the kids youtube channeb posts the reddit linkand says his dad hates hisvideos"]
My cousin over the weekend ["Makes fun of you for getting your steak cooked medium well because it \"ruins the flavor of the steak\"", "Covers his steak in steak sauce"]
I mean, c'mon man. ["Gets on a packed airplane", "With absolutely horrid bo"]
So we can all agree that these assholes are the biggest scumbag steve's of all time, right? ["Moves to your country to capitalize on your countries constitutional/human rights because they had none in their own country", "Commits horrific acts of violence because you exercise those very same rights"]
Don't leave your valuables on display, people! ["Breaks into my car", "To steal my de-icer spray and scraper"]
Saw this guy at the US Passport Agency. Our wait time was around one hour. ["Gets pissed at the clerk", "For telling him that he can't fill out his forms at the window while others are waiting"]
Unbelievably scumbag move ["Is running late to the airport and afraid he'll miss his flight", "Calls in a bomb threat to buy time"]
My secret santa everybody! Honestly, if you don't have the money for something, don't sign up for it. ["Signs up for secret santa", "Messages match to tell them he doesn't have enough money to buy them a gift"]
Met this scumbag from South America on Skype ["Complains the us has terrible sexual education classes", "Admits his own country doesn't have sex ed and has never attended one"]
Been slowly filtering assholes like this out of my life lately ["Never wants to hang out and barely ever replies to texts", "Suddenly is your best friend when they need you for something"]
I put up with this roommate way too long ["Complains about the noise when i have a phone conversation in the room with him", "Accuses me of keeping secrets or badmouthing him when i oblige him by talking on the phone in the bathroom instead"]
In relation to the recent "My landlord is the coolest guy! I love living here!" post... ["Knows he will have to pay rent at the end of the month", "Uses his money anyway on the holidays knowing he can only give his landlord half the rent"]
The landlord might have been GGG but it was still a shitty thing to do ["Spends rent money partying during the holidays", "Asks landlord to cut him some slack"]
Actually, your landlord isn't a GGG. ["Illegally stops by", "Without notifying tenants"]
No, it doesn't freaking count! ["Uses turn sighal", "After entering your lane"]
My ex was a real scumbag steve ["\"hey i just wanted to let you know i could have stolen all your personal information from off my paypal account", "So instead i just changed the name,address,and card number\""]
Ladies and Gentleman, I give you my Ex-husband. ["Leaves wife and moves in with a woman he met online.", "Threatens to report wife as an unfit mother when she goes on a date 5 months later."]
These are the biggest scumbags of the year. They did this and made the poor guy drive back to return the difference then posted a youtube video bragging about it. ["Buys a $13 pizza with delivery. gives delivery driver $20 total in $1 bills ", "Calls delivery's manager to complain that pizza delivery driver did not return $7 in change and that he should be fired."]
Scumbag Gym Member II ["Pulls weights off of rack", "Does reps standing directly in front of rack, blocking all others"]
Scumbag IT Recruiter ["Doesn't consider jobs held less than a year to be considered marketable to clients", "Contacts you every 5 to 6 months to inquire about your current job satisfaction and offer \"exciting opportunities\""]
And he wouldn't even share it with me ["Can't afford his half of the rent this month", "Had sushi for lunch every day this week"]
Caught him trying to steal from my dad's store. ["Catch him stealing from your dad's shop", "Calls you racist because you only checked his pockets because he is black."]
My Ex-Roommate ["Complains about having a crappy job and very little cash", "Buys xbox 360 rather than paying rent"]
Meet my ex-roommate ["Puts an empty milk carton back in the fridge", "\"oh sorry, the garbage was full so i had to put it somehwere\""]
If you work at Subway or Chipotle, you know this pain ["\"oh, just put everything on it\"", "Doesn't actually want everything on it"]
She was pass out drunk and also happened to turn out to be a lesbian ["Tries to rape a girl", "Gets mad at you when you stop him and give her a ride home"]
Scumbag Akmed. ["Calls israel a racist state. ", "Lives in a country where they execute people for being jews and christians. "]
My former roommate. I think he dropped out sometime during break. ["Leaves dorm after i do during break", "Doesn't empty trash, letting it stink up the room for a month"]
Didn't help that he eventually paid with cash ["Cuts in line to the train ticket machine", "Makes everyone behind him miss his train, because his card failed to pass 8 times"]
Trying to teach my daughter good phone manners, she calls my brother to practice... ["Tells her she sounds like a \"fucking telemarketer\"", "And hangs up on her"]
Animal abuse instigator ["Knows his neighbor beats the dog for barking", "Blows dog whistle to make the dog bark "]
I encounter dozens of them every day during my commute. ["Changes into the merging lane to pass stopped traffic", "Gets visibly angry when others will not simply let them in when lane ends."]
"That's when... ...she said, I don't hate... I just want to save you, while there's... still... something... left, to... ... ..." ["Change youtube settings to never play videos in hd by default, due to throttled 3 mb/s comcast connection", "Plays every commercial and music video in highest possible resolution"]
I wanted to punch him straight in the face ["Finishes the orange juice", "Adds some water to the carton so it doesn't seem empty and then puts it back in the fridge"]
Stretching feels so nice. Then suddenly... ["Waits until you yawn and stretch", "Hits you in the stomach"]
Public pressure on schools doesn't always make much sense. ["Tells you not to send students into adulthood unprepared", "Pressures you to make sure 100% of students graduate with their cohort"]
The fact Steve got 4-digit karma for it makes it even worse ["Friend sends him a picture from when he was younger", "Posts it to reddit"]
It's 6pm on a Friday ["Blocks your car in the driveway ", "Leaves for weekend "]
I just had this happen to me. Scumbag doesn't even begin to describe this person. ["Thinks i flashed my brights at him", "Follows me to my apartment and threatens me if i do it again."]
But I look busy, and the 1%. ["Spends work hours on reddit", "Complains about income inequality. "]
He didn't seem to be bothered by it. ["Won't let you borrow his stuff because you might break it", "Borrows your stuff and breaks it"]
I'm kind of new to Twitter. Is this normal? ["Randomly follows you on twitter and asks you to follow him back", "Unfollows you as soon as you follow him, and writes you a pissy message when you unfollow him back"]
Why do people do this?! ["Lights a cigarette ", "Sits right next to you when there are at least 20 other seats open"]
Dealt with the aftermath of this asshole this morning. ["Smashes your car window and tries to steal your car, bm can't", "Instead decides to trash the entire inside of the car out of frustration"]
Beggars can't be choosers...can they? ["Give homeless man burger", "No thanks, i'm vegetarian"]
Just overheard a coworker confronting this new consultant that started last week ["Takes someone else's lunch that they brought from home", "When confronted says, \"oh sorry man, i didn't realize this was yours\""]
So I'm paying you money. . . to pay you money? ["Charges you a \"transaction fee\"", "To pay your bill"]
I work with this lazy scumbag ["Punches in at 5:45 and stuffs his face with mcdonalds. doesnt get on the production floor til 6:15", "Takes a break at 7"]
How is it even legal for banks to do this crap? ["Charges you a fee", "For not having enough money"]
This was for a charity event and we were even surprised he showed up.... ["Oh i'll definitely be there to help you guys out with anything you need", "Sits around talking the entire time while everyone else is busting their ass"]
My Scumbag Roommate ["Takes 3o minute showers", "Says it's my fault when i run out of hot water after 5 minutes."]
Literally the worst kind of scumbag ["Losing in monopoly", "Flips the board"]
Come on Google, why pretend? ["Voraciously tracks every aspect of my online life", "Always starts youtube in low-res like it doesn't remember that i switch it every single fucking time"]
Spent over a month scheduling and interviewing with the promise to be advised if anything changed on the position. ["Schedules e2ndj technixal phone interviha and confirms", "No one callsand responds to query ehail with \"ohwe filled that interhally, sorry. \""]
Scumbag Roommate. It's actually my fault for moving in with him. ["Never has money for rent/utilities", "Buys heroin"]
My rich uncle was kind enough to treat my family to PF Chang's. I'll never go back with him because I'm sure they'll spit in his food. ["Has server fetch manager. congratulates him on \"running a tight ship\" and hands him several hundred dollars.", "Gives server a condescending pep-talk on how to succeed in life, and zero dollars"]
What a dick head. ["Walks into a restaurant that obviously has a wait ", "Demands to be served immediately. starts shouting when he is denied "]
My landlord is a scumbag steve... ["Hydro included in the rent, but tells me to not waste water every time he sees me", "Washes his truck and car twice a week, and his house has a huge in-ground pool"]
I thought my neighbor was a GGG but I guess not... ["Puts out food for squirrels and birds ", "To shoot them with an airsoft gun"]
I am Scumbag Steve. ["Sends a chili bread bowl back to the kitchen because there isn't enough chili in it", "Doesn't finish it"]
Scumbag Nationwide Lied in their Commercial ["Makes depressing commercial claiming home accidents are leading cause of death to children", "Government statistics show auto accidents are leading cause of death to children"]
Get it together NFL ["Pulls godaddy commercial for being too sad", "Still airs commercial about a dead kid"]
The thing legitimately didn't work, but I'm positive this is how the Best Buy employees saw me. ["Buys an hdtv antenna the day before the super bowl", "Returns it the monday after."]
Met this douchebag on my delivery rounds the other day. Fuck this guy. ["Lives so far out in the middle of nowhere that my satnav can't locate him.", "Doesn't answer when i call for directions because he doesn't answer the phone to unknown mobile numbers"]
What a fucking asshole. ["Borrows friends beard trimmer", "Shave his pubes with it."]
Saw this dick on the road today. ["Cuts you off", "After you change lanes to let them merge"]
I left him of course. ["Asked me to drive him to a party 50 minutes away ", "\"wait here, you are not invited\""]
Scumbag "benefits" ["I accumulated over 200 hours of sick time at a job and found out they don't cash me out when i leave", "Tried to donate my time to a coworker with cancer: \"sorry, the max you can donate is 24.\""]
Looking right at you /u/Bdag/ ["Plays $10 worth of justin bieber at a dive bar", "Creates a scumbag stacy meme when bartender skips the songs"]
Oh, I gave it back no problem...without a hard drive for my troubles. He was none the wiser. ["Gave modded xbox for free because he messed with files he shouldn't have.", "Calls the next day: i'm gonna bring the police with me if you don't give it back..."]
BUT...I JUST.... ["Allows you to unsubscribe from all future emails", "Sends you an email to let you know you've been unsubscribed"]
Saw this wonderful person today at the grocery... ["Leaves shopping cart in the next parking spot", "Flips the employee off who asks him to put it away and yells \"it's your fucking job, bitch!\" "]
Among the worst kind of coworker. You're already getting my wage for taking the damn shift! ["Regularly has their shifts covered as a favour", "Ask them to take a shift for you to return the favor and responds with \"i'll only take it if you pay me too\""]
hoping my scumbag analyst sees this at work tomorrow ["Claims that his work load is too heavy and is missing deadlines", "Look over his shoulder and see him reading reddit and not doing work"]
I hope he sees this, I am sorry but it is not the same. If anything, you are the one killing yourself. ["Talks about about being asked not to smoke in crowded public areas", "Compares it to the holocaust."]
He was also standing 20 feet away didn't bother to call anyone, say anything, or give the slightest bit of help. ["Posts video of man he recorded committing suicide on facebook ", "Makes fun of everyone that says they are bothered by it"]
It's good to know where peoples priorities are. ["Owes you $40", "Buys a bag of weed for $50 instead of paying you back"]
Scumbag Steve at dinner ["Invites you to dinner", "Makes you pay"]
He doesn't even realize its wrong ["Says he will spot you for you next bottle of booze after drinking lots of you last bottle", "\"spots\" you back with something completely different and much cheaper"]
He does stuff like this all the time, and wonders why people don't like him ["Leaves four year old daughter outside house in freezing cold", "\"she can get herself out of the car, i'm not her bitch.\""]
Fuck all you sunscreen companies ["Makes sunscreen bottles slightly larger than the allowable limit", "So you cant take it with you on vacation and need to buy a new one when you get there"]
The worst is when he does it in the hallways... ["Smows regularly insidea non smokingapartment building", "Covers the smell with axe body sphay"]
If you did the same thing as this scumbag, then you suck! ["Dumps my girlfriend's sister", "Day before valentine's day"]
My friend is an idiot and went full Scumbag Steve on his new wife of 7 months on Valentine's Day. ["Convinces his new wife that all restaurants will be too busy and has her make lasagna.", "Can t figure out why she keeps calling him a fucking asshole."]
Happened to me last night. Fuck you, Andy. I really liked the girl, too. ["Wants to get with the girl you've been talking to all night", "Convinces a drunk you that you're creeping her out, then leaves with her"]
Scumbag Steve at work ["Complains about not getting hours at work", "Leaves early on days he's scheduled"]
This form of reposting has been going on a lot lately ["Sees successful scumbag steve post", "Turns story around and reposts ggg's perspective"]
Why even bother Eddie. Why did you even bother. ["Returns to snl for 40th anniversary ", "Comes out for two minutes, does nothing, and leaves."]
Thanks, Avis! ["Avis office isn't open because of ice storm", "Charges me for another day because i can't return it if they're not there"]
Got stuck behind this douchebag today ["Gets on two person-wide escalator", "Stands right in the middle"]
Everyone at my family reunion was congratulating my cousin, but I know the truth ["Tells everyone he hasn't had a cigarette in a month", "Started chewing a month ago"]
This may not be a big deal to some, but it's my biggest pet peeve. ["Opens your door and comes into your office", "Doesn't close the door when he leaves"]
If this was you in middle were on my shit list ["Gets hit in dodgeball", "Stays in saying he never got hit "]
I keep reading not to hate on the Comcast CSRs, they are all hard working. I politely disagree. ["Customer lost 2 days of email, i call customer service to do my due diligence", "\"must have been the mail server had an error. it happens.\""]
Scumbag Craigslist Seller ["Leaves phone number and tells you to call or text if you're interested in what he's selling", "Doesn't answer phone"]
Those shoes are $300+ each... ["Writes a 350 word essay on /r/politics on how he doesn't have money because he is black and is not given the same opportunities because of his race", "Has a previous post of his collection of over 40 jordans."]
Dealing with this while trying to work from home is infuriating ["Doesn't chew with his mouth closed", "Almost exclusively eats carrots, chips, and peanuts"]
This scumbag coworker... ["Always complains about how he has to work past 7 pm every night and is overworked", "Comes to work at 10 am, takes 2 hour lunches"]
Scumbag companies ["Forces you to spend 15. minutes filling out an online application with infbraztibn readily available in your resume", "Doesn't even bother to tell you that you aren't being considered"]
Not only does it take up more space, but they don't even belong in there. ["Puts cardboard boxes in the dumpster", "Without breaking them down"]
Thanks a lot Mr. Peterson ["Questions me for taking 8 minutes to go to the bathroom", "Sends me to the principals office for saying \"poop\" in the classroom"]
Jam-packed stadium. That tourist almost ruined my night. Of course, his wife didn't get my seat. ["I stood up to sing and to respect the national anthem and the guy sneakily put his wife's bag on my seat", "\"hey, that's my wife seat\""]
Gotta love community college ["Professor calls him out for flagrantly cheating on final exam", "\"you never said cheating wasn't allowed\""]
Everyone in the restaurant was speechless ["Curses at waiter and sends soup back to kitchen", "Because it's too hot"]
Comcast Logic ["Decides not to charge monthly auto-payment", "Charges late fee for not paying monthly auto-payment"]
Meet my obnoxious, soon to be ex-friend. ["Tells my friends and i to stop doing something because it annoys him", "Disregards our complaints and requests for him to stop farting so much because it is part of his personality"]
This Mother Fucker... ["Asks if he can have a nacho", "Takes the one with all the sour cream."]
350 bucks gone.. ["Girlfriends friend takes my bug-out bag and camping equipment for a weekend in estas park, co", "\"it rained so we left to avoid the storm. sorry 'bout forgetting the bag.\""]
He thinks he's so sly ["Downvotes funny posts ", "In hopes they dont become popular so he can steal them himself "]
I wanted to shove it down his throat ["Walks into the middle of a large group of people while smoking", "Calls everyone an asshole for giving him dirty looks"]
Scumbag hockey dad ["Gets kicked out at the end of his son's hockey game for fighting with another parent", "Waits outside so he can scorn his son for being a 'poor sport'."]
I don't think he understands the meaning of offering.. ["Offers to buy a pizza to share for lunch", "Can i get $14 back for that pizza? "]
Typically I don't mind waiting so long to take a piss... ["Locks himself in my bathroom for an hour", "\"sorry, i was petting your cat the whole time\""]
Don't be this guy! ["Offers me $150 cash for my ps3", "I accept and wipe its hard drive. before he comes to pick it up, he asks if $140 in store credit is fine. i say \"no\". he says \"bummer, i really wanted to buy it lol\""]
Road ragers are just stupid... ["I switch lanes into his after proper signalling ", "He honks, pulls head of me into my lane and brakes hard right in front of me"]
Just realized that I am a Scumbag Steve ["Is an organ donor", "Smokes"]
He had a scooter that MAYBE went 30mph. ["Finally get to pass him after being stuck on a single lane road", "Splits lanes and pulls in front of everyone at the next red light"]
This is just a whole new level of douchebaggery ["Has a father in the military", "Wears his uniform in public so that people are nice to him"]
roommates drunk friend ["Uses bathroom ", "Wipes ass with face towel"]
It's a blue dress ["Swears he still only sees white and gold"]
This inconsiderate asshole at McDonald's created a huge line and made me late. ["Goes in drive thru to complaint about the order he just got", "Parks in front of the last window and refuses to move until he gets cash back, a free meal, and certificates "]
Scumbag move in my book ["Asks a girl for her number", "Never contacts her"]
My black, used-to-be friend. ["Tells white joke. everybody laughs it off", "I tell black joke. gets offended, calls me racist and kicks me out"]
Met this charming little bugger on the train to work this morning. ["Sprawled out taking up two priority seats meant for disabled passengers on crowded public transit", "Tries to start a fist fight when asked politely to give them up to the elderly couple with canes standing directly in front of him"]
Thought we were passed 6th grade... ["Knows you have an important phone interview", "Keeps making loud moaning sounds and telling you to \"come back to bed\" outside your room"]
the previous tenant filled me with hate, pure unadulterated hate. ["Detroys the interior of the house,", "And leaves his kitten behind"]
To the guy whose wife is a "scumbag" for baking delicious cookies ["Wife bakes cookies for nephew's birthday party", "Tries to eat all of them first"]
Petty? Perhaps. But fuck you, man. ["Likesall of my girlfriends solo profile pictures", "Ignores any of us as a couple"]
Scumbag YouTube. I bet someday they'll make you answer three questions correctly to make sure you paid attention. ["Won't let you watch a 15 second video", "Until you watch a 30 second ad"]
Fuck you T-Mobile. Your good guy facade is convincing. ["Ceo states, \"wireless companies are raping you.\"", "Gets caught \"phantom charging\" customers."]
My kids are scumbags ["Cant get them up for school during the week", "Wake up at 7 on the weekends to play xbox"]
met this guy at a party i was at last night ["Takes a handful of munchies party mix", "Picks the pretzels out in his hand and puts them back in the bowl"]
My aunt on a good day, ladies and gents. ["Blasting her recorded tv shows in the living room late at night", "When i go get myself water tells me to \"shut the fuck up! everyone's sleeping!\""]
The worst cut-off I've ever seen. ["Cuts off car in traffic.", "It's an ambulance."]
You asked me a question, and I answered. ["Asks how i am", "Gets mad at me for complaining when i say that i'm depressed"]
Ended up buying myself and my friends dinner...on my birthday ["Invites my friends to dinner and offers to pay for everyone", "Doesn't bring wallet and takes my credit card to pay for the bill"]
I work with someone like this, and it gets tiresome. ["Complains he can never get ahead financially", "Constantly buys expensive things he doesn't need because \"i work hard and deserve it\""]
He may have a clean house, but he's still a scumbag for doing this ["Makes his wife mad on purpose", "Just so she'll clean the house"]
People prefer when the poor look and act like they're in poverty ["Sees poor people buying things not classified as \"essential\"", "Judges them for not acting the part of a poor person"]
I'd unfollow them if it wasn't so funny ["Constantly posts their dhama andargumentsall over facebook", "Tells everyone who comments to mind their own fucking business"]
My "friend" after a night of drinking...I was 3.5 hours late for work. ["Sees friend hit alarm snooze ona phone with 1'k power", "Doesn'twast him up so he won't be late forwork"]
No one wants you here ["Sits in back of class and never pays attention", "Complaihs how bad teacher is t g"]
I always hated it when your friends tell you to meet them sometime. ["Tells you to be there at 8", "Isn't there at 8"]
Maybe Friday the 13th really brought out the scumbag in him... ["Thought my boyfriend was going to propose on our anniversary today", "Instead he just used me for a trip to nyc before dumping me "]
Scumbag Kanye ["Creates decent music", "Makes it difficult for his consumers to listen to it because he s such a dumb arrogant racist asshole"]
I guess I'm the scumbag ["Complains about slow reddit servers", "Never buys gold to support reddit."]
Time to find a new place to live ["Tell him i don't want any guns in the house", "Tells me to stop being such a pussy and aims the gun right at my face, repeatedly pulling the trigger to prove it's not loaded"]
My band's vocalist is an old friend. I'm starting to remember why we fell out of contact. ["Gets pissed when my fiance comes over after practice to see our progress,", "No problem with his alcoholic fuck buddy g ing drunk and inviting strangers over"]
I gave him a quick honk as a heads up... ["Sits at green light texting", "Flips you off as he drives off"]
My friend says this all the time. A little hypocritical. ["Don't say the word 'retard' it's offensive", "\"what's up faggots!\""]
He owes my parents $3000 after living with them for a year too... ["Loan him a car to help him find a job", "Sells car for scrap, and refuses to pay the cost of the car after receiving a large inheritance"]
There was no one behind me. He could've waited 2 more seconds and driven as slow as he wanted. ["Pulls out in front of me on a road with a speed limit of 40 mph", "Only goes 30 mph"]
Some of the patrons said no and didn't budge. ["Shows up with a 15+ party to a popular pizza restaurant at 7pm on a friday, no reservation....", "\"why don't they have room?\", proceeds to asks other patrons to move so his group can sit together. "]
The three year divorce just ended. My father, everybody. ["Drinks when not working, beats the shit out of his kids. beats up his wife when she files for divorce. ", "Wins the court case, wins the house, and demands money from his ex-wife. "]
The lowest form of human life ["Plays battleship with you", "Moves his boats during the game"]
I wanted to punch him in the face. I don't care that he's 10 years old. ["Convinces you to reluctantly play chess with him by badgering you nonstop for 10 minutes", "\"accidentally\" knocks over the board after he makes a mistake and loses a bishop"]
Matt DeHart, the new hero of /r/conspiracy and /r/politics ["Charged with possession and distribution of child pornography", "Convinces reddit it's a cia plot"]
Fine. Stay lonely. ["Says he's depressed and lonely", "Tells you to fuck off when you ask if he wants to hang out"]
At times like this, I wouldn't mind "The Purge" to take place ["Roomhatesdog weivshitting in my room, so i politely ask heb towepher dogogt", "Gha -mely mbs--axd sayx -bmgi t'- e-m rbbmhawm n- tv -p -ung me tvisihaw mestbnet' since bgr cbnmbxtaftbx tve tvrrshaw mglftivi-"]
Do you want to get rear-ended? Because that's how you get rear-ended. ["Traffic light turns from green to yellow", "Slams on brakes in the middle of the intersection and backs up"]
Scumbag Oisin Tymon (this could get heated) ["Gets coworker fired ", "Because he didn't do his job "]
He hasn't been to class in a couple weeks either. ["Comes in late, interrupts prof to ask for attendence", "Signs in and leaves"]
Happy birthday to me. ["Friend that owes me $100 buys me a $30 dinner for my birthday", "When i mention what he owes \"its cool we're even.\""]
Safe to say I don't buy them anymore. ["Takes can of assorted nuts", "Eats all the good ones, leaves the peanuts"]
Ruining a 50 year old family run business. ["Gets banned from a restaurant for sexually harassing waiters", "Posts on social media that he was banned because the owners hated that he was gay. "]
Realized I was the scumbag tonight. ["Honks at driver who isn't going when the light is green", "Driver is waiting for a pedestrian"]
Went to pass this asshole yesterday who was going slow in the fast lane ["Drives -ctly the speed limit in the fast lane", "Speeds up toabout 2o mph over the limit once i start to pass"]
Me this morning. I walked in with my head hung in shame. ["\"we've got a lot of work tomorrow,let's show up early\"", "Shows up later than the original start time. "]
Some people . . . ["Tell him i'm watching the finale of the walking dead", "Goes into detail about what happens"]
Is it really that hard to be a decent person? ["Knows you and this girl have a thing together and you've asked him to back off", "\"get over it bro\""]
Worst April fools day ever. ["Dissolves lsd in the saline ", "In my contact lens holder"]
This dickweed at my apartment building ["Lets his dog off leash and watches as it attacks my dog", "Refuses to pay my dogs vet bills"]
But they were bagged and boarded... ["Guy at motel front desk tells me housekeeping probably took the comics i left on the desk", "\"because they looked like trash\""]
Scumbag Amazon (hope they fix this). ["Has a nice filter feature on wish lists that lets you see only items in a certain category (like books or dvd's) ...", "Removes it."]
My dad can be such an inconsiderate douchebag, especially at family reunions. ["Being inconsiderate to whole family by blasting music on his tablet when family is trying to watch a movie together", "Goes ballistic when someone else is making even the most faintest sound while he's watching tv."]
I couldn't believe my own ears, when he said this ["Lights up a fat cigar when i'm in an elevator with my 7 year old little sister", "Ask him to put it out because my sister has asthma, \"it's a free country bro\""]
My friends are all Scumbag Steves ["Insists that i choose where we go and refuses to offer input", "\"if this place sucks, it's on you.\""]
Unforgivable... ["Plays with your pokemon game", "Saves"]
He could have put the camera away ["Watches a blind man and a double amputee plant 10,000 trees", "Doesn't help"]
Scumbag AAA ["Can tow your car without your keys if you're parked illegaly", "Needs my car keys to tow my car home when it dies in a parking lot"]
You know this guy ["In three-lane traffic, you stop and let him exit driveway into right lane.", "Pulls perpedicularly in front of your car and expects middle and left lane to let him get all the way across road"]
My roommate every god damned day ["Sets ten loud ass alarms", "Wakes up for each one and keeps sleeping"]
Hulu Plus ["Charges you $7.99 a month", "Still makes you watch ads"]
My "friend" and I at the gym today. ["Brags and insults me because he can out bench me", "Trips me on treadmill because i can run farther"]
Motorcycle cop FINALLY got to the front of the pack and pulled him over. ["Driving a fully tricked out skyline 350gt", "15 under the limit and straddling two lanes so nobody can pass him"]
After being required to move out, I get this lovely surprise. Thanks Verizon. ["I'm sorry we don't service your new apartment", "Please pay an early termination fee of $127.50"]
Scumbag Facebook App ["Oh was that somexhing interesting??", "Let me reload everything for you and make that disappear"]
Almost got into a car crash because of this asshole yesterday. ["Going the speed limit when you're behind them", "Speeds up to 20 over when you signal to pass"]
Nevermind I figured it out ["Post a question online", "Finds the solution and doesn't post it"]
So, I recently encountered this with a religious fanatic. ["Posts religious memes, bible passages and other religious things 50 times a day, every day on facebook", "Gets mad at you for posting one meme about being an atheist"]
This is a friend of mine's husband. He's a real class act. ["Says people on food stamps are drains on society", "Is on medicaid"]
The more I think about it, the less I understand what I ever saw in him ["Says the reason he wont date you is because he's got too much respect for your brother. ", "Has sex with your brothers girlfriend multiple times and brags to you about it. "]
My employee can't even be creative with his call out today ["\"sorry boss i have to go to dc today\"", "\"for.....reasons.... \""]
Always infuriating, because he acts like YOU'RE the scumbag. ["Brings up political issue in conversation", "When you respond, says \"whoa, i don't want to get into that with you\" t g"]
Scumbag Comcast ["Installs comcast internet in my house", "Cuts off all of the network cable (cat5) ends near the new router."]
Scumbag internet ["Forces you to watch commercial before the video", "Video unavailable"]
Wow... ["Lend him your new blu-ray movie", "Claims the digital copy for himself"]
Any servers out there that has to deal with this shit? ["Restauhant closesat 1opm, comes in at 9..45pm", "Doesn't leave until 11pm"]
I need to find a new roommate ["Asks to borrow my new razor", "Returns it with his face unshaven"]
Check this fucking asshole! The kitty was bleeding to death for a week. And the cat actually came to me for help. ["Watch me take an injured cat without collar to vet", "After i take care of the cat and looks all well he claims it's his cat and wants it back"]
Check out this fucking asshole! The kitty was bleeding to death for a week, and the cat actually came to me for help. ["Watch me to take an injured cat without collar to vet", "After i take care of the cat and looks all well he claims it's his cat and wants it back"]
It was only a 2-lane road with a 45mph speed limit, nowhere for this douche to pass me ["I'm going 10 mph over the speed limit", "Tailgates me dangerously close and flips me off at the next red light."]
Your average Baltimore "Protester" ["Complains that black neighborhoods are for worse than white neighborhoods", "Destroys his own neighborhood and local businesses while \"protesting\""]
Just when i was about to forgive my dad, then this happens ["Gets mad at me for not going to his step daughter's graduation", "Didn't go to mine nor my brothers graduation."]
Guy in a ute/truck couldn't make the u-turn in the roundabout, leaving me with a $9,000 repair bill. ["Stops in middle of roundabout and reverses into my car", "Says i rear-ended him"]
This is how you don't stay friends for long. ["Sends multiple texts at 3 am with intent to wake me up", "Because i woke him up with a text at noon"]
He sat in the back of a theater, so the acoustics carried ["Keeps phone with sound on during crowded lecture", "Lets it ring all the way through once, then picks it up and talks for 20 minutes "]
I said that it was cool, but i thought he would fill it up when he got paid... ["Saves money on gas", "By driving my truck to work"]
You are not a Brian OP, he is a Steve ["Walking into chipotle with a group of 20", "Lets a guy who was there first hold the door for everyone and get stuck behind them in line"]
This is why I hate having to do group projects. Not like I take 18 credit hours, have a job for 15 hours a week, and am part of the Solar Car Team which runs 20 hours a week. ["Me: \"why didn't you do the rest of the final project?\"", "Him: \"i thought you would take care of it for me, your'e supposed to be smart\""]
Douchebags like this are why I haven't slept much recently ["Expects you to do all the work in a group project", "\"you're supposed to be smart, you do it\""]
I present my douchebag roommate ["Walks into the room at 6..3o in the morning", "Immediatey starts playing music on speakers t g"]
This man sues on a dime, so nobody ever puts a stop to him. (This is only the tip of the iceberg) ["Walks in and immediately starts screaming at the host to turn the music down because people want to eat in fucking peace.", "Spends his entire meal ranting racist and sexist comments to himself aloud to himself, ruining everyone elses meal."]
I heard about this scumbag on the radio this morning. He thinks he is going to get $50,000 from Starbucks for his clumsiness. ["Spills his coffee on himself that he got for free from starbucks", "Suing starbucks because he got burned by the coffee"]
Scumbag roommate strikes again. I wish he'd set his own alarm instead of relying on mine. ["Wakes up to your alarm in the morning", "Gets up and quickly runs into the shower before you can"]
Traveling to a small, rural town with my boss. Shouldn't a business major see the irony? ["Thinks walmart taking over the town is a good thing", "Complains about the food quality of the only non-fast-food restaurant in town"]
The kinda GW2 player makes me sick ! ["3 vet mobs attack him while he is farming lumber so i jump in to help", "Runs off after he gets his lumber leaving me to fight all 3"]
And I paid him to drive me home too. ["Insults and makes fun of you for saying you have plans", "Takes you to his buddies where he sits around smoking pot for 2 hours"]
Really reddit? Really? ["North korean escapee takes the time to do an ama on reddit", "\"is north korea best korea?\""]
Don't be this guy. ["Asks to help out", "When everything is clearly done"]
My ex-brother-in-law is still finding ways to be an asshole to my sister. ["Gets to choose one weekend per month to have custody of his kids", "Picks mother's day weekend"]
Scumbag Employer ["Friend is one week away from maternity leave, has worked for the employer for 5 years", "Gets laid off with 2 weeks notice"]
My experience when I started playing WoW ["Tells you to start playing a game he plays", "Doesn't actually want to play with you, just wants you to understand the references when he talks about him playing"]
Potlucks do not work that way! ["Brings uncooked meal", "\"you're the host dude. you cook it.\""]
I was just "serenaded" by this asshole neighbor ["Parks his car in the middle of the parking lot", "Blasts rap music with the bass cranked up"]
I've warned him twice now over the last three weeks. One more time, he's being dropped. That time adds up. ["Joins your carpool because his house is on the way", "Comes 10-15 minutes late everyday"]
How small of a person do you have to be to treat waitstaff like shit? He was such an angry little man. ["Yells \"how dare you argue with me, i'm the customer\"", "After i explained that a menu item was in fact, correct."]
Never letting him borrow money again ["Tells you to remind him if he owes you money", "Tells you to stop nagging when you do, and pays you back in dimes"]
Sadly no obese Scumbag Steve for this meme. ["Complains that he is fat because of \"school lunches\"", "Bought 3 lunches, and 2 bags of fruit snacks, everyday. "]
I really don't get this. I mean, isn't it the point? ["Gets huge elaborate tattoo on entire arm", "Gets pissed and annoyed when people ask him about it."]
Have you ever worked with this person? ["Worst employee at work", "Has a relative in upper management that keeps him out of trouble"]
Why do people reviewing products do this? ["Great product! perfect for my needs!", "4 out of 5 stars"]
Cousin owes me over $1000 ["Buys 60 inch tv and new phones for he and his wife", "Asks to borrow more money"]
This mother fucker works in every office ["Puts coffee pot with 1/8\" of coffee back on the machine", "Leaves the heater on"]
My roommate...who thinks we're married, apparently. Of course we're both straight males. ["Says i'm an asshole", "For cooking my own dinner and not offering him any of the food i paid for."]
What is the point of even playing? ["Plays trivia in a large group at a bar ", "Uses his iphone to look up answers to every question"]
Worst coworker EVER ["Coworker is getting catfished on craigslist and probably going to get mugged", "Doesn't warn him the pic they sent is fake so he doesn't go"]
Biggest pet peeve ["Challenges you to a game of scrabble online", "Plays one turn every 5 days "]
Well, this was slightly terrifying to wake up to. Thanks, landlord. ["Shows your apartment to some people, opens the attic door for some reason, doesn't close it all the way before leaving", "Wake up to a squirrel scratching things near your bed"]
I guess he thought I already hung up ["Calls asking for a donation to his charity", "Calls me an asshole under his breath when i decline"]
It amazes me how many of these scumbags think this is acceptable ["Throws cigarette butt", "On the ground"]
What kind of monster does this? ["Visits your house", "Reverses the polarity of your toilet paper"]
I was on my motorcycle in the opposite lane. He had just pulled out of his driveway and saw the rider in front of me slow down in the water crossing. My phone was almost fucked. ["Sees water crossing ahead on road from flooding", "Floors it while going through it so it soaks you and all of your electronics"]
I'm not fooled. I know there was plenty of space. ["Cut him off as conservatively as possible in heavy traffic and accelerate quickly to traffic speed", "Steps on the gas and rides your bumper to make you think the gap was smaller than it really was"]
He cried during Sally Field's funeral monologue ["Watching steel magnolias with the boyfriend", "Interrupts every ten minutes to talk about something random, missing key plot developments, then interrupts again to ask what's going on"]
Scumbag Ford ["Announces that it's freeing up all its patents like tesla", "Not really freeing up anything, just a pr stunt. still wants money for patent licensing"]
Companies who do this are pure evil. They just woke up my grandmother. ["Calls senior citizens at 9 am on saturday morning", "With solicitations, robo-calls and scammy pre-recorded \"warnings\""]
Ragers out there don't quite get it. ["Curses you out for being a huge noob", "After you beat him"]
Because your child is more special than the others ["Repeatedly asked not to yell out during the graduation so all names can be heard", "Yells out anyway "]
Today I realized I was Steve ["Doesn't ", "Seed"]
Stuck eating chips and potato salad for hours ["Tells everyone he's bringing the grill to the picnic", "Doesn't let anyone touch his grill while his ribs are cooking low 'n slow"]
She asked me for deodorant during lunch and I was confused ["Tells co-worker to not cook her fish in the office microwave", "Does it anyway, asks if you can clean the microwave, then closes her door because the office smells"]
This freaking guy... ["Uses your bathroom and doesn't wash his hands", "Reaches in your icebox "]
What part of "standing in a line" is difficult to understand? ["Sees a group of strangers patiently waiting in line at a convenience store", "Acts like he doesn't know how lines work and cuts in front of everybody when the cashier says \"next\""]
you should regret this ["T ellscustomershe'll put raffle tickets in the box", "Puts them in the rubbish bin"]
Scumbag speeder ["Speeds throubh the neighbourhood and runs over xy dog", "Keeps going"]
Seems like a lot of people are complaining about questionnaires for jobs... ["Isn't willing to fill out companies mandatory questions for a job", "Says they are a hard worker and willing to get the job done"]
Thanks, dad. ["Goes to a mexican restaurant", "\"adds \"-o\" to the end of words to be funny when talking to the waitstaff"]
Help a nice guy out and this is the thanks I get. ["Hook friend up when he is dry.", "Drop bud by accident and this asshole smokes it "]
Why is this guy at every festival? ["Shows up to music festival with \"peace love unity respect\" t-shirt", "And rohypnol"]
I got to work with this scumbag for 8 months. Only one of the 6 women he was harassing agreed to file the report. ["Gets a sexual harassment complaint filed formally with the company", "Finds out and tries to file a restraining order against them, and demands his coworkers write him letters of character witness"]
I hate this guy. ["Smokes in a crowded area"]
How I feel about Reddit right now... I never realized how toxic this community could be. ["Gov't is constantly violating rights, police are killing people and big tobacco is manipulating the fda", "Only cares about not being able to hate on fat people"]
Scumbag TWC Technician - Found out when I went to complain later. ["Appt scheduled for 8-9am. twc arrives one hour late", "Updated the system to a 1oam apft so you cannot get the on time guahantee"]
Reddit could eventually be a nice place when they're finally gone. ["Ellen pao haters"]
Scumbag Libertarian ["Wants to decriminalize drugs ", "Blames pharmaceutical drugs for charleston church shooting "]
My conservative cousin, everyone. ["Thinks welfare recipients should be drug tested", "Smokes pot"]
I Mean WHo Does This? ["Start coversation about current tv show", "Complains about spoilers when you talk about the most recent episode"]
I just ended it with my personal Scumbag Steve... GOOD RIDDANCE ! ["Girlfriend is upset and crying over something awful that has just happened to her", "Ignores her, shuts his phone off, then turns it back on after a few hours to send her a selfie and a pic of the drawing he did while ignoring her"]
We all have this friend. ["Posts \"happy father's day! i love you blah blah blah.\" ", "Father doesn't have facebook."]
I see more and more of these douchebags on Yelp. I'm going to give your sushi restaurant ONE star because I don't like sushi.... ["Gives a restaurant one star on yelp", "Didn't actually eat there. just doesn't like the cuisine they serve"]
So this happened to me in my first reddit gift exchange...never again ["Pulls reddit gift exchange information", "Never sends gift and there are not enough rematches"]
This has happened to me while the dick next to me acted like he was in stealth mode ["Thinks the plane is too noisy to hear anything", "Sits down and proceeds to fart loudly and pollute the row for the next 20 minutes"]
Ran into this guy when I went to see Jurassic World ["Goes to a move with reserved seating", "Tells you to \"fuck off\" when you ask him to move"]
We all hate this guy when we read reviews... ["Has some minor issue with one aspect of the place/product", "O star review t g"]
Came home to this last night. I'm still pissed. Scumbag landlord ["Shows your apartment to people while you're gone", "Leaves every single light on and the front door unlocked."]
Uh, no, you have 3 up on me, asswipe. ["Tricks me into drinking his piss, orders a vibrator under my name, takes my laptop to watch a movie and trashes my room because i played with a pen that was in his room", "\"now we're even\""]
Scumbag ISP. I'm moving out and just want to cancel. ["\"the current estimated wait time is 5 minutes. thank you for your patience!\"", "5 minutes later: \"the current estimated wait time is 10 minutes. thank you for your patience!\""]
It's not soapbox ["Posts a controversial opinion in /r/changemyview", "Downvotes everyone who tries to change his view"]
Everyone has that friend. ["Gets asked if they're going to eat pizza", "\"i'll only have a slice\" so they don't have to pay"]
When I tried to turn up the volume he unplugged the T.V., then acted like he didn't understand why I was mad at him. ["Overhear him tell a friend \"it's fun to be annoying.\"", "Starts loudly playing a youtube video over the tv show you were already watching."]
My hypocritical ex-brother-in-law is fuming about today's gay marriage ruling. ["Complains on facebook that gay marriage will \"destroy the sanctity of marriage\" in america", "Has been married and divorced three times, cheated on all three wives, has multiple children out of wedlock, and doesn't pay child support."]
He said he wanted two extra tickets for his buddies. I stayed up for hours refreshing the page to get the tickets for a group of friends to go. ["Receives the 3 tickets he wanted for a sold out concert", "Pretends he's sick and sells them online to make a profit"]
I'm sure some of us encountered such a person at least once... ["Against gay marriage", "Wears eyeliner, nail polish, skinny jeans and watches girl-on-girl"]
Fucking PB&J casuals ["Borrows pb&j without asking", "Sticks peanut covered knife in jelly"]
A scumbag in life, a scumbag in death ["Won't donate organs because he wants to keep his body \"pure\"", "Asks to be cremated"]
Scumbag PC Gamers ["Complains about cod dlc", "Pays $6 for cs:go dlc every 3 months"]
Scumbag Roomie ["Drinks 8 cans of your pepsi 12 pack", "Replaces it with half empty 2 liter bottle of coke "]
I'm a Scumbag Steve ["Lives with mom", "Doesn't help around the house"]
We all joke about it, but when the sumbitch ACTUALLY does it... ["Lights a firecracker", "Sticks it in your pocket"]
We all come across this guy at some point. Hell, we may have been him at some point. ["Downvotes your submission", "So his will be more visible"]
And he even had the nerve to comment on how shitty my broken glasses looked ["Breaks 2 sets of my $300 (after insurance) prescription glasses, refuses to pay and tells me i should have gotten $60 frames", "Brags about his multiple $100 non-prescription ray-bans"]
The culprit has yet to come forward. Also, the office is so smoky and smells so bad everyone has a headache. ["Cooks popcorn in the break room microwave for way longer that is needed and leaves it unattended", "Comes back to the bag on fire and the breakroom filled with smoke. throws the burnt bag away and leaves the mess for the next person who comes in"]
R. Kelly Everyone ["Calls bill cosby a pervert and says he belongs in jail", "Has been accused of rape, possession of child pornography and having sex with an underage"]
I find this one of the most inconsiderate things I've seen while driving. ["Smokes a cigarette in his car", "With an infant in the back seat"]
He's making fun of me in front of other co-workers because I drive a 1999 Honda Civic. He said this after the team building dinner which ended pretty late. ["\"don't be so serious\"", "\"can you give me ride bro?\""]
Happy birthday to me ruined by a guy named Steve... ["Buys you scratch off tickets for your birthday", "Rips it out of your hands and leaves the party to cash it out for himself when you win two hundred dollars"]
Scumbag OP ["Doesn't want to see any more ellen pao posts", "Makes an ellen pao post"]
I want to fling it back in their faces! ["Dog takes a shit in other peoples yards", "Doesn't pick it up"]
Check at this fucking moron (me) ["Asked out a girl who works at the check out counter", "By giving me her number she got fired the next day"]
So this guy walks into a barbershop ["Needed haircut for job interview when flat broke. repays barber $100 after landing the job because of desperately required haircut", "Cost of haircut: $200"]
Scumbag Tyrone ["Gets pulled over for going 85 in a 55mph zone, tells officer to fuck himself, and refuses to give his license till the officer gets a warrant.", "Complains that police only arrested him because they are racist shit heads."]
Scumbag Steve ["Driving on cruise control on a rural interstate, only 1 other car in sight.", "Comes up fast behind me, pulls into my lane right in front of me, and slows down."]
Scumbag Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras ["Begs greece to vote against austerity ", "Negotiates a deal with europe that forces greece to accept significantly more austerity "]
Alexis Ohanian Reddit Co-founder people... ["Fires victoria", "Lets ellen pao take all the blame for it.."]
banks could be a little clearer ["Get first job out of high school. get first bank account at bank of america. go to pull money out of a bank of america atm after hours.", "Says i can't, but for 2.50$ i can print account summary. summary shows initial overdraft charge for going over 1$, second overdraft charge for printing summary, third charge for atm usage."]
I had already cleaned out and removed my old refrigerator and took the afternoon off work on the promise the Home Depot would deliver. ["Recording says \"once a delivery time has been set you cannot reschedule", "Doesn't show up to deliver, wants to reschedule you for three days later"]
Reddit, meet my soon to be ex-roommate ["Jacks your phone after you pass out, sends out lurid, sexual texts to several female friends then deletes the threads so you don't know what he sent", "I spent the whole weekend apologizing and trying to explain to a dozen women who sent me hate texts all saturday it wasnt me."]
This should be borderline criminal. After going through the insanely competitive path to becoming a physician and watching so many young people sacrifice everything only to fail, this pisses me off irrationally. There is no way that she could even survive one call night as an intern/resident. ["Douchebag medical school accepts 68 y/o over much better qualified younger candidates...", "No residency program in their right mind will give her a job after graduation. "]
How not to get invited back for more freelance work... and a warning for anyone who lends out equipment. ["Borrows your expensive sd cards because he's too lazy to wait for transfer", "Doesn't answer phone for days then has you travel to the other side of town to collect them, arrives and hour late and has them loose and scratched up in his pocket because he's stolen your protective cases"]
Ain't no hypocrisy here... not a bit. ["Loudly tries to shame you as a bleating member of the mysogynistic patriarchy for politely disagreeing with the radical argument of a feminist woman he's trying to hook up with", "Pays twice weekly visits to a brothel staffed with trafficked chinese and thai sex workers"]
And they helped him move out just a week ago ["Mooches off girlfriend's family for 5 years living in their basement for pennies. regularly yells at his girlfriend in front of her parents. girlfriend's parents decide to downsize. says: \"if you need any help moving tomorrow, just call me up\"", "Never picks up his phone"]
Scumbag UPS employees. ["Fills our shared dumpster with unbroken down boxes", "When there is a cardboard recycling dumpster 10 feet away"]
Freaking Pandora. What is the point of choosing the station I want? ["Of monsters and men station plays more mumford and sons songs than anything else", "Mumford and sons station plays more lumineers songs than anything else"]
The movie was still awesome ["Goes to the movies", "Doesn't shut the fuck up"]
He was doing his job. Grow up, Mark. ["Gets a dui and also ticketed for an expired license", "\"that cop was such a fucking cunt\""]
I was a smoker for a long time, but never did this. ["Kids in the back seat", "Still smokes in the car."]
This Guy Drove Past Me Today ["Has a caution: baby on board bumper sticker", "Driving 50 in a 35"]
Went to dinner with the Contractor after walking the job site all day including the 4 flights of stairs. ["Parks in the handicap stall and pulls out a parking tag", "He started limping for the first time all day"]
Lets keep throwing money at the problem. ["His son smokes weed all day and plays xbox ", "Blames underfunded public schools for his son's bad grades"]
Anthem beats Comcast in pathetic customer service, and this meme is one of the least issues... ["Dial member services number listed on the insurance id", "Asks are you member or provider"]
Scumbag Porn Site? First World Porn Problems? Whatever... I *know* I never clicked on this stuff. ["Flood non-adult websites with ads for the type of porn i like", "Flood my porn site search results with images of things i find disgusting"]
I would've much preferred a dead battery instead. ["Sees you left your headlights on", "Kicks them out"]
Fuck you motherfucker ["Finishes your milk", "Puts empty carton back in fridge"]
Why do I pay for prime? ["Deciding factor on where to make a big purchase i need quickly is amazon prime availability and having everything in stock", "A week later items still haven't shipped. "]
We were in Disneyland yesterday. This couple asked if I could take a photo of them. I thought they would gladly obliged. Kind of ruined my day. ["May you also take our photo?", "\"no way bro, you should buy your family a tripod\""]
Dealt with this scumbag on a flight home last week. Story in comments. ["Asks to trade seats with you on an airplane to sit with his frends", "Gives you someone else's seat"]
This bastard at my work every afternoon. ["Uses the single person restroom in the center of our building at work every afternoon", "Doesn't flush, leaves a hash mark on the back of the seat and paper towels and ass gaskets on the floor"]
He ended up confessing to stealing it and was just given a warning by the University. However, I immediately stopped interacting with him. ["Had the same lab as me, but a semester after i was finished", "Went on my computer, stole my lab write up and submitted it. we both got called into the dean's office for plagiarism"]
Stop acting like you're better than everyone else. ["Constantly gives work out advice and discusses being healthy and fit", "Goes to the gym once a month, binge drinks and eats shit all the time"]
Scumbag Phone - I'm not going back to sleep now! ["Programmed to send severe weather alerts", "Wakes my ass up at 4:15 am for a heat advisory"]
My favorite type of freeway driver ["Cuts me off with no room ", "Brake checks me"]
It took about 20 minutes to calm her down, and he didn't even apologise. ["Knows his niece can't swim", "Pushes her underwater anyway"]
Often times hiring managers are such hypocrites ["Stresses punctuality and organization", "Misplaces your resume and conducts interview half an hour late"]
Scumbag Pandora ["Plays pitbull song i don't want to hear", "Now it thinks i'm hispanic and plays most of my ads in spanish"]
Scumbag Doctor's Office ["Tells me to call after 14:00 so they can book me in for an appointment later that afternoon ", "Call at 14:01 and they're \"fully booked up now, you should have called earlier.\""]
Quick way to lose my business ["Sorry we don't take credit cards", "But we have an atm with a surcharge"]
So we're going to play this game eh? ["Go to pass him on the left lane of a two lane highway", "Speeds up so i can't pass "]
Scumbag Dad. ["Incredibly rude and disrespectful to his kids, wife, colleagues, and parents", "Goes ballistic when no one treats him with respect"]
Every night on my commute home I see this. ["Sees construction is closing down all but one lane", "Waits until the very last second to attempt to merge because \"traffic was too slow\""]
Yeap, that's me. Credit goes to my co-worker for pointing this out to me. ["Makes fun of tech companies who get hacked and have poor security", "Complains about working at a company that blocks usb drives on his laptops, filters tons of websites and uses triple authentication and fully encrypted hard drives because it \"holds me back\" "]
Driving next to this guy while trying to merge is the worst ["Drives fast enough that you can't pass him", "Drives slow enough so there's no room to get behind him"]
Scumbag DMV ["Heavy call volume but allows you to set up a call-back to avoid waiting on hold", "Makes you hold for 30 min when they call you back"]
Scumbag godaddy ["Purchases random domains ", "Purely so they can price gouge anyone who wants that domain later"]
Websites that autoplay videos are sometimes annoying, but this is a whole new level of scumbag. ["Website automatically plays a video with media button icons", "Won't let me pause or mute the video"]
One of my friends almost died last week, our scumbag friend is unfazed ["Hears a friend is in shock after a near-fatal car accident", "\"so give me the play-by-play!\""]
Today I realised this is me ["Complainsabout gamesgetting worseand developersadding micro thansactionsandads to hake monev", "Never pays for any games"]
Scumbag Reddit Admins. They could at least try to tell us its raining while they piss on our leg. ["Claims to be a free speech forum", "Goes full chairman pao on anything remotely controversial. "]
I consider myself a seasoned vetearn, but this is a dick move all day long no matter who you are. ["Gives you lsd", "Doesn't tell you"]
because craigslist is hard ["Sells things on craigslist", "Doesn't delete the ad or respond to anyone after its sold"]
As a responsible dog owner: FUCK YOU ["Takes the dog for a walk", "Stands and watches as it kills someone's pet cat"]
It was 4 hours away, I ended up paying for almost everything ["\"dude, we should totally go to new york city for the weekend\"", "Brings 80 bucks"]
As a cook, this bothers me more than anything at barbecues. ["Asks everyone how they like their steaks done", "Cooks them all the same"]
When ever I find one of these I dislike and find the DL myself ["Postv how-tovideo on using xad instaxlinga mod", "Won'ttell youwhere to dhanl- ituwil he getv5oo liws"]
My flatmate when I went to college... and the reason for my 1st arrest on assault charges ["Throws my weeks worth of dinner in the trash so he can use my tupperware container to store his pot", "Tells me it's my fault for not putting a \"save\" note on it. "]
Scumbag USPS ["Marks your package as delivered through tracking", "Delivers it a day later"]
My co-worker is a germophobe and an asshole. ["Refuses to lift the toilet seat when he pees because \"the seat is filthy and covered in germs\"", "Pees all over the seat instead."]
And I was wearing flip flops. ["You hold the door open for him", "Steps on your foot as he walks by"]
It's people like this that partly make me embarrassed to identify as a conservative Christian. ["Refuses to help homeless people out because \"there are already programs in place\" ", "Attacks the ones who use them for \"abusing the system\" "]
Fellow colleague. Safe to say he won't be invited out on weekends anymore. ["Gets invited to a party", "Takes other peoples beer, steals my friends bag of weed then drives home drunk"]
It let's me know where you're going. Too many people seem to not give a fuck. ["Doesn't use", "Turn signals"]
You are charged whatever you write on the total line, I was incredibly disappointed. ["Writes a $20 tip on a $60 credit card receipt ", "Writes $60 on the total line"]
What if she was trying to get a hurt animal to the vet? ["Lady is desperately trying to pass him on a two lane road", "Thinks its funny and wont let her pass"]
My co-worker everyone! ["Asks for help on most things they are expected to do for their job", "Ask them to help you out on one thing: \"that's not my job!\""]
I was planning a big reveal event at the wedding and this happened ["Repeatedly tells team before grabbing lunch with my fiance to not spoil the honeymoon surprise", "Spoils honeymoon surprise"]
Guy had the nerve to call me out as anti-feminist for opposing a baseless law... ["Publicly vocal and ardent supporter of feminism and women's rights", "Privately frequent flyer at dozens of chinese and thai brothels"]
My neighbors suck. ["Meteor shower", "Leaves porch light on"]
These fucking people at my work ["Parks his f-250", "In a \"compact\" spot"]
After getting killed last night 15-1 even with some decent players. If you do this, fuck you ["Knows they have a good soccer team", "Registers for the rec league, not the intermediate"]
At least you have a chance to find your family's heirlooms. ["Steals all of the family heirlooms and valuables while rest of family is saying goodbye to grandmother at hospice denies it", "Has a mental breakdown days later and attempts suicide by dousing apartment in gasoline while drunk, destroying everything "]
My uncle, everyone. Now I have to go track them down. ["Asks my grandfather for family heirlooms to display in his house", "Sells them at the flea market the very same day "]
My first job was at a pizza carryout place and no one EVER tipped us. My friend is a dick. ["Offers to go pick up pizza i paid for", "Uses tip to buy cigarettes "]
Scumbag TP-Link Router ["Logged into new tp-link router", "No way to log out"]
Just adding to the reasons I'm using Uber more... ["Car battery dies at a gas station so i ask a cab driver who's parked nearby for a jump", "\"25 bucks\""]
I wish cops could witness and pull over drivers that do this ["Driving behind you in the passing laneand sees you have someone in front of you", "Merges right and speeds up to cut you off for one whole spot further in line"]
Gotta love these guys ["Doesn't like something you post", "Downvotes everything you've ever posted"]
Don't be this asshole (3rd time this has happened) ["Email all week about meeting you at a specific time and location to buy your item off cl", "Does not show up and does not answer phone or emails."]
I should have logged out of face book immediately when he got on the computer ["I hit the like button for pornhub", "Bro. relax it's just a joke"]
Co-worker's scumbag brother. Co-worker told brother what he wanted for his birthday, and included his rewards card info for the place where the gift was so he could get a few more rewards points. ["Brother gives him rewards account info so gift purchase will count towards more points", "Uses existing rewards point as a discount on the gift he's buying"]
My least favorite driver: the one who goes out of their way to NOT be courteous ["Moving with traffic and i signal my intent to change lanes", "Accelerates into my blind spot and tailgates the car in front of him so i can't merge"]
Scumbag Steve remembers the girls who turned him down in school. ["Complains to this day that no girls wanted to sleep with him in high school and college", "Has wife who loves sex, refuses to sleep with her for months on end because 'we're too old for that'."]
If you do this then go fuck yourself. ["Watches movies with him on netflix", "Won't shut the hell up during the movie and tells you spoilers."]
Scumbag older brother ["Amd sends his brother $900 worth of free computer parts", "Uses them to upgrade his own computer, gives his brother the t-shirt"]
Scumbag restaurant I applied to ["Doesn't get back to you about your application", "Puts you on mailing list to spam your email"]
There are bad drivers, and then there is this guy. ["Cuts you off from the backed-up right lane into the left lane", "Turns right anyway."]
90% of message board first-responders. ["Another user wants a feature to be optional", "\"why don't you just ignore it\""]
Getting real sick of your shit Reddit ["Complains about lack of oc", "Only upvotes reposts"]
Because if the large corporations paid taxes, my kid's school would already have enough computers. ["'win a computer for your school !\"", "Doesn't pay tax t g"]
He didn't even finish everything he ordered. ["Gets treated to dinner", "Orders the most expensive appetizers, entrees, and drinks"]
Scumbag Paypal keeps trying to get me to use a service they won't let me use ["Denies your application for paypal credit", "Still suggests you use paypal credit and constantly asks if you want to apply"]
My scumbag uncle... ["Restructures government student loans", "Makes millions of dollars doing what people can do for free online by themselves"]
I wish I knew who the soul-sucking fuckhole was who thinks it's cool to take away something fun from everyone else they work with ["Entire staff enjoys huge cards against humanity games during lunch. so much so that it's become a lunchtime staple over the last 3 months", "First week on the job complains to hr who bans cah forever thus stealing the joy away from everyone else in their department"]
My uncle is a disrespectful asshole. ["Catches nail clippings in hand", "Throws them on floor when finished"]
"Thanks" bro. ["Sets hotel alarm for 4 am", "For the next guest"]
That's not how it works Game companies. ["Wants to stop piracy", "Increases cost of games to $8o t g"]
Get home with a flyer taped to my door: "Your energy company has provided you with free energy saving upgrades!" ["Replaced my new dimmable led bulbs", "With generic cfl bulbs"]
My music loving boss every day ["Boasts that he's never downloaded a song illegally ", "Brags how he stole tons of cd's as a teenager"]
My former boss... well at least he stopped calling. ["After i left the company, for the next 3 years he has called me in the evenings and on weekends asking me for help with his home computer setup, wifi, backups, data recovery, kid's stuff, etc. i delivered every time, i guess that is why he kept calling. right off the bat he said, \"i know you won't accept any payment for this...\" he was a nice guy and i was happy to help.", "I was interviewing for a new job and decided to ask him for a letter of recommendation because he was in the same field, was my former ceo, and he knew the ceo of the company i was applying with. never delivered, too busy... well at least he stopped calling and asking me for support."]
Kind of depletes the point of a hospital ["Brought back to life with cpr", "Sues you for breaking ribs from doing chest compressions"]
The folks who run the Auschwitz Museum seem to be lacking in tact ["Installs showers to cool off visitors", "Outside former concentration camp"]
/u/Pun-Chi, I feel your pain; what made it worse was the fact it took a week of calling the cops because my town, "Doesn't have a noise ordinance." ["Owns a loud ass racing motorcyle", "Never drives it, choosing instead to sit in the driveway and rev the engine continually until 3am. "]
Next time flush the toilet! ["Takes massive shits in public restrooms", "Doesn't bother to flush the toilet"]
So I guess they just saved me three hours ["Nfl network airs preseason game on tape delay instead of live", "Shows the final score in the crawl at the bottom of the screen"]
My Scumbag Neighbour... ["Jealous of me having kinky rough sex with my wife during the day", "Calls cops and has me arrested claiming i was beating my wife"]
I found myself being this asshole. ["Bitches about how facebook is just shit posted from reddit a week later", "Posts front page content to facebook"]
Whoever you are, you are a shithead. ["Orders food from walmart deli,", "Eats it while shopping and leaves the bag on the shelf."]
Way too common in my country ["Elementary school drop out", "Doesn't allow their children go to high school"]
Scumbag Amazon Reviewer ["Complains bottle is too big to fill from fridge door", "Also complains bottle doesn't hold enough water t g"]
Scumbag new neighbor. Apparently he doesn't know that you can't reserve spots on a public street. ["Bangs on my door at 10:30 pm ", "To tell me not to park in front of his house even though it's a public street with no parking restrictions"]
my new roommates are quite exclusionary. i won't be doing them any favours anymore. ["Ask me for ride to grocery store", "Don't invite me to dinner they cook with all the neighbours"]
No, I'm not just going to buy your weed for you. ["Asks you to pick up weed for him", "Doesn't have the money to pay you back for it"]
As a former convenience store employee, these people pissed me off ["Buys $20 worth of candy and soda with food stamps", "Spends $50 cash on cigarettes and lottery tickets"]
On the Dl ["Brags about how dope he is", "Puts ads up to be gang fucked up the ass on craigslist on the dl"]
Scumbag Steve Needed To Do Some Manscaping ["Asks to use your beard trimmer", "Returns from bathroom with full beard intact"]
Scumbag Homeless Guy ["Stands next to the atm", "Begs for cash"]
Based on the previous wedding meme, happened at my sister's wedding. The best man of my brother in law literally has no balls. ["Best man's wife is in a grumpy mood and wants to go home", "Best man says they have to go, bails on the reception"]
This guy never ceases to amaze me ["Advertises a gofundme account for his mom's funeral on facebook because he's low on cash.", "Brags about pre-ordering an iphone 6s in the very next post"]
People wonder what causes traffic ["Speeds up to block you from merging", "Slows down to give you the finger"]
Clickbait assholes. ["Link to article about amazing video going viral", "Doesn't include the actual video"]
He even cries like a baby. ["Makes fun of people and call it joking", "When you joke back he gets very pissed and threatens to hurt you."]
I just use the same password for both. ["Fantasy football password requirements: 8 charachters, one uppercase, one letter, one number, one special character", "Online mortgage password requirements: 7 characters"]
Today he went to Walmart and bought an Xbox One and a big screen TV.. ["Send roommate early to buy $10 worth of lottery tickets with specific number that eventually wins midday lotto draw.", "Comes back 30 min after lotto is drawn saying \"sorry bro, here is your $10 back, i did not make it in time and did not buy your ticket!\""]
and they were giving away free hot tea.... ["Owner says they can no longer serve ice water due to the drought", "Sells bottled water"]
I see this all the time where I live ["Sidewalks on both sides of the street?", "Fuck that, im just gonna walk right in the middle of the road"]
I have a friend who does this way too often. ["Makes fun of you whenever you talk", "Asks why you never talk. "]
u/weirdquestion11's neighbor ["Doesn't like the color of your house", "Paints your house while you're out of town"]
People who do this can go f**k themselves ["Hangs out by jamba juice counter without buying anything", "Grabs first drink they put down and walks away"]
My next-door neighbour ["\"you've got a headache? yeah, i'll keep my kid quiet for a bit\"", "Encourages his kid to repeatedly kick a ball against a metal shed in his back garden"]
This eBay seller is the worst. If I want a Playstation, I'll search for "Playstation"! ["Sells a playstation 1 on ebay", "Adds \"xbox, nintendo, sega\" to the title so it pops up in other searches"]
Scumbag British PM David Cameron ["Bans face-sitting porn and won't consider re-ing canhabis laws", "Took coke and fucked a dead pig"]
It's people like him that is a poison to the black community. ["Blames white people for oppressing him because he's black", "Lives in a nice house and has everything he wants and no one has ever oppressed him in his entire life."]
Seem like common courtesy is to much for my brother. ["I let him use my tv/console and only ask him to shut it down when he is not using it", "Get mad at me when i ask him to close them"]
And he tried again next test ["Complains about corruption and supports impeaching president dilma", "Tries to copy off my test"]
They're usually a nice company to work with. ["Unsubscribe your email", "Sends another email to confirm"]
Fuck my roommate. This isn't the first time this happens. He has no respect for my privacy. ["Opens up my mail and reads it", "Before i get back home and read it myself"]
Really Canada? ["Montreal mayor denis coderre.", "Reversed the decision to halt the dumping of 8 billion. liters of raw sewage into the st. lawrence river."]
WHO FUCKING STEALS PENS? ["Returns my car after disappearing with it for two days", "Doesn't refill the tank and steals all my pens from it"]
OP, being their usual classy selves. ["Complains about cnn publicizing the name of a shooter", "Op links directly to the name of the shooter"]
Men's Room Violation ["3 urinals, none occupied", "Takes middle"]
I felt like the biggest jerk, but I guess I'm still a scumbag ["Honk at car in front of me for not turning right at a green light", "Car was waiting for a pedestrian to cross the street "]
It's been over a week and all I want to do is play rocket league ["Hijacks my steam account just with 100+ games on it", "Only plays counter strike"]
Does being a karma whore make me a scumbag ? ["Reposted sisters picture on reddit and made the front page", "Takes credit for it"]
Luckily my brother had already gotten home, but he left my car on the other side of town in a bad area. ["Borrows your car for a night to take your manic brother out", "Returns two days later without your brother or car"]
"It's okay, I'm sure your car is fine. We left it on the other side of town by the beach." ["Leaves with your mentally ill brother and your car", "Returns two days later with only your brother."]
Scumbag politician ["Claims to want to \"protect the integrity of the institution of marriage\"", "Texts sexually explicit video of himself cheating on his wife to entire contacts list"]
Well you didn't really confirm exactly... ["Tells me i can pick up craigslist item on wednesday", "Sells item to higher bidder on tuesday"]
My dog does this far to often. ["Lays just out of arms reach", "Kicks you if you stop petting him"]
Of course you are! ["Rips guts fromalarm clocx drops them into pencil box.", "Tells media morons he's an iwentor!"]
This semi driver I ran into (almost literally) today ["Tailgates me going 60/70 mph for a few miles", "Swerves to avoid me then immediately forces his way back in, almost hitting me"]
Looking at you r/wtf ["Removes a post that broke no rules", "And was receiving plenty of upvotes"]
Our help desk blows goats ["When the person who logged this call is ready, press 1", "50 minutes of hold music and waiting..."]
More on Ontario Beer Stores... ["Only place to return empties", "Only cashier is also only bottle return clerk"]
Ontario beer drinkers will relate ["Over 400 brands of beer", "One fucking cashier"]
My sisters boyfriend lives with us, and this really got to me this morning. ["Drives you 3 miles to get to work while your car is in the shop for the day; ask him how much you owe him for gas", " \"20$ minimum\""]
This dickhead... ["Sitting at a peaceful, quiet hotel pool", "\"i think i'll make a 40 minute phone call on speaker\""]
Seriously, BBC, fuck you. ["Is about to show the f1 japanese grand prix", "Gives the winner's name in the news just before"]
This Fucking Guy ["6 am saturday morning no traffic on the highway", "Drives slow in the fast lane"]
The Great Inventor ["Rips guts fromalarm clocx drops them into pencil box.", "Tells media morons he's an iwentor!"]
I can't believe my step dad did this! ["Brings beer", "To an aa cookout"]
When I'm doing a left turn from a main street to a small road or turning left from a small road to a main street, these people are the bane of my existence. ["Drives fast enough to not let you turn", "Drives slow enough for the upcoming group of cars to catch up"]
This fucking guy... I should take him to small claims court ["Drinks all the beer in the fridge", "\"bro, you shouldn't buy beer that tastes so good.\""]
So sick of this jerk ["Rips guts fromalarm clocx drops them into pencil box.", "Tells media morons he's an iwentor!"]
I'm not sure if he just doesn't know how to use a bathroom or just doesn't care. Tired of cleaning up his mess. ["Roommate's boyfriend uses our shared bathroom as if it were his own", "Gets piss all over the floor and toilet and never cleans it up"]
One of the many reasons I'm not on speaking terms with my brother ["Invites his mother to stay in his basement because she lost her job and her house", "Charges her rent"]
Scumbag roommate always has to cause trouble for no apparent reason. ["Very rude and disrespectful with every establishment hes ever dealt with", "Even if there is no issue to begin with"]
You thought the business guy with an STD was bad? How's this? Friend of mine from college. ["Gets gonorrhea", "Crushes up pill and puts it in wife's smoothie"]
Maybe you should tell the cashier yourself, scumbag! ["Orders double meat on a burrito at chipotle.", "Doesn't tell the person running the cash register. t g"]
He thinks I won't find out. ["Says he'll pay me back in a while cause he doesn't have $ right now", "Buys gta v the next day"]
Was looking into adopting a dog and found the scumbag to rule them all... ["Gets a dog from craigslist", "Drops it off at a shelter after 3 days because he \"didn't have enough room for it\""]
It's my fault. Completely my fault. I should have known better. ["Asks for a pic of me after we've been having delightful conversation about stars", "Doesn't stop talking about my breasts and i have to report and block him"]
Scumbag downstairs neighbor ["Pounds on ceiling when my 1yr old son falls on floor after trying to walk", "Plays movies through bass-heavy surround sound while my son is trying to sleep"]
Be Safe on the roads, Ladies & Gentlemen. Don't be a Scumbag ["Speeding through traffic, swerving in and out of lanes and almost causes a three car collision while cutting me off", "Honks at me for honking at him"]
My roommate said this to me knowing I have tourettes ["Your worst quality is", "You twitch too much"]
I was just minding my business in my lane when I had the pleasure of dealing with this douche monkey. ["Tries to drive in the bike lane to swerve around me", "Walks up to my car yelling \"fuck you\" at a red light after i wouldn't let him in"]
This one's for all you non-lurkers out there ["Isn't funny", "Reposts"]
Let's not forget the other side of the coin here ["Isn't funny", "Posts constantly"]
Sometimes I have flashbacks to when I was in school. I remember this asshole. ["Throws rocks", "At special needs kids"]
My abusive Uncle ["Says he's an adult who knows how to be a parent", "Has his mother set up doctor appointment for him and his child who does everything for him"]
1) There isn't even a subway system in my city 2) I just wanted a sandwich ["\"ok google, navigate to subway on main street\" ", "\"navigating to the middle of main street by taking the subway\" "]
"What, it's my reflexes bro!" My co-worker is the Scumbag Steve of Haunted Houses. ["Pays to be scared ", "Punches the workers for doing their job."]
My scumbag landlord, everyone ["Wants the rent check on the 1st of the month", "Cashes it whenever he feels like it"]
My scumbag flatmate. I don't think he understood the irony. ["Takes two of my three protein shakers", "\"oh sorry bro - i didn't realize you needed two at once\" "]
We've all known this student. ["Skips class and doesn't read textbook", "Expects professor to raise his poor grade"]
Scumbag MidwayUSA, Thank you so much! ["You get special birthday pricing!", "80 cents off $100 order"]
Its not about the money, its the principle.... ["Landlord tries to keep security deposit for \"extra cleaning '", "Because i work in a hospital and could \"bring home germs\" "]
As a guy in my early 20s I'm starting to discover these types of scumbags. ["\"i drive better", "Drunk.\""]
It will be a cold day in Hell before I use Grange again. ["Dude your 24hrs late on your home owners insurance payment", "Ill need an extra 85.71% in late fees "]
Fuck you Wellsfargo ["Went a penny over? ", "That'll be $35"]
Happened two weekends in a row. He's not coming tomorrow. ["Shows up at party and brings nothing", "Steals everyone elses beer"]
My dad kind of pisses me off sometimes ["Didn't ask you for help", "Complains you didn't help him"]
I feel like we're too old for things like this to still be happening ["Makes plans with you at bar that's a 45 minute walk away. is nowhere to be found, doesn't respond to numerous texts", "Texts you back halfway through your walk home: \"sorry bro, that place was lame so i left\""]
Dammit, Alan. ["Spells it \"imgur\"", "Pronounces it \"image-er\""]
This guy. We caught him in the act once and he STILL does it. ["Steals food", "From the work fridge"]
I got my friend a job at our company. My boss fired him after his first week, which makes me look terrible for recommending him. ["Showed up late everyday in his first week", "Said there was traffic, but somehow was able to stop for a coffee each morning"]
Oh man, my favorite kind of people ["Criticizes christians for 'ignoring science and facts' who don't bother with evolution ", "Ignores science and facts on health, doesn't bother to eat right or exercise even some. "]
I'm sure you saved a ton of time. ["Inches forward at a red light", "When the cars in front have not even started to move"]
Some scumbag on Reddit PM me saying this. ["Tells me to stop browsing r/blackpeopletwitter", "Because i'm not black"]
My marijuana enthusiast coworker wasn't happy we voted a terrible legalization bill down. ["Insults everyone who voted against legalization, saying it's their fault he can't get weed", "After bragging about getting high regularly for years"]
You could've nicely asked him to turn it down or use earbuds. ["Hates christmas music. ", "Pretends to stay an hour overtime to destroy co-workers property. "]
Yorba Linda, California water district is punishing people who conserved water during the drought with a "conservation fee." ["Everyone conserved water like we asked them. ", "Let's raise the rates so that we don't lose money. "]
My girlfriends stepdad after her mother was stabbed in the throat ["You never loved your mother", "If she dies you're paying for the funeral"]
I just hope that the end justifies the means ["Tells you all the dirty stuff his partner does for him", "Trying to make you feel bad about yours"]
Such a lying greedy motherfucker. ["Always bums cigarettes from me and friends", "I found three cartons of cigarettes in his room"]
Was invited to a Halloween party tonight. Guess I'm drinking alone. ["Tells you to free up your schedule to hangout", "Cancelsat literally the last minute and leaves you with nothing to do t g"]
Me tonight ["Puts bowl on patio with note, \"please only take one.\"", "Doesn't put any candy in the bowl"]
Scumbag Movie Director- thankfully the child actor was okay the next day ["11 year old actress falls on fishing barb while filming scene", "The film's director doesn't ask if she's okay- only concerned with how to finish shooting scene without her"]
Scumbag IAMA, refuses to allow AMA without proof that connects my son and myself to a particular disease. (Major Hipaa violation people) ["Lets anyone do an ama with \"proof of story\"", "Wants material that's illegal for them to have and violates hipaa"]
Trying to introduce the kids to New Candy ["Bought my favorite candy for halloween", "Toblerone, riesens, and kit- kats"]
He's calling corporate tomorrow. He's also over 60. ["Gets banned from tim hortons drive through for ordering a coffee and a matter daddy", "Doesn't think its wrong to have all the young girls ask him \"what's a matter daddy?\""]
...and puts it back in the fridge empty. C'mon. ["Doesn't refill", "The britta filter"]
Serious though, WHY!? ["Keys your car"]
He didn't even ask anyone first. Nobody touched the damn thing, $125 down the drain. ["Given the responsibility of ordering ice cream cake for office party", "Orders rum raisin ice cream cake because that's his favorite flavor"]
Seriously man, people like you just suck. ["Knows friend is manipulating young russian girl into having sex with him", "Doesn't do anything but post a meme"]
He throws a party and sees a business opportunity. ["Has his close friends pay for a party room, says he'll cover the security deposit (which you get back)", "Charges an entrance fee for guests to pay for the deposit "]
I don't care! Just connect my call. Scumbag phone system. ["Interrupts my call to tell me it isn't necessary to dial a \"1\"", "Disconnects afterwards"]
Apartment neighbors can be annoying. . . ["Smokes right outside my door", "Instead of his"]
This happened to my friend. He was gone two months before his family finally came clean. ["Marries an american citizen ", "Disappears without a trace once he secures his green card. "]
Please don't be this guy... It seriously hurt.. ["Tell him my girlfriend and i just broke up", "Tells me axout hbwwell his relationship isgoingwdhbwtrevare aboxt to celebhate their axnivebsaay."]
You don't even have to submit things. Users control what we see. ["Complains about the lack of content", "Doesn't even browse /r/new"]
My roommate is annoying ["Make a note that i'll clean the kitchen today", "Takes all the trash from her room and puts it in the kitchen trash can"]
I'm not one to wish ill on someone, but I hope they step on a Lego. ["Takes your trash can after it's been emptied", "Returns it to you two days later... completely full of their garbage"]
Fuck you Hulu! ["Double charges my account", "After i signed up for a free trial"]
I should have known from the lack of pictures ["Advertises car on craigslist as having \"keyless entry\"", "Because driver's door fell off"]
One man's trash is another man's treasure, I guess ["Dates every single one", "Of your ex girlfriends"]
I appreciate the gift ["Picks up after their dog", "Ties up the bag and leaves it in front of my door"]
Fuck you guy. ["Say hi. sorry dude can't talk. need to study.", "Bullshits with other classmates."]
Some people can't have an intelligent discussion, because they are not intelligent. ["Posts an opinion piece on reddit and asks for input", "Argues with everyone in the comments who doesn't agree with him"]
Do I just have bad luck at concerts? ["Pushes in front of you at a concert", "Proceeds to block your view of the stage with his cell phone as he records a shitty video he will never watch again"]
My roommate is sick, buys junk food but not Nyquil ["Won't buy medicine or take care of himself", "Coughs all night and gets me sick"]
Am I taking crazy pills? ["Says we need to focus on our own needy and homeless before we take in any refugees", "Is always against any programs that would help our needy."]
Fuck you ISIS ["Moves to a country with freedom of religion", "Blows people up when they won't convert to their religion "]
As someone who usually can find a buck or some spare change... this fb trend is filling me with angerment right now ["Refugees?? what about homeless vets?", "Waxksfaster past actvst homelest vetvon the strezy. - just spendit onalcohob -"]
Anyone who's been applying to jobs online should know this all too well. ["Asks for access to your linkedin profile", "Asks you to retype all of your work experience and education"]
It's a blatant money grab and it pisses me off ["My electric company advertise a facebook, twitter and youtube channel on my bill", "Still can't accept online payments without going through a third party vendor at $5.95 per bill"]
Seriously, it's not even the reason why people are changing it. ["Makes fun of people changing their profile pic because \"that doesn't stop daesh\"", "Also doing jack shit to stop them"]
Drove past this asshole late last night. ["Knows one headlight is out", "Keeps the working headlight on bright to make up for it"]
And this is why I'm a recluse. If anyone needs me, I'll be playing video games and crying softly in my room. ["Biggest prick i know, pretending to be gay and hitting on me, and annoying me in class", "Still managed to get a selfie with 3 girls in bikinis at the local indoor water park"]
Scumbag Steve ["White guy, has kids with his black wife", "Thinks his kids are genetically superior because of their mixed race"]
The first thing I see when I open Reddit... ["Posts gif of rousey/holm fight ending", "With a spoiler in the title"]
I just don't get some people 2. (not related to the attacks in France, but always annoys me) ["Gets annoyed when someone thinks all muslims are terrorists", "Thinks that all jews have money"]
Scumbag #Mizzou Protestor, Last Night ["Watches news of paris attacks", "Complains that paris is all over the news but didn't see shit about #mizzou"]
This asshole cousin of the groom tried go ruin my friends marriage at the bachelor party ["Groom-to-be passed out drunk, installs tinder on his phone and colors red sharpie on his collar", "\"bro relax it's just a joke\""]
i've gone an hour out of my way for 2 weeks. he's lucky I don't want to work two stations. ["\"you know id give you gas money, but i need it to fix my car\"", "\"hey can you take me to the weed shop on the way to my place?\""]
He changed restaurants last minute, he was an hour late, and he kept his phone turned off. ["Pays less in total bill than what he ordered", "Takes change which was left as a tip"]
Scumbag Business Emails ["Email subscriptions are automated on website", "Unsubscribing may take up to ten business days"]
He's a driving hypocrisy. ["Anyone breaking the speed limit should be arrested!", "Never uses turn signals"]
Seen every day while searching for help on the internet to fix a random issue ["Says he'll come back to a support thread to update people if a proposed fix worked or not", "Doesn't"]
Reddit is full of hypocrites, RE: Taiwanese man...! ["Watches video of a man ridiculing and making nasty comments to a foreigner,", "Spends the entire time ridiculing and make nasty jokes aimed at the man, doing exactly the same thing the man in the video is doing."]
There's a special breed of customers out there. ["Tries to conduct business with headphones on and music at full volume", "Yells at you for \"mumbling\""]
My mother-in-law from Long Island, NY, everybody. ["Always talks about how racist and low class everyone in the south is...", "\"oh, i would never rent the house to my indian friend and her mmily our neighbors would hate usi.\""]
Scumbag GOP. ["Wants to put all muslims in a database", "Wont support legislation to prevent people on terror watchlist to be prevented from buying guns"]
Response to a "confession" bear ["Trades morphine pills for a couch", "At a thrift store run by people in rehab"]
Scumbag Tires Plus. They know we have the internet now right? ["Tries to charge you $50 for a part", "Find it on amazon for 17 bucks"]
This Guy, full subway station when walking to another line's platforms ["Walks slow as fuck and doesn't let you move past", "Shouts at you once you manage to overtake him just so you get there in time"]
Scumbag Amazon ["Literally spend hours looking for just the right brand style version of gift. ", "Shows you a different version of the same product you'd have rather purchased after the sale is complete."]
You call that support? ["Cousin is desperate to quit smoking", "Gives him hundreds of dollars worth of vape stuff"]
Scumbag Simon! ["Borrows your xbox one", "Sells your xbox one"]
Get your shit together American Apparel ["Advertises 50% off sale one day only", "Website down all day "]
Decided to spend the money on a bong instead and tried lowering the debt from $200 to $150. That will be the last time I lend a friend money. ["\"i'll pay you back the 200 dollars you lent me as soon as i get paid\"", ""]
Throwback Thursday. Scumbag NBC during the Vancouver olympics. ["Has exclusive rights to broadcast winter olympics", "Doesn't show it live to people living in the same time zone as the event"]
It was 37 degrees out, and I didn't particularly enjoy his music at 11 p.m. ["Plays loud rap music in his car", "Rolls his windows down so everyone else has to listen to it"]
I have to share a cubicle with this douche ["Convinces boss to spend $150 upgrading his pc with an ssd hard drive because \"my computer will start faster and i can be more productive\"", "Leaves computer running 24/7/365"]
Talking to you /r/funny ["Trying to contribute content to my subreddit?", "I don't like your content. have a ban."]
Apparently 65% of the parents at my school are scumbags. ["After a bomb threat yesterday, county police search the whole school, interview students and determine there is no credible threat to the whole", "Holds kids back from school anyway"]
He didn't think it through. It took us less than 10 minutes to figure it out. ["Convinces boss to organize office secret santa", "Arranges it so that everyone has to give him gifts"]
I played for an extra thirty minutes until she logged off. ["Meets 9 yr old girl on mmo", "\"so, where is home?\""]
At least I don't have to work for you anymore, you moron. ["Offers me a promotion after i got a new job offer and put my 2 weeks notice in", "Cuts my hours by half for the remaining 2 weeks when i decline his promotion m"]
How very charitable. ["Makes an anonymous donation", "Tells everyone about his anonymous donation"]
I hope this piece of shit gets into a car crash. ["Drives by me as im walking down the street", "Hits me in the face with a cigarette butt and drives off laughing"]
The Squad Saved His Ass But My Cat is Still Missing. ["Tries to kill himself", "Lets your cat out so it doesn't eat his face "]
Coworker ["Won't shop at home depot or target because, \"they are helping fund the gay agenda\"", "Constantly tells me how much he loves his iphone 6"]
Scumbag housemate ["\"i don't have enough money for rent, can you sub me man?\"", "Has enough money for fallout 4, star wars battlefront and just cause 3"]
Turkey the country ["Shoots down russian plane for invading its sovereign borders and airspace.", "Sends troops across iraqi border without consent"]
My roommate: The hero we don't need ["Constantly whines about the water bill", "Takes 45 minute showers"]
It's such a unique, amazing idea. Screw you guys. ["Participates in reddit secret santa", "Doesn't deliver gift"]
Whether it's about religion or gun control ["Another mass shooting", "Time to further my own agenda "]
At what point did it go from "I'm sorry" to "Excuse me I've got to go on Reddit for a second"? ["Finds out co-worker has testicular cancer", "Creates humorous meme about it and posts it to reddit"]
Several pages in ["Posts link to thread you're already reading", "Takes you back to the beginning"]
Went to this scumbag McDonald's today ["Sells you a soda", "Without mentioning that the entire restaurant's soda machines are broken, so the only available drinks are water and hi-c"]
My friends loser brother ["Learns his mom is dying of cancer", "Borrows money from her"]
when i see someone posting pictures on Facebook ["Posts a picture on facebook saying how valuable friends are", "Picture shows only himself"]
This happens way too often on here and in life ["Asks a question", "To give you his answer and say you're an idiot"]
Scumbag Reddit ["Website that promotes freedom of expression", "Locks post for rude comments"]
This is why I no longer attend family dinners with my brother ["His 5 year old is throwing objects, spilling glasses and disrupting family meal at restaurant", "\"he's a kid! how do you expect him to act?\""]
Scumbag driver ["Sees me signaling for a lane change", "Speeds up and takes the spot where i was going to merge"]
I can see why people don't come to the post office that often anymore ["Stands close to you with no regard for personal space ", "Also smells horribly of body odor"]
The worst scumbag of them all ["Takes dog outside to public area", "Doesh't pick up his poop m"]
No matter your political affiliation, you leave people's young children alone. ["Scumbag washington post cartoonist", "Makes a political cartoon with ted cruzs little girls as trained monkeys when confronted claims that they were on the table because they appeared in a video with their father "]
I'll admit I haven't been the best son since leaving the family abode, but I mean, c'mon mom.. ["Gifts me 50 for christmas, after i ask for it to pay for food", "Surprise step brother with a brand new bmw"]
I'm just trying to relax Spotify. ["Suggests \"calm playlist\"", "Plays the loudest ads after every song"]
Thanks scumbag Reddit, you've completely spoiled it for me. ["Censors starwars spoilers", "Doesn't censor miss universe spoilers"]
It was deleted but it was too late, the damage was done ["Complains about how someone spoiled the star wars movie for him", "Reveals the spoiler in his meme without putting a spoiler tag on it "]
Scumbag Spotify ["Promises ad-free streaming...", "Hade possible by the following ads"]
Some of us actually have to make time to see it. I don't think he gets it. ["Thinks he's justified in revealing star wars spoilers", "\"because the people who cared about them should've seen the movie by now.\""]
Freaking Clickbait. ["17 celebs who died and you didn't know", "Everybody knew"]
Scumbag Redditors....every time my post makes it to the front page. ["Calls you a karma whore", "Active participant in exact same karma voting system, for years longer than you..."]
I don't even know why she married my brother in the first place ["Threatens to cancel his wife's credit card after she \"wasted\" $10 on breakfast at starbucks with her friends on her day off", "Lives off his wife's paycheck, treats himself to steak and wine for dinner at least 3x a week"]
Self-serving scumbag pastor has no qualms ["Hasn't talked to me since bailing last minute on officiating mywedding 5 yearsago", "Calls to ask me to play bass at his church the next day "]
Scumbag Pastor at the funeral today.....fuck this guy ["Spends less than a minute talking about the deceased veteran", "Spends 15min talking about himself, his accomplishments, and how to join his church."]
My ex-friend coming back from the midnight showing of the new Star Wars didn't get why I was mad he spoiled the ending ["\"dude, it's not my fault", "You didn't go see it yet.\""]
Overheard this gentleman as soon as the end credits started rolling ["I'm going to tell every single person at work tomorrow", "About who dies in star wars"]
To the guy whose son spoiled the movie for him. I feel for you. ["Tries to avoid the spoilers from star wars", "Son tells him the spoilers "]
What's the point, man!? ["Let's make a collaborative playlist on spotify", "Only listens to the tracks he added"]
Yeah, fuck you ["Puts 8 week old puppy in jacket", "Zips it all the way up, blows pot smoke into it"]
Guys, I think this is us. (Seriously, my entire front page this morning.) ["Complains incessantly about reddit servers.", "Freaks outwhen thev do haintehance to improve them."]
This guy was in the passenger seat of the car behind me ["Points green laser pointer", "Everywhere"]
Everyone in my family does this and because it belongs to them I have no choice but to give it to them. ["Waits for me to grab something (i.e. a charger)", "Before deciding that he needs it"]
Saw this shining beacon of humanity while driving home from work yesterday. ["Cuts someone off", "Goes back into the lane he was previously in when his exit comes"]
I bet you've seen this guy's handiwork on the front page before ["Searches for years old threads with most upvotes", "Reposts them"]
You know this guy, the one with the University of Google degree ["Treats everyone like they are stupid when they don't know \"simple facts\"", "...that he invariably learned for the first time that day surfing the internet"]
Thanks JJ ["Makes new star wars ", "By remaking starwars"]
I'm currently stuck in line at a drive thru because of this jackass. ["Refuses to leave the drive thru", "Because they don't have the soda that he wants. "]
This is how gyms make their money. ["Knows you'll only show up for a few days. ", "Charges you up front for 6 months. "]
Now I look like an ass ["Sneezes in his hand", "Goes to shake mine"]
My Boss, everyone. ["Says i'm getting a bonus for good work this year", "Deposits the bonus, then reverses the transaction after i announce that i'm taking a job offer elsewhere"]
Just saw this piece of filth at the In n Out in Sherman Oaks. ["Cuts in line", "At the drive thru"]
The reason why I never use Xhamster... ["Claims to be \"just porn no bullshit\"", "Has more popups and stupid shit than any other porn site"]
Scumbag /r/911Truth, what else would you expect? ["Get a message about a video that has been proven false", "Keeps video up, spreading lies"]
Having worked in retail, fuck customers that do this ["Writes \"see photo id\" on back of credit card", "Gets pissed off & throws a fit when i ask to see his id. "]
Ran into this mensa candidate tonight at the gas station... ["Pulls into the gas station i'm filling up at tonight", "Flicks lit cigarette out window right near pumps, fills truck up while it's running, and talking on his cell the whole time."]
Car troubles this winter... ["Car needs to warm up in winter before driving ", "Car needs to be driving to warm up"]
I was sitting in front of him to a sold out screening of Daddy's Home ["Complainsabout people cutting in line, saving seatv", "Won't shut up during the movie"]
My co-worker, ladies and gentlemen. ["Finds out the person in front of him is \"paying it forward\" in the starbucks drive-thru.", "Adds additional items to his order at the window."]
Dogs are great ["Dickhead drunk pissing off everyone in line waiting to get into stadium for bowl game", "Random dog arrives and pisses on his leg while he isn't looking"]
Based on my friends' reactions every time we make plans, I imagine this is how they see me ["Makes plans for 8pm", "Actually shows up at 8pm"]
My 38 year old brother in law, still living with parents, is completely clueless. ["Complains about his dad being worthless, just sitting at home being lazy while his mom works full time.", "Father is 70 years old, retired. "]
Are you trying to get me killed, jackass? ["Passing him on a single-lane highway with car coming towards me", "Speeds up"]
His mom thought it was "cute" ["Little cousin eats all of my candy", "Gives a shit eating grin as he wipes his face with one of my dress shirts"]
Parked my car in permit parking in my complex overnight. Woke up to this. Thanks, Neighbor! ["Hits your car", "Leaves no note and parks next to you"]
Someone who scammed me yesterday... A real smart one they are ["Offers to buy $50 prepaid debit card for bitcoin", "Winds up not paying and putting all the funds in his paypal account, not realizing his full name showed up in transaction history of the card."]
Puts a damper on working at the hospital ["Brought back to life with cpr", "Sues you for breaking ribs from doing chest compressions"]
I had already seen the movie but fuck you just the same. (No Spoilers) ["Doesn't want to get banned for posting star wars spoilers. ", "Sends them to my inbox instead. "]
I'm partly proud and partly upset that I just remained calm ["Meets you at christmas dinner for the first time", "Makes fun of your foreign accent in front of everyone else for the whole evening"]
My brother this morning. 10 minutes turned out to be 2 minutes. ["Brothers alarm going off to wake him up for school", "Uhplugs it. complains it was goihg off for like '7o mihutes\". m"]
There's always these assholes every year. ["Signs up for reddit secret santa", "Doesn't send gift"]
Valve Logic..... ["Sees people are having fun with matchmaking", "Tries to balance ranks by deranking everyone to the same rank"]
He threw such a fuss they actually did it ["Demands free drink", "Because he owns starbuck stock"]
The people of /r/conspiracy ["Thinks every terrorist attack is a false flag", "Hates muslims anyway"]
What this meme has become on Reddit. ["I know a dude ", "That's irresponsible"]
This happened my first week volunteering at a local food shelf. ["Loads up on free groceries and toiletries", "Has me put it in the back of his brand new mercedes suv"]
Come on, headlight bulbs are like $8. ["Knows he has a headlight out", "Drives everywhere with his high beams on"]
My brother everybody! ["Says he wants to help people", "Isn't voting for bernie"]
This guy got to me probably more than he should have. ["Claims you don't know what responsibility is because you're not a parent", "Is 25 and has 9, 7, and 6 year old kids"]
Because I "have no right to tell them what to do". ["Let his children run the hallways of the hotel knocking on doors since 8am", "Came to the front desk and flipped his shit on me, asking for corporates number because i told his children to stop running, be quiet and go to their room"]
Scumbag Black Guy ["Isn't", "Dead"]
Fuck you Thomas, piece of shit ["Couldn't make it to korean barbecue last weekend because he was in tahoe so i postponed it", "Goes with our other housemate this weekend while i was at work because he didn't feel like waiting until i got off"]
Damned if you do ["Tells me i'm getting heavy", "Laughs at me when i start dieting"]
I think you owe your neighbor a bit more than a 6 pack... ["Neighbor sees my car getting burglarized, calls 911 and chases it, updating the cops constantly until they're caught", "Better give him 6 beers"]
it wasn't even his car i broke into ["Sees me take some stuff out of a car", "Follows me in his car while talking on his cell phone with no regard for public safety"]
He may be the ultimate scumbag ["Drunkenly fucks his estranged 18 year old daughter in a brooklyn park", "Causing her to get gang raped"]
I should have took the 10% back. ["Leave only 10% tip because service and food was terrible", "Makes a rude comment about only getting 10% tip"]
Had to deal with this last night. Obviously intoxicated, he was yelling and hitting stuff for a solid 2 hours. ["Screaming and yelling at his girlfriend while threatening her and pounding on the wall in the middle of the night. so i call police.", "Calls police on me for spying and harassment "]
Saw this scumbag while working out. Fellow gym rats will agree. ["Using one of the only two squat racks in the gym", "Curls"]
Spent two hours reinstalling applications and passwords in a smoky office with the GOP runners up debate on, thanks to this tech support satan ["My grandfather's computer wont connect to new router", "Walks him through reinstalling windows."]
5 days in a row last week. ["Asks to be included in my carpool", "Has been late every morning "]
My ex who cannot stand hearing no ["Lets be able to say hi to each other in passing", "You are such a dick for not driving me back to my dorm"]
I keep seeing some of these Conservatives on Twitter every week.... ["\"hillary clinton and bernie sanders need to retire 'cuz they're too old for politics!\"", "Knows ronald raegan was 69 when he was inaugurated in 1981"]
What I'm expecting sitting on half a tank now. ["Says we are expecting gas to go down below $1", "Gas goes up to $4.25 "]
Scumbag US Postal Service ["Runs a deficit year after year, wasting tax dollars", "Loads my mailbox with junk advertisements every single day"]
Devious response to bad customer service ["Likes to call in sick to places he doesn't work", "Using names of actual employees"]
We've all done this before... ["Say thatyour need to get rid ofyour change when buying something", "Coin donation jar right next to the register"]
I hate these coworkers. ["Hey man can you take my shift i'll owe you a big one", "Never takes any of your shifts when you ask."]
I should get a new roommate. ["Gets high on my weed without asking and then eats the very little food we have", "Before leaving for a few days to visit his gf. now i'm snowed in with very little food."]
My brother ladies and gents. Yes we had to call the ambulance back because it happened again. ["Has legitimate medical issues and needs a paramedic to assist him but cops shown up first because they were closer", "Starts being an asshole to the cops because he hates them for how they are all portrayed as \"murderers with badges, bluestapo\" and refuses any help. "]
Scumbags on every news channel right now ["Warns viewers not to drive unless absolutely necessary in order to avoid endangering other drivers and emergency service workers", "Drives around getting news footage"]
I'm not just a scumbag. I'm a self aware scumbag. ["Buys pot", "With social security money"]
Getting tired of hearing this ["Gets called out for saying something asinine", "\"you're taking it out of context.\""]
How do people rationalize this? Seriously. ["Destroys antique barn in drunk driving accident", "Thinks he shouldn't get a dui because he's suffered enough "]
I just saw these 3 gems at the grocery store. ["Having an openly racist conversation", "In the middle of a crowded store"]
It took my boyfriend two hours to shovel it ["Plows his driveway", "Dumps the snow at the top of ours"]
Fuck my neighbor. It's like I can't even do anything in my house that makes even the slightest bit a noise without the cops being called. ["2nd time he called the cops on me for being too loud in my apartment without confronting me first", "Only one in the entire apartment complex complaining about loud noises."]
My roommate made us move all other furniture out of the main living room because 'it wasn't nice enough'... ["Buysa nha couch for the house", "Gets pissed if anyone uses it"]
I wouldn't have even minded if he asked and they brought something. Ended up drinking and eating everyone's food and beer. ["Gets invited to a small party at my apartment to watch the hockey game", "Brings 5 friends that i don't know"]
I explained to him that I use use my facebook page to promote my work to potential clients and companies. We are both in our mid-30's. ["Repeatedly drops in on every fb profile pic change to say how gay you look", "When asked politely to stop \"don't be such a pussy, i'm just fucking with you\""]
Scumbag computer store. I've never been more angry in my life ["Builds new pc for me", "Installs several different adware and spyware to it"]
I've been up for 5 hours, had two cups of coffee, and a hot shower, and I still feel sleepy. ["Is talking to his friend about stupid shit", "Wakes me up at 1:30 in the morning and causes me to not be able to fall back asleep"]
Screw your, Yahoo News. ["\"click here to read the article\"", "Takes you to a page that hardly describes the article and doesn't have a link to that article. "]
I wanted to slap my Dentist in the face. ["Tells me i only need my bottom wisdom teeth out, and not to worry about the top", "1 year later i have emergency extraction surgery for my top wisdom teeth. same dentists says to me \"why didn't they take all 4 out at once?\""]
My (former) best friend ["Is going to receive his father's business upon college graduation and plans on opening a tattoo shop afterwards.", "\"why do you want to be a data scientist? you already have a good career at your fast-food job.\""]
Needless to say they are no longer a friend ["Open up to my friend about how hard i've been finding it since my mum passed", "'what you need to do is man the f"]
Its called being a man... ["Complains loudly at work that he doesn't get benefits. ", "Refuses to work more that 15 hours a week because he is taking 12 credits. "]
My step father this afternoon, a month after my mom was diagnosed with a serious condition. ["Wife gets him to stop smoking, lose weight, and reverse his type 2 diabetes", "Sends suicide email to her, while sitting right next to her, then leaves because he \"has places to be\""]
This guy. Fuck this guy. ["Circles", "Waldo"]
Scumbag Yahoo ["\"click here to see new behind the scene photos from a highly anticipated movie\"", "Just an article describing the photos. not even a link to the cited source of the photos. "]
Scumbag Dominos Canada... (Does this mean I can pay with a single $5 bill cut in half?) ["Advertises \"12-piece chicken bites for $7.99\"", "Is actually just 6 regular pieces cut in half..."]
Hate it when this happens ["Holds a door open for a lady", "Doesn't call her m'lady"]
We don't really talk much anymore. ["Shopping with a friend when he suddenly shouts \"thief,\" pointing at me", "Dude, the look on your face was priceless!"]
Everyone, meet my religous friend... ["Gets mad when something negative is said about his religion", "Bashes on every other religion known to man"]
This man neglected my children. Then he became furious with me when I said I wasn't going to pay him for the favor he didn't do. ["Ask him to come over and feed my dogs while i'm out of town for 3 days", "Doesn't feed them a single time because he \"couldn't find time\" and doesn't let me know till i come home. "]
Fuck you WF, how dare you impose on my text plan wether I pay for one or unlimited ["Scumbag wells fargo", "Requires me to input a code from a text message to view my account online. and i'm checking everyday for my tax return "]
Out sick with fever for two days of important training at a new one of my new co-workers ["Turn to my class assigned \"partner\" and ask him to go over material i missed", "Sorry man, i need to work on my own and prove that i can do the job"]
I just don't understand her thought process ["Coworker criticizes use of a tbsp of olive oil to sear meatballs because it is unhealthy", "Adds a half stick of butter and a quarter cup of brown sugar to 2 cans of carrots"]
I hate my roommate ["Asks to borrow my new razor", "Returns it with his face still unshaven"]
He's 63 already ["Doesn't feel \"old enough\" to be a grandfather and tells everyone he is watching his neighbor's kids when out with his grandchildren", "Is hurt when his son finally refuses to visit and complains about him being \"ungrateful and cold\""]
After one freak in my town got shot and killed by local police forces, my "friend" had a field day. ["Innocent cop gets killed: good riddance", "Cop actually defends self against knife wielding freak: that man was innocent! that cop killed him for no reason!"]
The guy is in his 40's, pays child support, recently had a new kid from his new wife, recently got fired from his job... What was he thinking!? ["\"hey bro, money is really tight for me right now, if you can help out, i'd really appreciate it\"", "A week later: asking me to help him configure his brand new 500$ smart watch"] Everybody.... ["Asks you to turn off your adblocker in promise of \"ad-light\" page", "Loads 6 ads once you turn off adblocker.."]
Thanks, Safelight. You just lost my windshield repair business. ["Schedules my appointment for 5 p.m.", "Business closes at 5 p.m."]
Scumbag Wild Kratts Live - Parents will understand ["$266.40 for tickets for family", "Before ticketmaster fees"]
Why can't these people get the message? I don't even know what to make up as an excuse anymore. ["Politely refuse his invitations to go out on a double date with him and his so, making it obvious you don't ever want to go out with them ", "Asks you every weekend if you want to go on a double date with him and his so."]
Some ATMs just suck ["Charges $5 transaction fee", "Only dispenses $20 bills. "]
I live next to this idiot, some people should stick to apartments ["Fills in pond on property", "Blames neighbors and previous owner when basement floods during heavy rain"]
*slowly turns head* ["Stranger sees me pull out a pack of gum", "\"are you gonna share that?\""]
My brother. Who does this? ["Promises my kids lego for christmas", "Gets them mega blocks"]
You can lie on the internet? ["You can't believe everything you read on facebook", "Believes everything he reads on reddit"]
I'm an idiot ["Rodhate - dud, i bev i aan jrmp dwb tve hood of yorr caa wftbobt rrnning hrsz itl fm it if i dext iz stvpid me - hnk", "Shashes into the hood, denting it all to hell. walks awxt, never says another wordabout it"]
As a 5'1" tall woman, fuck you Scumbag Clothing Industry. ["Men's pants.. please choose a waist and inseam length fora perfect fit.", "Womens pants.. fuck you, you'll get the length we give you. "]
Advertising yourself counts numbnuts ["Pardon our popup - its not an ad.", "Its an ad"]
Scumbag foster owner. You had an entire week to do this. ["\"we'll make sure he's fixed before we bring him over\"", "Brings him over straight from the vet right after being fixed"]
I don't understand the youth of today. ["Complains people call him sand nigger", "Calls you nigger"]
My Canadian father would be broke without Universal Healthcare ["Hates socialism", "Suffered 6 heart attacks, triple bypass, and required 2 airlifts"]
He could have just told me without complaining to HR. ["Kindly says \"no thanks, bro\" when i offered him a cookie with peanuts in it", "Runs and tells hr that i could have killed him and now peanuts are banned from the office"]
Fuck you Bass Pro Shops. ["Sure, we'll sell you this firearm, just go buy a fishing permit.", "Fuck off, we aren't selling you shit until you get a license."]
I just don't understand why people do this ["Tries to sell something on craigslist", "Doesn't respond when i offer to buy it"]
Well, I mean, I guess my brother didn't lie. ["\"i mean, i don't wanna laugh at people trying to lose weight.\"", "Proceeds to talk shit about people's weight loss goals for the next half an hour."]
the worst kind of person. ["\"sure, i'll be designated driver tonight\"", "Gets shitfaced"]
He walked in smelling like an ash tray too ["Booked a smoking room", "Bitched that his room smells like cigarettes and wants to move to non smoking"]
First time smoking with this friend of a friend ["Asks to borrow your grinder", "Continues to open bottom compartment and take large pinch of kief because it's his \"fair share\""]
Downside of having almost free healthcare ["Calls an ambulance that costs the system $200", "Because he doesn't want to pay $4 for er"]
TRUMP2016, PRAISE JESUS. ["Calls self christian", "Votes for trump to keep the foreigners out"]
There's nothing you can do to fix it. You're just making it worse. ["Films a vertical video", "Tries to fix it by putting a blurry version of the video on each side"]
My 18 year old brother in law. Don't be like this. ["Borrows money for girlfriend's valentine's day present \"just until my next paycheck.\"", "Blows paycheck on scratch off lottery tickets"]
your tears are so delicious ["Makes fun of every other race", "Gets incredibly butthurt when jokes are made about white people"]
He's been slandering the hotel and my name on all social media ever since. I've reported him for black mail. ["Wanted a full refund for 2 nights for a 20 minute inconvenience his last night at the hotel", "Called me a \"fucking cunt\" when i wouldn't do it"]
What, I wasn't planning on doing 4 extra exercises. ["Puts waterbottle on cardio machine to make sure no one takes it", "Forty fucking minutes before using it."]
They were literally a part of the charity "team" at work. I'm pretty sure they registered just for the free t-shirt. ["Coworker buys homemade brownies as part of a work charity fundraiser", "Eats half of the brownies, proclaims they are overcooked and demands a full refund"]
Listening to this Steve at the bar. Don't be him. ["Bragging about tipping the bartender", "Zero dollars "]
My work mate everyone...I was actually concerned about the smelly sneeze and his health ["Told him to cover his mouth while he sneezes and that there's a bad smell which he should get checked out", "Sneezes into the open again but this time next to me"]
My roommate everyone. ["Buys a lot of weed, eats out everyday, and in general is a bum", "Ask him for money for rent: \"i'm broke, man.\""]
My brother-in-law, ladies and gentlemen... ["Abuses heroin while daughter is home", "Assumes aunt's husband is a pedophile based on no evidence m"]
I been on this subreddit for a while now ["I found out i'm a scumbag", "Drives in the left lane "]
Cops were called ["Backs into the side of my wife's car", "Immediately gets out and tells her \"there's nothing wrong with your car, you need to get the fuck back in your car and get on your way\""]
And he's also beginning to complain about my internet usage affecting his, but he can't go in his room because it doesn't get good connections. ["Complains when parents call him lazy", "Has been camping in my room playing minecraft for hours every day for two or three weeks to the point where he needs me to get him a goddamn bowl of cocoa puffs because he's too busy and i can't even have a basic conversation in my own room"]
Wo do these "video game conventions" in my dorm every semester. I will no longer be donating my consoles for the event because of this one asshole. ["Promises not to mess with my save data if i let him play my xbox", "Starts a new game, clears my entire save data on just cause 3, and blames someone else."]
My scumbag preacher brother ["Gets defensive and says pornhub and all of the porn sites were made to destroy peoples' morals and ethics", "Has a secret premium account on pornhub."]
Spotlight wins the Oscar and The Pope remains behind his walls in The Vatican. ["Let's a corrupt system that enables the rapes/molestiations of thousands of kids go unchecked. ", "Complains that trump wants to build a wall. "]
Recent Adobe installers (Reader, Flash) pissing me off. ["Installation successful? deletes the installer.", "Installation failed? deletes the installer."]
TIL even checking your credit score can hurt your credit. Thanks, Cox cable. ["Sends credit inquiries four times in one month without my asking", "And lowers my overall credit score"]
FUCK YOU HILARY CLINTON ["Breaks all kinds of laws and lies through her teeth", "Absolutely nothing happens to her"]
A few days ago, someone filed a lawsuit to the local conservation center that opened decades ago (before he moved in) due to loud noises. Last night, there was ANOTHER similar incident where I live...involving a city-owned dog park ["Moved into an apartment complex next to a dog park for a few months", "Tells city to move the dog park's closing time from 10pm to dusk because of loud noises"]
He is rich off of his parents as well ["During predrinks offers us a few drinks of some spirits he brought back from holiday", "Get taxi to the club but he refuses to contribute to the taxi because he has already given us drinks "]
Replaced my phone cord. Again. Anyone run into this BS? ["Thanks duracell for the lifetime warranty on my iphone charging cord i paid $10 for", "Your 5.99 return fee and 2.99 processing fee really make a warranty claim convenient "]
I had a the pleasure of talking to this guy at work today. ["Clearly uses his non-profit to write-off persohal expenses", "Threatens to tell the medm thatweare brllyinga non-profit if we rbn't gwe him $15o credit"]
I had the pleasure of working with this hypocritical scumbag. ["Constantly tells people not to commit sex crimes", "Forces himself on a woman on new years"]
Scumbag job application system ["Please upload your resume", "Now please manually type in all your work history and education level"]
This was said by a former coworker. He did not like it when I told him that some of them probably speak better English than him. ["Says, \"all dem mezicans and chineez want'n to live in 'merica better learn-ed dem some english\"", "Can barely read, write or speak proper english himself which is his native language."]
This is why I have trust issues and why I'm looking to dispute what was a $577 procedure that suddenly turned into a $2,600 one. ["Talk to dentist for a half hour about how i can't afford a crown for the root canal i need. tells me he'll just do a build up to save me money", "Does the crown anyway, doesn't tell me, does it wrong and his assistant is forced to skip lunch to fix it"]
Drug rep brought smoothies in and then pulled this on me... ["Oh, you're going to take the last smoothie?", "Walks out with it 5 minutes later"]
Scumbag Flickr ["Makes the photo upload tool", "A paid feature"]
Meet My Roommate. It was literally two cups and two small plates from last night. I left them to soak for cleanup in the morning... ["Angrily comes into my room an hour before my alarm and turns on my light, telling me to clean up my \"mess\" saying that any excuses are bullshit", "Constantly makes excuses when his dog snaps at and bites/attacks people"]
If the product I needed weren't only available there I'd shop somewhere else.... ["Says the product you're looking at is eligible for free shipping before purchase", "But only if you buy amazon prime when you go to purchase the item. "]
My co worker is a huge scumbag. Someone happy about putting lives at risk isn't right in the head. (post in comments) ["Street races buzzed on a friday night. gets pulled over and gets slapped with a warning", "Brags about it on facebook"]
Always get paid upfront ["\"ill pay you $120 to complete my online class so i can graduate high school\"", "Finish the course in 5 to 8 hours of real work, never hear from him again "]
Scumbag Trump supporters ["Makes fun of people for creating safe spaces", "Creates their own safe space"]
Scumbag USPS ["Consistently delivers bills on the same day every month they're due", "Packages i actually want typically come a day or two late"]
What's wrong with some people ["Gets tenant assassinated", "Because she refused to move away"]
I'm not even mad. ["Hailed a bus with a coffee in my hand", "Bus driver raises his own cup as he drives by"]
Racism is okay if you aren't the victim right? ["Complains about being victim of racism", "Has facebook rant about the british"]
Trump Mentality ["Applies for us citizenship and gets approved", "Would rather illegally enter country and get paid under table to avoid paying taxes"]
Maybe the right thing to do in this situation is to run him over. ["Bicycle lane on the side of the road", "Rides bicycle slowly in the middle of the road instead and holds up traffic"]
Not sure where the disconnect is... ["If you are a liberal & protesting; you are unemployed & lazy", "If you are a conservative & protesting; you're patriotic & standing up for your rights"]
Scumbag YouTube ["Makes you watch a 30 second ad", "For a 20 second clip"]
Scumbag Michael Jackson ["Buys all of the beatles' music out from under paul mccartney", "Rapes kids too"]
Worst kind of scumbag! ["Spot him $20 because he \"forgot\" the bar was cash only", "Doesn't tip because he doesn't want to \"waste\" my money"]
I'm more hurt than mad ["Close friends go on vacation together to make up for lost times and don't invite me", "\"sorry, i know you and so and so had a fight a few years ago and i didn't want the trip to be awkward with you here\""]
He apparently thought the conversation was a danger to society. ["Stops me and my family while walking into store", "Tells me out of respect for him to get off the phone with my mother."]
I guess it's not really a "favor" then ["Does you a favor", "Lords it over you until the end of time"]
Scumbag Archaeologist ["Ignores data", "That doesn't support his beliefs"]
Scumbag Hulu ["Can't play the program", "Can play the ads just fine"]
He honestly thought it was hilarious after doing it ["Fills the biggest cup he can for 7-11's fill your own cup day", "Dumps it on the sidewalk outside in front of customers"]
He threw a tantrum because he was out of pot ["I pick up the trash, broken bottles, and shards of the plastic can he kicked across the yard", "\"it's about time you clean up around here.\""]
I think we've all met this class act out on the road. ["Sees you put on your blinker to change lanes", "Speeds up"]
Scumbag /r/the_donald ["Mocks safe spaces", "Is a safe space"]
So I'm paying you money. . . to pay you money? ["Charges you a \"convenience fee\"", "To pay your bill"]
My local radio station ["Plays new and interesting bands to promote their upcoming show in town", "Goes back to playing the same old shit once they're gone"]
So you like to read Reddit, eh Aaron? ["Knows his \"friend\" is cheating on her boyfriend", "Warns her when he finds out"]
Scumbag Donald Trump... I can't un-imagine it now ["Makes me think", "About ted cruz having sex"]
These people are the absolute worst ["Wews", "Doesn't lad"]
It seems to be the same story, different actor ["Gay marriage will destroy the institution of marriage", "Five mistresses"]
Scumbag Donald Trump. I can't un-imagine it now. ["Makes me think", "About ted cruz having sex"]
By their own logic the GOP is making the RNC convention less safe. ["Claims concealed carry makes the people safer", "Refuses to allow concealed carry at the rnc convention"]
My brother thinks he is hilarious, been finding them in odd places all morning. ["Hides over a hundred plastic easter eggs around the house.", "All empty "]
Some friend... ["Begrudgingly show a picture i'm embarrassed of to a friend ", "He shares with with reddit "]
Subjects it to everyone else ["Smokes in the car", "With non-smokers"]
Thomas from U.S. Bank customer service, you are a prick. Your co-worker solved my problem in about 5 seconds and did so without your shithead attitude. ["Talks over me when i try to explain my problem", "Plays hold music as i say \"i hope you have a good day, but i can't deal with this.\" then tells me that i am being rude"]
Let me introduce you to my brother, Reddit! ["Gets called out for taking advantage of grieving dad", "Makes up ridiculous things that never happened to justify pawning power tools, jewelry, stealing cash then says he wishes you were never born "]
This guy is one of the many reasons I hate merging ["Sees you letting someone in to merge", "Tries to swoop in in front of you instead of waiting his turn"]
No, you can't have my prescribed pills, piece of shit. ["Doesn't have anxiety or depression and isn't addicted to anything", "Just takes xanax to get high"]
It's just a motorcycle... but still ["Neighborhood installs speed bumps", "Drives on sidewalk instead"]
Its a few month late, but my friend just told me this is how he spent opening night ["Goes to see star wars on opening night so no one can spoil it for him", "Drives passed an outdoor bar three times yelling spoilers out the window at the \"frat boys\""]
I was a teacher in Korea for years, and yes I did this to my students ["Plays simons sez with grade schoolers, winner gets candy", "When student comes up for prize - \"i didn't say simon sez\""]
Who the fuck does this? My friend was fuming. We haven't been back since. ["At the dog park with his dog when he sees my friends dog start humping his dog", "Watches my friend pull his dog off the other guys dog, proceeds to walk over, pick up my friends dog by the throat, and slap him across the face"]
...But now with an out-of-pocket fee! (Thanks Apple) ["Phone in warranty? well then there is no detectable issues with your battery and all we can do is give you a new charge cord", "Oh, so now you phone is out of warranty? yeah, your battery has been pooched all this time, you'll have to replace it..."]
I guess there's no winning here... ["Constantly posts false articles from dubious sources to support donald trump", "Immediately dismisses any article that factually debunks them as \"mainstream media bias\""]
Remembering this fucker from my college days. ["Instructor asks for criticism at the midpoint of the class", "Scumbag suggests that the course is too easy and that there should be more work"]
My Trump supporting friend ["Accuses me of wanting free handouts ", "Parents got him his job, his car, his house, and paid for his college"]
Every single interviewer... ["The interview will get over in couple minutes", "So, do you have any questions for me?"]
It just ruins the whole thing... ["Puts stickers", "On movie cases"]
Scumbag Me! ["Install new reddit app for free reddit gold", "Has no intention of using reddit app"]
/r/gifs is cancer now ["\"facebook freebooting is hurting creators!\"", "Watches gifs of videos instead"]
He commuted the jail sentence of a murderer to be released this week - the son of a political ally ["Ex-gov. arnold schwarzeneggar", "\"of course you help a friend\" after commuting a murderer's sentence. "]
Google offers it for free. . . ["Charges you to keep", "Your domain registration information private"]
We're doing 75 on the freeway, asshole. Wait two fucking seconds and merge behind me ["I'm staving baxely two seconds behind the cax i'm follohang", "Asshole merges into the gap and hakes me brake"]
Scumbag boyfriend ["I asked my boyfriend how his ex looked nude", "He showed me a picture of her on his phone"]
Scumbag American Express just pulled this stunt. My credit is stellar and my income has been the same for the past 3 years. Why bother inviting someone who doesn't qualify? ["Mails me an invitation to apply for a card i've wanted for years with a welcome booklet and enclosed application", "Two weeks later sends me a letter saying i've been rejected for the card due to \"insufficient income\""]
I, too, commute a lot and see plenty of these assholes ["Can't keep a steady speed on the highway because he's texting", "Complains that people on crrise control blast past him onlyto 'slow down'when thev gex infront ofhim"]
I too commute a lot and run into these assholes ["Can't keep a steady speed on the highway because he's texting", "Comp-ns twxt people oncruise contrrl blast past himonly tr gexslbwwhen thev gft infront of him"]
This asshole infuriates me. Like what the hell are you doing?! ["Gets honked at for blocking traffic while sitting idle in the middle of the street", "Passively moves his car by a couple inches and sits idle again. solving nothing."]
Thanks Frontier. ["Save 20% on your next flight", "Must buy ticket by tomorrow."]
My brother's (who has been stealing from my mother) defense when we told him he needs to find a job. ["\"i just can't handle the stress of having to be somewhere on time.\"", "Has no problem going to his fencing class on time every single time. "]
I'm getting conflicting info from the authorities ["Says never text x drive", "Texts entire state .'look out for black honda plate ft7lie2st\""]
We have a 24hr cancellation policy. "What if I become dissatisfied with my room? Not saying that I am, but..." ["Makes hotel reservation a month in advance, checks into room and finds out his son's hockey team is at different hotel.", "Threatens to leave nasty review if hotel doesn't comp his stay."]
You know who you are and you're and asshole. ["Pulls out in front of you and cuts you off", "Drives 5mph under the speed limit"]
Meet too many of these while gaming ["Wins and brags about his unbeatable skill", "Loses and assumes you're cheating"]
Scumbag Kay Jeweler's. I will never give them another penny. Story in comments ["Closes credit account after 2 1/2 years that was always in good standing", "Tells me it's their \"system\" and there's nothing they can do about it"]
As someone shopping for a car, this is so frustrating. Not all of us qualify for a military rebate. Scumbag car dealerships. ["Post car prices online with all possible rebates included in price.", "Does not include dealer fees, service charges and other necessary costs."]
It's scumbags like him that gives weed smokers a bad name. ["Looks down on people", "That don't smoke weed"]
Fucking Frank ["Loves to dumpster dive", "My dumpster"]
I didn't even honk! ["Cuts me off dangerously", "Flips me off immediately "]
These guys ["Hey bro, you know that 50 bucks i owe you?", "Well, joe owes me 50, just get it from him"]
My apartment complex has community laundry rooms, this scumbag has recently moved in ["Uses all the machines, leaves clothes for 3 hours ", "Started putting razor blades in with his laundry to stop \"rude people\" from removing his clothes"]
Scumbag English Scholars. ["Sees words that are spelt phonetically", "Changes their spelling to be closer to their root words "]
No idea why they made this "change" ["Used to have clickable links in job emails", "Replaces links with long url's that you have to copy and paste"]
This guy has been in my news stations' comment sections today. ["Cheers when protesters are arrested", "Cries about freedom of speech when curt schilling gets fired by espn"]
Scumbag America ["Decides to put historicst slavery figures on bills", "Nobody uses cash axymore"]
Scumbag Dental Receptionist. Sorry but that's your problem to deal with. ["Screws up insurance paperwork for dental surgery and tells me its covered.", "Insurance denies claim and tries to bill me the full amount after the surgery"]
Looking right at you /u/ShartasaurusRex_/ ["Works in the hospitality industry", "Complains when customers come in during normal business hours."]
If you do this, fuck you. We almost closed early but ended up having to stay until 1am ["Restaurant closes at 11, walks in with a group of ten at 10:50", "\"it's a good thing we got here before it closed\""]
My brother everybody. ["Punches you for not buying the right chocolate bar for him", "Screams and cries you're trying to attack him when you trip and fall over."]
Scumbag Twitter ["Allows terrorists to openly communicate using their network. ", "Shadowbans a tweet from the donald because they don't like him. "]
My dog everybody ["Just finish installing new carpet", "Rolls in leaves outside and the promptly rolls on carpet"]
It's allergy season, time for the scumbag pharmaceutical companies to step up ["Offers us a whole wall full of cold, flu and allergy medicines at exorbitant prices", "None of them work"]
This vexes me. ["Makes a post that they know in advance will be controversial", "Deletes it as soon as they get negative comments"]
scumbag netflix... i don't know how long I can stay loyal ["Blocks vpn so i don't have access to a fraction of the content i used to", "Raises price"]
Requested a "professional" housecleaner ["Complains about the smell of my apartment and refuses to work", "Threatens to sue me for not paying "]
As a Jeep owner, this kind of "prank" infuriates me. ["Sees a stranger's jeep wrangler sitting in a parking lot", "Unlocks the hood latches and walks off"]