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I've been collecting memes from the Internet for over a year and have a ton. But I need real people, like you, to help me see how effective they are. It doesn't matter how much experience you have; in fact the less Meme-Savvy you, are the better!

OK What do I do

There are two primary "games" featured here. They both require you to sign in through Google.

  • Which meme fits fb0dbda3e795c9231b9a6b13c62e512470bf68d9f075920d6ad3eeca5cbd17b4 Which Meme Fits?: This one will show you the text of three different memes, but with the same meme image. Pick which one you think fits best!
  • Which text fits 87879d3678194fea3bdf9432b4d30091a9d64401347576b8596bb49130d2dcf1 Which Text Fits?: This one will show you three meme images with the text of one of them on each -- choose which one you think fits best!


Back in 2016, I gave a presentation based on this project titled "Fantastic Memes and How to Use Them", at PSU Elements (Penn State main campus). The slides are available online. I was also interviewed on HigherEd Live about the presentation.

Anything Else?

If you see memes where the text is garbled or if it's particularly offensive or just looks like it should be reviewed, click the underneath it, and then I can look them over.

All The Things


Leader Board

 UserWhich Text Fits?Which Meme Fits?
Photo Miss Shany Bode, II 100.00% 100.00%
Photo Dr. Dawn Ullrich, II 90.91% 81.82%
Photo Alison Crooks, PhD 0.00% 51.76%
Photo Jacques Murphy, II 0.00% 0.00%
Photo Blaise Koch, MD 61.90% 68.42%
Photo Newton Sauer, I 95.24% 100.00%
Picture Dr. Veda Prohaska, V 84.21% 0.00%
Picture Laura Schowalter, DVM 91.18% 93.75%
Picture Frances Hoppe, PhD 66.67% 0.00%
Picture Stacey Prosacco, DDS 40.00% 0.00%
Picture Gabriel Ziemann, MD 81.82% 0.00%
Picture Opal Murazik, MD 68.18% 0.00%
Missing avatar 6b998adcb413645c5122fcc36db6fa6fe51655b92fbe2b8592d746976a4a33ab Rhett Kozey Sr., V 75.00% 0.00%
Picture Brown Bernier IV, DDS 66.67% 85.71%
Picture Dr. Noemie Bogisich, Jr. 58.33% 0.00%
Picture Colby Breitenberg, V 44.44% 0.00%
Picture Emery Mayer, I 62.50% 0.00%
Picture Keara Purdy, PhD 100.00% 0.00%
Picture Cortez Rowe DDS, II 66.67% 100.00%
Picture Ophelia Cruickshank Jr., V 80.00% 0.00%
Picture Kenya Tillman, Sr. 66.67% 0.00%
Missing avatar 6b998adcb413645c5122fcc36db6fa6fe51655b92fbe2b8592d746976a4a33ab Josefa Connelly MD, PhD 0.00% 57.14%
Picture Kari Schaefer, II 91.04% 90.48%
Missing avatar 6b998adcb413645c5122fcc36db6fa6fe51655b92fbe2b8592d746976a4a33ab Dr. Mariam Rau, I 0.00% 0.00%
Missing avatar 6b998adcb413645c5122fcc36db6fa6fe51655b92fbe2b8592d746976a4a33ab Doug Reynolds, V 58.33% 83.33%

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